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Don’t Miss These! Top Sightseeing Places in Saputara

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Gujarat, a diverse state in the West of India, is a tourism heaven. Sitting at the bank of the Arabian Sea, this vibrant land is a melting pot of heartwarming cultures, deep-seated history, unique landscapes, exotic wildlife, transient traditions, spiritual sites, and a tailor-made hill station – Saputara.

It is developed as a hill station resort at a height of 1000m in the Dangs district. Visitors can expect crisp mountain air, weather like a warm hug, scenic views of the lush valley, and many unforgettable sightseeing places in Saputara. Saputara means the ‘Abode of the Serpent’, and is covered by thick forest and tribal localities. These tribes live in peace and worship a snake image on the banks of the river Sarpaganga that flows throughout the region.
Saputara is regularly visited by travellers and tourists from across the nation due to its geographical advantage as well. It is 420 Km away from the capital city of Gujarat, only 160 Km away from Surat, and 255 Km away from Mumbai. Visitors here enjoy necessary amenities like hotels, boat clubs, theatres, swimming pools, parks, and fascinating sightseeing.

Top Sightseeing Places in Saputara Not To Be Missed

  • Saputara Lake
  • Nageshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Gajabhishek Jain Tirth
  • Table Point
  • Sunrise Point
  • Pushpak Ropeway
  • Governor’s Hill
  • Rose Garden
  • Honey Bee Centre
  • Gandharvapur Artist Village
  • Saputara’s Food Street
  • Shabri Dham
  • Gira Waterfall
  • Waghai Botanical Garden

Saputara Lake: Bustling Heart of the City

Saputara Lake

The heart and focal point of Saputara is the cosy Saputara Lake. Tourists flock here for boating (pedal and row options), bicycling for couples, and kid biking. The aroma of fritters, fresh-grilled corn, and tea from food stalls fill the space. Stroll around the charming lake early in the morning and soak in serenity. You will always find the crowd here, owing to the popularity of this sightseeing place in Saputara. The lake is quite accessible and only 1 Km away from the main bus stand. The boat ride starts at 8:30 am till 6:30 pm.

Nageshwar Mahadev Temple: History & Serenity

Nestled on the southern edge of Saputara Lake, the Nageshwar Mahadev Temple is one of the top tourist attractions in Saputara. It holds the distinction of being the town's oldest temple. Its beautiful architecture speaks of a rich history. Legend has it that the Shiva Linga now enshrined here was once submerged in the lake. Due to recurring dreams of one local, the authorities then unearthed it. Initially, the Linga was housed in a rock temple, which was then removed and placed in the current structure, built in 1992. The intricately sculpted ceiling is a sight to behold for all architecture lovers. Visitors can participate in private pujas or offerings. Families can also relax at a serene lake garden, located nearby this temple.

Gajabhishek Jain Tirth: An Architectural Marvel

A must-visit tourist place for architecture enthusiasts and anyone seeking spiritual solace is the Gajabhishek Jain Tirth in Saputara. Located on Sunrise Point Road, this Jain temple offers breathtaking panoramic valley views after you climb 20 steps to reach the main shrine. It is designed beautifully in the Maru-Gurjara architecture style where ceilings evoke the prints of Modhera Sun temple and the delicately sculpted pillars echo one of the popular UNESCO World Heritage sites in Gujarat, Rani ki Vav. It is located around 800m away from Saputara bus stand canteen. Upon reaching, you will find a reverberating environment, scenic views, and a 500-year-old idol of Shri Parshwanath enshrined here.

Table Point or Sunset Point

Table Point, as the name says, is a flat surface atop Saputara hills that offers breathtaking views in all directions. Being one of the most famous tourist attractions in Saputara, the views from here are extraordinary. Don't miss to witness the mountains from the Swami Narayan Temple where you also get to see sprawling lake views and city views. Enjoy camel or horse rides, pedal around on a bicycle, or grab a bite at the food stalls here. While children can enjoy designated play areas, adults can appreciate the convenience of public toilets. Be prepared for crowds, particularly on weekends and holidays.

Reaching Table Point is easy with private vehicles. Cars and vans can access the parking lot directly, while larger vehicles like buses might require a short, steep climb from a designated parking area (around 10 minutes).

Sunrise Point: Witness the Valley Awaken

Another fascinating tourist attraction at Saputara is the Sunrise Point, or Valley View Point which offers an amazing hilltop vantage point. Arrive early to witness a scenic spectacle of the sun rising over the hills, casting a golden glow upon Saputara. Take a 1 Km hike from the Gajabhishek Jain Tirth Temple to reach this viewpoint.

