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Pushkar Sightseeing: Your Guide to the Town of Temples & Fairs

8 mins. read

Situated amid the Aravali ranges, Pushkar is a tiny temple town known globally for the vibrant camel fair it organizes. I visited this pilgrimage town in Rajasthan seeking some solace and that is exactly what I got here. When I first stepped into town, I was welcomed by the rings of temple bells and the faint sounds of devotional songs that seemed to provide a soothing respite. Interestingly, the town is wrapped around a holy lake and is home to several temples and bathing ghats. Pushkar is known for the peace it exudes and this is what draws travellers and devotees the most here. The spiritual aura here seems to captivate you when you explore the unique layers of the town. So, whether you seek solace, solitude, or wish to go on a spiritual voyage, Pushkar is the place to be. Whenever you plan to visit the town, make sure you follow this Pushkar sightseeing guide that is my personal account of my trip to this enchanting town: -

1. Brahma Temple

Your first stop on your Pushkar sightseeing trip should definitely be the Brahma Temple. Being one of the most popular temples of the mystical town, the Brahma temple is dedicated to Lord Brahma and is one of the major sightseeing places of Pushkar. Lakhs of pilgrims visit this 14th-century temple annually. The popularity of the temple is what drew me here. The temple has the images of Lord Brahma with Savitri and Gayitri (his two wives). I also captured a serene view of the holy Pushkar Lake while I was here. I had a fulfilling experience at this temple and was really glad to have started my sightseeing trip in Pushkar from the mighty Brahma Temple.

2. Pushkar Lake

After I visited the Brahma Temple, I headed straight to Pushkar Lake as a part of my sightseeing tour of Pushkar. Both local and international travellers are drawn to this place given the beautiful setting it is in. Surrounding by numerous temples and bathing ghats, the sacred lake offers delightful insights into the Hindu religion.

I sat by the lake all day witnessing the local life of the quaint little town. I must say I felt quite relaxed sitting by the lake; that is why this sightseeing place in Pushkar immediately became a favourite of mine.  After I stood up, I headed to my next sightseeing place in Pushkar - Rangji temple.

3. Rangji temple

This one had to be included in my local sightseeing plans of Pushkar. What intrigued me the most here is the south Indian style of architecture with carefully integrated cues of Mughal design. Finding its name in the top three temples of Pushkar, the temple is dedicated to Rangji, one of Vishnu’s incarnations. The place is thronged with south Indian pilgrims and is one of the places that you must visit on your Pushkar sightseeing tour.

If you are interested to visit other iconic temples of Pushkar on your trip, make sure you visit the Savitri Mata Temple, the Shiva Temples, and Jain Temple because these are important sightseeing places to visit in Pushkar.

4. Pushkar Market 

Because shopping for me is therapy, I make it a point to check out the local markets of a particular place. So, the next leg of my local sightseeing tour in Pushkar was a visit to the Pushkar Market. Upon entering, I noticed that the place was lined with different shops selling jewellery, puppets, garments, and leather goods. The shops were also selling rose products, which is not a surprise as Pushkar is a place where rose farming takes place. I also hopped from one street food shop to another when the hunger pangs came calling. I loved having crispy gol gappas, the mouth-watering kachoris and topped off my street food meal with a tall glass of chilled lassi.

When you plan a local sightseeing tour to Pushkar, do make a pit stop at the market where you can take a quiet stroll, shop some lovely stuff or savour the local delicacies. The choice is yours!

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5. Camel safari

To explore Pushkar on a one-of-its-kind ride, hop on a camel and go on a safari. When I went on my camel safari, I watched a breathtaking sunset and got to walk around on scintillating golden sands. I also got to take in the mesmerizing views of the Aravalli hills too. The best part of the safari was that I got to witness the lifestyle of the locals as I noticed them going about their usual day. So, while sightseeing in Pushkar, makes sure you go for this activity to experience the town like a local.

6. Pushkar Camel Fair

When I was planning my trip to Pushkar, I looked up the dates of the fair and then finalized my trip to the town. A Pushkar sightseeing tour around the time of the Pushkar Camel Fair is akin to hitting a travel jackpot. The Pushkar Camel Fair is a visual spectacle in itself where you see one of the greatest tribal gatherings of the country. Taking place in November, the mela offers an insight into the vibrant Rajasthani culture. The annual fair includes competitions like ‘longest moustache’, ‘bridal competitions’, and ‘matka tod’. You also get to see dressed-up camels that are traded and entered into a beauty contest here at the fair! I had the most fun watching the musicians perform, although the local kids seemed to love the magicians and acrobats more.

7. Pushkar Ghats

The ghats of Pushkar form an important part of the list of sightseeing places to visit in Pushkar. Out of the ghats, the ones you can start with first are the Brahma Ghat and the Gandhi Ghat and then move on to the others. Brahma Ghat is dedicated to Brahma and is a bathing ghat that many travellers visit. Gandhi Ghat, on the other hand, is a place where the ashes of Gandhi were sprinkled, so that has sanctity of its own.

A lot of people visit these ghats as a part of their trip to Pushkar and I made it a point to visit as much of them as I could during my stay in the town.

Pushkar is rightly known as the town of temples and fairs, but what it also is, is a peaceful abode with an all-encompassing spiritual aura. The gentle humming of the prayers and the serene waters of the Pushkar Lake stayed with me long after I concluded my Pushkar sightseeing tour and came back home. A comprehensive Pushkar tour package offers the perfect set-up for a laid-back holiday and can be visited for a short trip or a weekend getaway. The beguiling town will charm you in unexpected ways, rest assured about that.

October 30, 2019


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