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Exquisite Places to Visit in Khajuraho: A Complete Guide

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Khajuraho, located in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh, is renowned globally for its collection of temples. The area is nestled amidst the picturesque Vindhya Mountains and has been designated as a UNESCO world heritage site for several reasons. The temples in Khajuraho are famous for their intricate rock carvings, which are highly graphic and erotic. It is interesting to note that while physical intimacy remains taboo in India, the society during the construction of the temple (950 A.D. to 1050 A.D.) was more liberal, as evidenced by the carvings in Khajuraho. These temples are also famous for being the ideal Khajuraho sightseeing spots for visitors. The temples were built by the Chandela dynasty rulers, and the area was concealed under palm trees until the British discovered it in 1838.

Unfortunately, not all of the temples in the region could be preserved. Khajuraho has much more to offer, and there is still much to be explored. To fully experience the ancient city, one should explore these exquisite places to visit in Khajuraho listed in this blog post.

  • Beni Sagar Dam
  • Panna National Park
  • Pandav Waterfall
  • Kandariya Mahadeva Temple
  • Duladeo Temple
  • Raneh Falls
  • State Museum Of Tribal and Folk Art
  • Kalinjar Fort

Beni Sagar Dam

Beni Sagar Dam is a popular tourist destination in Khajuraho that spans almost 8 square kilometres on the river Khuddar. The dam's beautiful greenery attracts nature enthusiasts from all over the country, and visitors can enjoy exciting water sports amidst its peaceful surroundings. Additionally, the sunrise and sunset views from the dam are stunning. The dam is open to visitors every day from 06:00 AM to 10:00 PM, and there is no entry fee.

Panna National Park

Panna Reserve, established in 1981, is a highly regarded Tiger Reserve located in Madhya Pradesh, India, and is the fifth reserve of its kind in the state and the twenty-second in the country. The reserve is a habitat for various species of wildlife, such as Jackals, Chinkara, Nilgai, Sambar, and Wild Boar, making it an ideal haven for trekking enthusiasts and nature lovers. Besides the wildlife, Panna National Park also offers visitors the chance to witness the stunning Pandav Falls, which cascade beautifully amidst the lush greenery of the reserve. The park is open to visitors every day from 06:00 AM to 05:00 PM, allowing ample time to explore the stunning landscape and wildlife at leisure.

Pandav Waterfall

Pandav Waterfall

The Pandav Falls is a breathtaking natural wonder that cascades down the banks of the Ken River. The falls stand at an impressive height of approximately 30 meters and are named after the legendary Pandava brothers from the Mahabharata, who are said to have visited the falls during their exile. The area surrounding the Pandav Falls is filled with natural gems, making it a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. The falls are located in a deep gorge on the hillside, which collects the cascading water and forms a massive pool below. Visitors can take a refreshing dip in the cool waters or simply bask in the beauty of the falls and the surrounding scenery.

Kandariya Mahadeva Temple

The Kandariya Mahadeva Temple in Khajuraho is a must-visit place, admired worldwide for its stunning architecture adorning the walls of the temple. Built between 1025 to 1050 A.D., the temple is mainly dedicated to Lord Shiva. Visitors to the temple will be amazed by the highly sensual carvings of women that adorn every wall, some of them standing over three feet tall. Inside the temple, there is a Shiva Lingam, and if you are spiritually or religiously inclined, you can participate in prayers in the Garbhagriha during the specified timings. The temple is open from 6 AM to 6 PM, giving visitors ample time to explore this masterpiece of ancient architecture.

Duladeo Temple

Duladeo Temple, located in the Khajuraho region of India, is a remarkable temple dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Shiva. This temple is considered one of the youngest temples among the numerous temples in Khajuraho, yet it stands as a significant structure in terms of architectural and religious importance. Built during the period of the Chandela dynasty between 1000 and 1150 AD, the temple is known for its intricate carvings and elaborate design. The temple complex is divided into four parts - the mandap (main hall), the sanctum (innermost shrine), the porch, and the vestibule. The mandap is supported by four large pillars, which are adorned with beautiful carvings and sculptures depicting various mythological stories. The sanctum houses a magnificent Shiva Linga, a representation of the god Shiva, that stands as the primary deity of the temple. The porch and vestibule are also decorated with intricate carvings that depict the life of Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati. Although not as popular as some of the other temples in the Khajuraho region, Duladeo Temple offers a unique and serene experience for visitors.

Raneh Falls

Raneh Falls

Raneh Falls is a mesmerizing tourist destination and one of the top places to visit in Khajuraho that forms a stunning 30 feet deep canyon made of pure and beautiful crystalline granite, adorned with a multitude of colours. This natural wonder is a testament to the generous endowment of Mother Nature and attracts travellers and nature lovers from far and wide every year. The area surrounding Raneh Falls is abundant with small and large waterfalls at every turn, making it a delightful sight to behold. The lush green forested surroundings of this enchanting place create a surreal ambience that captures the hearts and souls of all who venture there.

State Museum Of Tribal and Folk Art

The State Museum of Tribal and Folk Art in Khajuraho is an exceptional cultural centre that houses an extensive collection of traditional artefacts and relics from different tribes of India. Located within the Chandela Cultural Complex, the museum is an ideal destination for visitors seeking to explore the rich cultural heritage of the region. The museum is not only a repository of traditional art and craft items but also a platform to promote the works of tribal artisans. It serves as a meeting point for diverse tribes to showcase their art and culture to visitors from different parts of the country and the world. The museum provides a platform for tribal artisans to display their work, share their knowledge, and generate income from their art.

Visiting the State Museum of Tribal and Folk Art is an incredible experience for curious visitors looking to learn about the traditional art and culture of India. The museum is a perfect blend of educational and entertainment, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to explore the rich heritage of the region. The museum's interactive displays and exhibits offer insight into the lives of the people who created these unique artefacts.

Kalinjar Fort

The Kalinjar Fort is located atop a secluded hill in the Vindhya Ranges, standing 244 meters above sea level. It is a formidable structure that has withstood several battles and sieges throughout its history. Although primarily controlled by the Chandela kings, many others fought valiantly for control of the fort, making it a symbol of bravery and courage. The Kalinjar Fort is a treasure trove for history and religion enthusiasts. The fort houses several temples and shrines that date back to ancient times, including Patal Bhairav Temple, the Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, and the Kali Temple. These temples serve as a testament to the cultural and religious heritage of the region and offer visitors a glimpse into the past. Kalinjar Fort is one of the best places to visit in Khajuraho that offers a truly captivating experience to take visitors back in time. The fort's imposing walls, intricate carvings, and impressive ramparts offer visitors a glimpse of the grandeur and glory of the past.

By including these amazing locations in your Khajuraho tour packages, you can experience the best of what the city has to offer. So, make sure to add these places to visit in Khajuraho to your list and enjoy an unforgettable journey filled with history, culture, and natural beauty.

April 02, 2023


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