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Sakal (Dated: 28th January 2024)

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Published in the Sunday Sakal on 28 January, 2024

Veena World Travel Mission 100 Countries  

Let’s explore Our Incredible India and  
Wonderful Countries Around the World 

Veena World Travel Mission

Our esteemed Prime Minister consistently urges us to explore our own country with the call of 'Dekho Apna Desh.' The transformation and beautification of tourist spots are in full swing, with Varanasi undergoing a significant metamorphosis and Ayodhya poised for a new era on India's tourist map. The Statue of Unity has put Gujarat on every Indian and NRI's travel bucket list, while improved road conditions in Rajasthan and Leh Ladakh have made tourists' lives more comfortable. India is making strides in tourism, something to be proud of in the future. 

It's not just about India; every state should actively participate. Otherwise, while India progresses, our beloved Maharashtra might lag behind. India is evolving, and so are we as tourists. Let's aim to visit at least 15 states in the next three years as part of our travel mission and instill love for our incredible country in the next generation. Planning is crucial – it saves time, money, and spares us from last-minute hassles. Travelling during the shoulder season not only lets us enjoy destinations comfortably but also often comes with discounted tour prices. 

Let's not forget our developing tourist destinations. Overcrowding during peak holiday times puts immense pressure on infrastructure and ecosystems. Alongside our travel mission, let's consider the environment, climate, and nature, making a conscious effort to contribute to conservation. By spreading tourism throughout the year, we contribute to reducing crowds during peak vacation times. #VeenaWorldTravelMission is more than just exploring; it's about responsible and mindful travel. 

MICE Corporate Tours  
Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events  

The daily emails we receive comprise all sorts of communication, ranging from appreciation and suggestions to occasional complaints and guidance. Appreciation letters are set aside because it is precisely for this reason that our guests choose to travel with us. Living up to their expectations and delivering the joy of touring is Veena World team's duty, and we are making it happen. 

However, suggestions or complaints demand more attention since these issues need to be addressed and fixed. Nowadays, our mailbox is also filling up with appreciation emails from corporate entities. Corporate tours constitute a separate division at Veena World, focusing on the tour and travel requirements of various industries in the corporate world. 

These tours cater to corporate award distribution, team-building, strategy meets, annual team meets, etc. Every industry or corporate house has a sales network comprising dealers, sales partners, agents, representatives, etc. Incentive tours are arranged for them when they meet specific sales targets. Veena World operates these incentive tours for various companies, corporate houses, institutions, and even students in various educational institutions. Our work in this field is being recognized, as evident from these appreciation emails. 

Most of the time, corporate tours are of shorter duration, ranging from two days to a maximum of six to seven days. Popular destinations in India for these tours include Udaipur, Jaipur, Mahabalipuram, Goa, Kerala, Himachal, Hyderabad Ramoji City, Kashmir, etc., along with unique experiences like Cordelia Cruise sailings. Internationally, popular destinations for these tours include Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, France, Spain, Greece, Baku, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Tashkent, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Prague, Budapest, Austria, Germany, Scandinavia, etc. 

Veena World can cater to corporate MICE groups of any size, whether it's a group of 20, 200, 500, or even 1000. Depending on the group size, hotels, ballrooms, gala dinners, events, etc., are arranged. Sandeep Joshi, who heads Veena World's Pune office, also oversees the MICE corporate tours division along with the MICE team. Corporates are pleased with their work and the Veena World tour managers who efficiently execute the tours on-field. 

The fact that corporates are returning for more is evidence that our MICE division is thriving. If any of you wish to organize such tours for your organization, please get in touch with the 'Veena World MICE Team.' 

Veena World MICE – Email: Pune: 704 599 3391 Mumbai: 887 997 2239/45


Money Alert!

When traveling in India or abroad, one primary question that comes to mind is how much money should we carry with us. These days, with tours, we pay the entire required amount at the time of booking itself; therefore, we actually have minimum expenditure on tours or none at all. We need some change just for tea/coffee anywhere or for restroom breaks. Shopping is a matter of personal choice; however, when traveling abroad, one should be aware of the rules of Indian customs regarding the number of items that can be brought along. Veena World tour managers inform you of this before the tour and also during the tour. 

On the tour, you need money just in case of any emergency. At times, flights get canceled, and we get stuck somewhere; in these instances, no one is at fault, but we all are the victims of the situation. Of course, we shouldn't think of such negative things while leaving for a tour, which is for our happiness. But this is like 'saving for the rainy days.' People need money on the tour for one more reason, and that is for optional sightseeing. Veena World tours come with maximum sightseeing. We don't support you having to spend extra on tours. However, if there are some adventure activities at some places, which cannot be included in the tour for everyone—for example, undersea walk, hot air ballooning, paragliding, etc.—and if these activities are quite expensive, then just for these, if you wish to do these activities, you need to carry some money with you. 

When you are on a customized holiday and we are virtually with you 24x7, still, if at some place you like anything or would wish to do some extra sightseeing, then generally guests taking such private holidays prefer spending there on their own. For this, it is recommended that they carry some extra money with them. Just to have some money with you on tour, internationally, as per the destination, you can carry an equivalent amount of fifty to a hundred dollars or Euro per person per day. On India tours, carry approximately at least a thousand rupees per day. Carry some special amount, especially meant for exclusive shopping. While carrying money on your tour or customized holiday, split the amount in cash and some in a credit/debit card. When traveling with family, split the money among all the traveling family members. 

Keep a scanned photo or photocopy of your credit/debit card on your mobile phone and with your travel companion or kept at home. There are quite expert thieves around the world, and pickpocketing is done with much ease. We are, of course, cautious. Our tour managers also inform about time from time to time; however, at times such incidents happen. One more thing, always carry credit/debit cards with pin numbers. It's better to avoid carrying contactless cards on our travels. They need to be disabled. In case of loss or theft of our wallet or card, until we block the card, no one should be able to withdraw any amount instantly. Let’s take care and travel safe! 

January 27, 2024


Veena Patil
Veena Patil

‘Exchange a coin and you make no difference but exchange a thought and you can change the world.’ Hi! I’m Veena Patil... Fortunate enough to have answered my calling some 40+ years ago and content enough to be in this business of delivering happiness almost all my life. Tourism indeed moulds you into a minimalist... Memories are probably our only possession. And memories are all about sharing experiences, ideas and thoughts. Life is simple, but it becomes easy when we share. Places and people are two things that interest me the most. While places have taken care of themselves, here are my articles through which I can share some interesting stories I live and love on a daily basis with all you wonderful people out there. I hope you enjoy the journey... Let’s go, celebrate life!

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