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Top 10 Places to Visit in Palampur

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Located in Kangra, Palampur is a quaint town and a popular tourist spot in Himachal Pradesh. Nestled at an altitude of 1,220 m above sea level, Palampur is also famous as the Green Valley of Himachal Pradesh due to a large number of slopes of green tea plantations and deodar and pine forests. This gorgeous town has derived its name from Pulum which means ‘Lot of water’ in the local language. There are many streams flowing from the hills to the plains, providing an abundance of water to the town. The combination of water and vast greenery gives Palampur a distinct yet majestic look. Also called the Tea Capital of North India, Palampur is a major tea producer in India. The town has incredible natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes that will captivate nature lovers. With many ancient temples, eloquent art galleries, Tibetan monasteries, and stunning little hamlets, Palampur makes one of the best places to visit in Himachal. If you are planning a trip to Palampur, here is the list of the places you must visit.

10 Places to Visit in Palampur

Palampur is also home to several ancient temples, art galleries, and Tibetan monasteries, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and culture enthusiasts. Its top attractions include: -

  • Baijnath Temple
  • Tea Gardens
  • Tashi Jong Monastery
  • Saurabh Van Vihar
  • Jakhni Mata Temple
  • Negual Khad
  • Triund
  • Dhauladhar National Park
  • Chamunda Devi Temple
  • John’s Church

Baijnath Temple

One of the most famous Shiva temples in Himachal Pradesh, Baijnath Temple is an architectural gem. Founded in 1204 AD by two local businessmen, Baijnath Temple is an ideal place to attain peace and serenity. Located in Beas Valley, in the Kangra district of Himachal, Baijnath Temple is set in the backdrop of the majestic Dhauladhar Himalayan Range. One of the most beautiful places to visit in Palampur, Baijnath Temple has a medieval North Indian style architecture, popularly called 'Nagara’ style. In this temple, Lord Shiva is revered as the God of Healing. It is said that even Ravana, who was a big devotee of Lord Shiva, meditated here. Every day, thousands of devotees visit this temple to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Tea Gardens

Tea Gardens

Next on the list of the best places to visit in Palampur, Tea Gardens are the prime attraction in Palampur. The lush green gardens are sprinkled throughout the town, and make for an unforgettable afternoon stroll. Here, you can explore the variety of tea and the tea-making process in detail. One of the most interesting things about Tea Gardens in Palampur is that Teas are named after famous Raga or musical verses such as Bageshwari, Darbari, Malhar, and Bahar. Stepping into the tea garden will be a treat to the eyes of the visitors, rejuvenating their minds and soul with the fresh divine fragrance of tea. Palampur sightseeing is incomplete without visiting tea gardens, especially if you are a tea lover.

Tashi Jong Monastery

Tashi Jong Monastery, surrounded by the stunning Himalayan mountain ranges, is a place of worship for Buddhists and home to various Tibetan refugees. Located in Tashi Jong village, around 15 KM from Palampur, Tashi Jong Monastery, is an ancient monastery and a serene place to calm down the tensed senses. Designed by Khamtrul Rinpoche, it has a stunning structure – decorated with Buddha statues, paintings, and woodcarving. The monastery also has a craft emporium, where you can buy Tibetan artefacts as souvenirs. It is definitely among the top tourist places in Palampur.

Saurabh Van Vihar

One of the most famous places in Palampur, Saurabh Van Vihar, is a nature park on the bank of Neugel Khad in Kwat Village. It was built in memory of Saurabh Kalia, the brave soldier who died during the Kargil War in 1999. The park is spread over a total area of ​​13 km, having around 151 different species of therapeutic plants, trees, water streams, Tiger Hill Bridge, and hiking trails. Here, you can enjoy activities like birdwatching, boating in the lake and a walk on the pebbly bank of the Neugal Khad. Saurabh Van Vihar must be a part of your sightseeing in Palampur to enjoy nature and witness the gorgeous sights of the snow-capped Dhauladhar Mountain range.

