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We’ve Got 15 Places For You to Visit in Vizag

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Vizag - The Blissful Haven of the South, is one of the oldest port establishments in the core of Andhra Pradesh. Known for its quiet scenic natural beauty, and beautiful seashores, the places to visit in Vizag best underline the city’s cultural heritage. With its immense number of attractions, Vizag ensures a foremost experience.

Make your excursion to Vizag a vital one by visiting some of these top places to visit in Vizag. These spots make for a significant vacation destination for every traveller.

1. Yarada Beach

In case you are in the city of Vizag and haven’t seen the seashores, then you are definitely passing up something. Among the many seashores in the city, Yarada Beach is probably the best spot to visit in Visakhapatnam. Wrapped by the Bay of Bengal on one side and sublime slopes on the other three sides, Yarada Beach is an ideal spot to go through your day watching the enrapturing perspectives on the dawn and the nightfall.

2. Katiki Waterfalls

Katiki Waterfalls is one fascination that ought to be on your Visakhapatnam touring list. Gosthani River being the primary wellspring of this cascade, this pleasant cascade measures around 50 ft., and is encircled by lavish plant life in Araku Valley. For voyagers who love adventure can also experience trekking in the locale close to the waterfall. This is one of the places of interest that you can consider as a real part of the best places to visit in Visakhapatnam in 2 days. This is among the most attractive waterfalls close to Vizag.

3. Kailasagiri

Kailasagiri is a well-known hill station situated in the core of Vizag. It is one of the most outstanding Visakhapatnam vacationer places that you should visit. It is roosted at a tallness of 360 ft and offers staggering perspectives on the city, timberlands, and the stunning seashores. Viewed as notable fascination because of the gigantic symbols of Shiva and Parvathi, this little hill station offers a lot of recreation exercises, journey spots, and exciting experiences to the voyagers.

4. Borra Caves

For people who love history, Borra caves are perhaps the best spot to visit in Visakhapatnam. Situated in the Ananthagiri Hills in Araku Valley, Borra Caves are probably the biggest cavern in the nation. Found by William King George of the Geological Survey of India, these 1,000,000-year-old caverns attract an enormous number of travellers consistently and have become one of the significant attractions of Vizag. Situated at a height of 1400 metres above ocean level, these delightful caverns are a visual treat to vacationers; a must-include attraction when sightseeing in Vizag.

5. Submarine Museum

On RK Beach at Visakhapatnam, lies one of the most eminent submarines of India, NS Kursura. After her decommissioning, Kursura was converted into a submarine museum. It was the first submarine in Asia to be converted into a museum and the second in the world.

The museum comprises pictures and relics that portray the life of fighters. It follows the historical backdrop of maritime evolution through various ancient rarities and scripts. Visitors can get a glimpse of the hardships inside a submarine through various exhibits. It is most certainly the best spot to visit in Visakhapatnam.

6. Simhachalam Temple

Finding some kind of harmony between strict locales, seashores, woods, untamed life, and notable spots, this is one spot that doesn’t disappoint anybody anytime. Committed to Lord Narasimha, the Simhachalam sanctuary is another fascination that draws an enormous number of voyagers to the city. Hindu Housing a horse-drawn chariot made of stone at the front, and excellently decorated with elephant idols on the boundaries, the Hindu sanctuary is one amongst the best tourist places in Vizag to visit.

 7. Araku Valley

To the furthest extent that your eyes can go, you will see every last trace of land in Araku Valley covered with vegetation. It is probably the best spot to visit in Vizag for nature lovers. Besides, the perspective on grandiose mountains against espresso ranches will charm you profoundly and leave you in wonder. Thus, if you need to observe the natural beauty of Vishakhapatnam, then you should head to Araku Valley and catch some lovely scenes to treasure for life.

8. The TU 142 Aircraft Museum

The TU 142 Aircraft Museum is probably the best spot to visit in Vizag in case you are hoping to comprehend India’s military history. The exhibition hall has protected the Tupolev Tu-142 which served for a long time for the Indian Naval Services prior to resigning in 1917. The gallery has a presentation corridor that features a few hardware including a motor, propeller, information recorder, sonar, and anti-submarine missiles. There is likewise a VR room wherein you can get a seriously thrilling encounter. It is among the most renowned visiting places in Vizag.

9. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

For travellers who love the wildlife, the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is an unquestionable attraction that is on their list of best Visakhapatnam tourist places. Set up in 1977, this zoological park is home to around 100 types of species of mammals, reptiles, and birds. Situated in the midst of the thick Kambalakonda reserve forest, this zoological park is a must-visit for everybody on their next outing to Vizag.

10. Gangavaram Beach

This one is viewed quite possibly as the most beautiful seashores in Vizag with scenic awe-inspiring views created by sensational palm trees. This spot is known for getting featured in various different films and TV serials. Delicate sands and natural air makes it the ideal relaxing spot for every traveller in the evening. The rocky formations present here additionally draw in vacationers to this beach.

11. Sea War Memorial: Pay Homage

This is situated on Beach Road and the individuals who are headed to the beach, usually come here as this is one of the most mind-blowing visiting places in Vizag. Dedicated to the Indian Navy, Sea War Memorial is one of its own sort of memorial in South India that allows you an opportunity to offer respect to the gallant warriors who fought for their country during the Indo-Pak battle back in 1971.

An unquestionable tourist spot on the Vizag tour, the Sea War Memorial creates a feeling of enthusiasm when you enter the place. Home to a wide assortment of missiles, tankers and military aircraft models, the Sea War Memorial is kept up with remembrance that draws in travellers from all around the world for its significance.

12. Lawson’s Bay Beach

Recorded on the rundown of best tourist places in Vizag, Lawsons Bay Beach is an augmentation of Ramakrishnan beach and is flawless as well as tranquil. This isolated beach is situated within lush greenery and lovely sands. Sightseers love to come here invest their time sunbathing, swimming, and surfing. If you want to loosen up yourself and draw nearer to nature, then this beach ought to be at the first spot on your list.

13. Rama Krishna Mission Beach: Peaceful Escape

One of the most well-known and the most boosted places by Visakhapatnam tourism is Rama Krishna Mission Beach where you will see all the vacationers surge for the most part. Named after the Rama Krishna Mission ashram which is situated right across the beach, this beach is a great spot for a laid-back day. You can absorb the glow of the sun and go for a walk with your partner. One can likewise visit the well-known Kurusura Submarine Museum which is situated on the shore. Rama Krishna Beach is among the most tranquil places close to Vizag.

14. Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary

Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary is a huge forest reserve situated close to Vizag, covering a space of seventeen thousand acres of land. With rich green foliage covering the territory, the safe-haven is an incredible spot for travelling and climbing while additionally making it sustainable for wildlife simultaneously.

15. Thotlakonda Buddhist Complex

Thotlakonda in Bheemunipatnam is situated on a hill and this Buddhist Monastery is said to have played a critical part from 2 BC to 2 AD. Pack an outing and head over to this complex that's super well-maintained by the government. Flanked by bougainvillaea trees, plants, and lots of greenery this complex eventually drives you to the remaining parts of the cloister. What's left is as yet an incredible sight!

From emerald green seas to unblemished beaches, interesting museums and amazingly quiet hill stations, this city has the ideal landscape for an ideal escape. Start with the beaches and the standard attractions, and afterwards explore the secret spots including the curious towns.

People who need help sorting out a trip to Vizag can always check out our all-encompassing Vizag trip packages.

November 15, 2021


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