Pushpak Ropeway: Bird's-Eye View

Take a thrilling ride on the Pushpak Ropeway, located near Table Point, and glide over the landscape of Saputara. This cable car journey starts from Sunset Point and covers the verdant valley, offering panoramic views as you travel to Sunrise Point and Governor's Hill. The 5-minute ride offers breathtaking views of the meadows and landscapes. Food stalls serving hot tea, Maggi, and roasted corn await you on the other side, adding to the memorable experience. This thrilling ropeway ride is the most preferred sightseeing in Saputara and can become a highlight of your trip. Soaring over Saputara town and lake can be surreal. Carry cash to buy affordable tickets for this spectacle.

Governor's Hill: A Tranquil Escape

Upon reaching the other side of the ropeway, a short 5-minute hike to the left leads to Governor's Hill, one of the favourite tourist places in Saputara for the discerning. This hidden gem presents captivating views and offers a serene atmosphere due to a limited crowd. It's the perfect spot for capturing stunning photographs.

Rose Garden: Seasonal Splendor

1 Km away from the bus stand, Saputara houses a neatly manicured garden displaying vibrant flowers. Visit the Rose Garden between December and February, when the roses burst into full bloom. Picturesque bridges and small pools enhance the garden's charm. Avoid visiting during the monsoon (June-September) as there are limited shelters and few flowers in bloom. Lake Garden and Step Garden are two other well-maintained gardens that add to the list of charming places to pay a visit to in Saputara hill station.

Honey Bee Center: Sweet Souvenirs

Across the road from Nageshwar Mahadev Temple, the Saputara Honey Bee Center offers a perfect souvenir stop. Here, you will find not only the local honey but also bamboo pickles and nagali biscuits, both regional specialities.

Gandharvapur Artist Village: A Glimpse into Local Art

Despite being a tribal locality, Saputara has raised its popularity in more than one way. Very near to the Honey Bee Center, you can find an artsy-craftsy place. The Gandharvapur Artist Village is a haven for art enthusiasts. Here, you can purchase authentic tribal artefacts, including bamboo art and crafts (a regional speciality) and traditional Warli paintings created by the indigenous Warli tribes.

Saputara Food Street: A Foodie's Paradise

After enjoying Saputara’s local sightseeing, indulge your taste buds at Saputara’s Food Street. This vibrant street offers a delectable array of local favourites – from Pav Bhaji and Maggi to Dosa, Veg Pulao, Egg Keema, Egg Ghotala, and more. Find the Saputara Food Street south of the Saputara Fountain Circle on the main Saputara-Nashik Road.

Adventures beyond Saputara

Embark on exciting day trips beyond Saputara Hill station. This section details some of the favourite tourist places near Saputara.

Shabri Dham – Legend has it, that a tribal lady Shabri, fed berries to Lord Rama on his exile wandering into the jungles of Sahyadri. Shabri Dham is a temple dedicated to this lady - Shabri Maa. It is situated around 70 Km away from Saputara.

Gira Waterfall –

Experience an exciting waterfall with many streams amid lush greenery and meadows, with hills in the background and an occasional tribal home in the middle. It is near to Waghai Botanical Garden.

Waghai Botanical Garden – It is the only Indian botanical garden with a dedicated mobile app to understand all the plants in the garden. It is located at an hour distance from Saputara.

Reaching Saputara Hill Station

Saputara hill station is well-connected with major cities nearby.

To reach Saputara from anywhere in India:

  • The nearest airport to Saputara is the Surat International Airport.
  • The closest railway station to Saputara is Bilimora Junction.

To reach Saputara from Surat:

  • Hire a taxi, board a bus, or get on your bike or car and it will take you around 3-4 hours to reach Saputara.

To reach Saputara from Mumbai:

  • The drive takes around 6-7 hours with enthralling landscapes and scenic views. Alternatively, take the train up to Bilimora Junction and hire a taxi from there.

The Best Time to Visit Saputara

Saputara's magic unfolds after the monsoons (the end of September). Lush emerald valleys and cascading waterfalls grace the landscape, accompanied by pleasant temperatures. This is the peak season. For those seeking a charming experience of a valley shrouded in mist,

August-September offers a chance to witness dramatic cloud cover. However, keep in mind this coincides with monsoon rains that could disrupt sightseeing plans. Summers paint a contrasting picture – dry landscapes with minimal water flowing in the waterfalls.

Now that your Saputara sightseeing list is ready, make an itinerary and book one of Veena World’s affordable Gujarat tour packages to experience India’s finest and Gujarat’s only one – Saputara hill station. Celebrate life on the move with Veena World.

April 08, 2024


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