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Must Try Restaurants When You Visit New Zealand

9 mins. read

There are many things to do in New Zealand. It is a place where you can go surfing and skiing on the same day, go hiking on a glacier and then relax in a natural hot spring at night, or ride a boat through a glow worm tunnel and then spend the afternoon in the enchanted realm of Hobbiton. It is a friendly, multicultural nation with a history of immigration from Mori, Europeans, Pacific Islanders, and Asians.

It is an intriguing place to travel to because of its diverse cultural heritage, stunning geological landscapes, and rare vegetation and wildlife. In New Zealand's increasingly multicultural towns, Indian curries and Indonesian noodles are offered alongside crispy fresh wines, freshly harvested organic veggies, and local cheese. Stop for a meal and wine while exploring vineyards to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Picking up a fork or tilting a glass is the best way to learn about a culture. If you're a gastronomic explorer, look no further for information on where to discover and how to enjoy New Zealand's passionate producers committed to satisfying your palate. Particularly for people who wish to explore the most incredible New Zealand cuisine. Here's a list of the Top notch and best restaurants in New Zealand that should be on every traveller's itinerary while exploring this place.

The Sugar Club, Auckland, NZ

Be aware of the moniker; first-time visitors sometimes mistake it for something inappropriate.

A sophisticated dining establishment called The Sugar Club is 53 storeys above Auckland's Sky Tower. Its owner, Peter Gordon, takes pleasure in blending the cuisine of New Zealand with other nations' cooking styles to create delicious fusion meals.

While the dining area and bar at The Sugar Club are an immersive destination with breathtaking views of Auckland City and the Hauraki Gulf, the cooking at the club concentrates on flavours and textures. Small yet highly flavorful foods are served as part of the Sugar Club experience to please your palette. Additionally, the eatery employs only local ingredients, which is uncommon today.

Here at one of the best restaurants in New Zealand, there is no better way to redefine your dining experience than with exquisite cuisine, inventive drinks, and a well-chosen wine list in a casual yet elegant setting.

Maharaja (Indian Restaurant), Christchurch, NZ

cuisine of New Zealand

Place a takeout or dine-in order at Maharaja Indian Restaurant if you're seeking savoury, spicy traditional Indian food in New Zealand. Lamb Samosa, Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Chicken, Saagh Gosht, Prawn Malabari, and Dal Makhni are a few examples of traditional Indian foods that one will enjoy while at this restaurant. These recipes go well with Indian breads like Naan, Roti, and Paratha. Desserts like Pistachio Kulfi, Gulab Jamun, and Decadent Chocolate Cake are available for indulgence.

Additionally, they offer a dining room where you can relish your meals while sipping a bottle of fine wine. 'Maharaja' will make you feel like a king or queen. This Indian restaurant in New Zealand and martini lounge serves delectable classic meals in a modern environment with traditional touches.

Royal Tandoor (Indian Restaurant), Christchurch, NZ

You will enjoy the tastiest and most fabulous authentic Indian cuisine available thanks to Royal Tandoor, an Indian restaurant in New Zealand. Whether you eat in or take out, their talented 5-Star Chefs are inspired by their commitment to providing a memorable, satisfying, and enjoyable experience for each of their visitors.

Each meal that is provided has been expertly prepared to utilise the finest, freshest, and most decadent ingredients. Each time a meal is prepared, their chefs undoubtedly work culinary magic. Additionally, this restaurant cares about its customers. Thus every meal can be modified (terms and conditions apply) to suit your tastes, preferences, and dietary requirements.

Riverstone Kitchen, Waitaki, NZ

One of New Zealand's top local eateries, Riverstone Kitchen, is conveniently located north of the South Island town of Oamaru. A substantial fireplace made of local river stones is the focal point of the elegant dining area. Much of the seasonal cuisine is created using ingredients from the restaurant's own organic orchards and gardens.

For daily breakfast and lunches, a more casual café atmosphere transitions to a more formal setting for dinner on Thursdays through Saturdays. The knowledgeable drink menu features small-batch beers from around New Zealand and wines from the neighbouring Waitaki Valley. You can inquire whether any of Oamaru's Craftwork Brewery's superb farmhouse ales in the Belgian style are available.

Indian Alley (Indian Restaurant) Wellington, NZ

Indian food is famous in New Zealand and every part of the world, and that's why you will find many restaurants authentically serving Indian cuisine in whichever part of the world you travel. One such name is 'Indian Alley', serving traditional Indian food in New Zealand. It offers distinctive, superior-quality, and nutrient-dense Indian food and is run by husband and wife Neha and Sushant Chandna.

At its two CBD restaurants, they provide an authentic culinary voyage through India with a choice of two separate dining experiences. The emphasis of their Wakefield Street facility is on providing customers with an actual fine dining experience. Be prepared for an unusual cuisine filled with engaging activities, such as their specialty Parda (curtain) Biryani dish, which your server will open in front of you. Moreover, own Wine can be brought into the Wakefield Street eatery. Weekday lunches are delicious at the original location at Press Hall on Willis Street, where a buffet and à la carte selections are available.

Roti Chenai (Indian Restaurant), Wellington, NZ

Roti Chenai has been a mainstay of the centre city for more than 25 years despite being hidden from view on Victoria Street. Roti Chenai's distinctive and flavorful cuisine, which combines traditional Tamil (South India) and Malaysian foods, was given by the restaurant's founder Richard Rajasekar. These flavours go wonderfully together when looking for a large feast at student-friendly pricing. Of course, Roti Chenai is most known for its scrumptious $9 name-brand item and its crispy, nine-flavour dosai pancakes.

The menu does include a lot more Tamil cuisine, though. The greatest comfort dish is kothu barrota, which is tomato and chopped up roti stir-fried with egg, veggie, or meat. Roti Chenai excels in providing comfort because, as soon as you enter through the door, it seems like you're having dinner in a kitchen with your family. It is due to several factors, including the quick and pleasant service and the enormous grill just in front of you so you can see the entire process. Observing the roti being freshly prepared in front of you makes eating so enjoyable. It resembles watching the aerial gymnastics of pizza, though it smells much better. So if you are looking for famous Tamil food in New Zealand, this place is definitely for you to try.

Taste Of India (Indian Restaurant) Wellington, New Zealand

Around 5.30 p.m. every evening, a line frequently starts to develop down Cambridge Terrace, and there is a perfect reason for it. As Taste of India certainly lives true to its reputation, even attempting to phone in an order at this time will need a few tries. It goes without saying that you must try this "hole in the wall" takeaway's claim to have "the greatest butter chicken in Wellington." However, this Indian restaurant in New Zealand has a vast selection of high-quality items on its menu, so avoid sticking to your old favourites.

The malai kofta, which consists of potato and cottage cheese dumplings in a creamy sauce, is a particular favourite of many. As rich and filling as it sounds, this meal is just that. Tandoori chicken tikka, which is expertly prepared with yoghurt, spices, and a slice of lemon (you'll keep coming back for this one), is another thing which is strongly advised. Even if the queue can look intimidating, phone ahead to bypass it and get home to a feast of flavour.

New Zealand, a nation of two islands, is well known for its stunning scenery, mountains, and beaches. It's a wonderful destination to explore and boasts some of the most magnificent restaurants in the world. Every region of New Zealand boasts excellent restaurants to savour one's taste buds. The cuisine of New Zealand impresses everyone with its inventive flavour combinations, the world's best surroundings, and a rare amalgamation of influences from Asian and European settlers as well as indigenous Maori culture. So what are you waiting for? Plan and get your travel package for New Zealand booked as soon as possible.

September 27, 2022


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