Jakhni Mata Temple

A beautiful temple situated on a hilltop, Jakhni Mata Temple is one of the best places to visit in Palampur. Nestled at the highest point of Chandanpur in Kangra, Jakhni Mata Temple is dedicated to Devi Latti Jakhni. Since it is a steep climb up to the temple, it is advised to take a car to reach here. However, if you are fond of trekking and hiking, you can choose to walk. The climb to this temple may seem difficult and physically demanding, but the striking sight of the Dhauladhar range and the valley on the way makes it worth the effort.

Negual Khad

One of the biggest sightseeing attractions in Palampur, Negual Khad, is a gorgeous water stream flowing on the brink of the town. Also called the Bundla Chasm, Neugal Khad is a popular spot for locals and tourists to experience the beauty of the colossal bridge and the enthralling surrounding landscape. There is a park called Neugal Park near Neugal Khadd, where you can find cafés and eateries to have coffee, tea, and snacks. You can ask for a table outside the café to witness the panoramic view of the Dhauladhar Mountains while relishing your favourite food or coffee. When you are in Palampur, do not miss Neugal Khad!


Around 35 km away from Palampur, Triund is an easy and popular trek destination. Perched in the lap of the majestic Dhauladhar Mountains in Kangra Valley, Triund is a paradise for trek and adventure lovers. Situated at an altitude of around 9500ft above sea level, Triund is quite popular among tourists who love to hike to Triund and experience the ultimate view of the Dhauladhar Mountains. You can go trekking or hiking during the day and stay overnight in camps at Triund. There is a small temple called Sri Kunal Pathri Devi at the Triund meadow, enhancing the beauty of this place. Also, Triund is a base camp for trekkers who are going to visit Chamba via Indrahaar Pass. Triund is one of the best places to visit near Palampur, where you can enjoy the perfect bird’s eye view of the valley and mountains.

Dhauladhar National Park

Also known as Gopalpur Zoo, Dhauladhar National Park, is located just 13 km away from the main city of Palampur. With an area of 30 acres, the national park is famous as the natural habitat of different types of animals, including angora rabbits, Grey Bhutanese Peacocks, black bears, leopards, red foxes, Asiatic lions, sambhar, deer, and more. Surrounded by the magnificent Dhauladhar Range of the Himalayas, Dhauladhar National Park makes it an ideal place to visit for animals and wildlife buffs. One of the most exciting places to visit in Palampur, Dhauladhar National Park is adorned with a variety of trees and plants, including maple and chestnut trees, adding to the enchanting greenery in the park.

Chamunda Devi Temple

One of the most revered and renowned temples in Himachal Pradesh, Chamunda Devi is dedicated to Maa Chamunda or Kali, one of the most powerful avatars of Goddess Durga. Situated on the banks of Baner River in Kangra, Chamunda Devi Temple is known for its striking beauty, set against the backdrop of the Dhauladhar Mountains. Built during the reign of Maharaja Umed Singh, the temple reflects the impressive architecture of the bygone era. The temple is believed to be more than 700 years old and has gone through several rounds of renovations and rebuilding. Chamunda Devi Temple is the most visited place in Palampur during the Navratri festival.

St. John’s Church

St Johns Church

The final recommendation on this list of the famous places to visit near Palampur, St. John’s Church is located in a beautiful and peaceful area in Mcleodganj amid the lush deodar forests. Built in neo-Gothic architecture, St. John’s Church is dedicated to John the Baptist. With a picturesque location and serene surroundings, the church will give you a sense of peace. If you are a history buff, Saint John’s Church is an ideal place to know the colonial heritage at a closer level.

In addition, there are many hill stations near Palampur that you can visit if you have sufficient time on your trip. You can explore many tourist attractions like Shoja, Mcleodganj, Dalhousie, Nadaun, Bir-Billing, etc.

So, if you are planning a trip to Palampur, make sure to include most of these places in your Himachal holiday packages. With Veena World, you will definitely find a travel package that meets your travel requirement.

April 13, 2023


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