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Places to Visit near Jaipur

9 mins. read

सोने री धरती जठे चाँदी रो आसमान,

रंगीलो रस भरियो म्हारो प्यारो राजस्थान ||

Golden land below, skies of silver,

Flooded with colour, my beloved Rajasthan.

Sung in the Mand singing style, these lyrics accurately paint the true beauty of Rajasthan. Surrounded by the Great Indian Desert, and home to cultural diversity, Rajasthan is a Pandora box of surprises. However, there is a lot more in store for you other than a sprawling desert when you visit this Abode of Kings. A timeless combination of beauty and history, the state truly has so much going for it that it is difficult to know where to begin.

Imagine a line of camels walking pompously through the desert. A blur of swirling colours and a dainty mirror decorated odhni as a Rajasthani woman dances to the hypnotic folk music. The unyielding facade of splendid fortresses, intricately carved kiosks and balconies or complex forms of hand-painted Rajput maidens framed on the palace walls. Home of katputli dances, Jaipur blue pottery, pichwai paintings, luxuriant forts, palaces and havelis erected by Mughal and Rajput kings. All this adds to the attractiveness of this state.

In totality, these facets conjure up images of culture and beauty. Rajasthan truly allows tourists to lose themselves in mesmerising views with a healthy dose of Rajasthani culture.

Your Rajasthani Getaway

Whether you enjoy nature or are a lover of antiquity and history, Rajasthan has something magical waiting to be discovered around every corner. Be it the colourful old market of Jaipur or the iconic blue houses in Jodhpur; fortresses perched on the rugged and rocky Aravalli; camel festival in Pushkar or the elaborate havelis of Jaisalmer that remind us of the glory and splendour of the yesteryears.

With a dizzying array of sights and activities, Rajasthan astounds visitors from all over the world.

Rajasthan is well-known for its festivals and fairs. The nearby towns and cities are also appealing getaways to experience rich cultural values and heritage. And as for those seeking spiritual enlightenment and devoutness, age-old temples and other similar sites rarely disappoint.

While we all know to indulge in the stubborn charm of the well-known sites and cities in this land of men with proud moustaches and women in colourful swirling ghagras and anklets adorned with delicate ghungroos, let us go discover more spots you can explore in its capital city - Jaipur and nearby places.

Tourists can spoil themselves with the myriad of offerings in this blushing pink paradise. From Block-printed to tie-dye textiles, Jaipuri razai, silver meenakari and Kundan jewellery, and Jaipuri juttis.

You can also visit some of the most frequented places in Jaipur located near the city centre - like the prominent Palace of Winds, familiarly known as Hawa Mahal, or take a peek into history by visiting the architectural City Palace. Inspect the art and artefacts of the Albert Hall Museum or enjoy an exhibit display at Birla Auditorium.

There are a million plus one things to do in Jaipur. From shopping in the main bazaars to visiting the forts and palaces, Jaipur never ceases to amaze its visitors, nor does it let them go empty-handed.

While there is no doubt that a trip to Jaipur fulfils the cravings of a traveller, this however, should not stop you from touring other touristy places near Jaipur.

There are plenty of places to visit near Jaipur that will inspire you to leave the comfort of your home and travel. Whether you want to see the ancient fortresses, century-old temples, colourful gardens, pretty lakes, or vibrant bazaars, these getaways bring you closer to Rajasthan's vibrant culture and royal lifestyle.

For Jaipurites and travellers from far and wide alike, we have cherry-picked places nearby that are perfect for a single-day trip or a regular weekend getaway from Jaipur.


Counted among the famous tourist places near Jaipur, Pushkar is one of the oldest cities in India. Located amid the Aravali hills, Pushkar entertains tourists with an annual five-day camel and livestock fair arranged in October and November. In addition to cattle sales and purchases, the fest entertains performances like magic shows, folk dances, matka phod competition, longest moustache and bridal competition which attracts thousands of people.

The place is perfect to spend the evening sitting at the ghats while sipping a kulhad chai or taking a stroll through the narrow alleys while listening to the chants from the temples surrounding the ghats. Also, what could be better than stepping in to dance with the locals on folk songs and ending the day by savouring delectable ghee-coated baatis with daal and delicious churma at local dhabas.

Famous for hosting a giant part of devotees and pilgrims each year, Pushkar and its timeless legacy are a perfect choice for weekend getaways from Jaipur.

Mount Abu

Though there are several hill stations near Jaipur, Mount Abu seals the deal for being the ideal mountain weekend getaway from Jaipur due to its proximity. Situated amidst lush green, forested hills and on the highest peak in the Aravali range, this hill station is the ideal getaway destination for people looking for a cool and soothing climate in the midst of scorching summer heat.

Visit the enthralling Crocodile Park or go street shopping at the Nakki Lake Market before heading to Sunset Point to admire the stunning sunset. Travellers especially love exploring the celebrated wax museum, and walking up to the Toad rock perched above the southern banks of the Nakki Lake.

The most acclaimed Jain pilgrim site and the only pristine hill station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu helps travellers enjoy calm and a relaxed weekend getaway from Jaipur.

Bagru Village

Famous for the widely acclaimed “Bagru prints” - a 400-year-old art form that uses wooden blocks to create patterns and designs on fabrics - this village is a perfect tourist destination for those who are crazy about textile printing. Considered one of the offbeat places to visit near Jaipur, tourists often enjoy learning about the vibrant craft that has managed to stay alive even in this age of technological advancements.

This lovely little village is ideal for a day’s trip due to its proximity to Jaipur. It is, in fact, one of the most frequently visited tourist places near Jaipur within 100 km.

Chand Baori, Abhaneri

Chand Baori

Chand Baori in the Abhaneri village is one of the oldest and most well-admired attractions of Rajasthan. Located about two hours from Jaipur and en route to Agra, this stepwell is another one of the popular tourist places near Jaipur within 100 km of the city centre.

Built-in the 9th century AD, Chand Baori is an esoteric wonder with 3,500 perfectly symmetrical, narrow steps. Particularly loved by tourists for the cultural and traditional references it displays, Chand Baori is one of the places near Jaipur that should be included in your tour itinerary. This architectural marvel draws locals and international visitors to it every year. A trip can be made in a day quite easily but staying the night in Abhaneri will be a great way to experience Indian village life.

Though there are several 3-star hotels and resorts in Abhaneri, if you book a customised tour, you can relax about your lodging and transportation arrangements and enjoy the tour to the fullest.

Rajasthan is the most beloved royal state of India. It conjures images of magnificent palaces, forts, camels in the desert, elephant rides, lovely handicrafts, and culture. The state is much of what its culture is, and the culture here gets a lot of its colour, festivity, significance, and, of course, spice from the diverse and exquisite cuisine.  Rajasthan wins over hearts at every glance.

Customise your Jaipur tour package with us and prepare your senses for the flood of colours, smells and noise of this bustling state and get ready to receive the ever-famous Rajasthani khatirdari.

March 06, 2023


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