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Phuket Destination Wedding: A Bride's Dream

8 mins. read

One of the most popular destinations among a huge chunk of the population, one may go as far as to say that Thailand, and by extension – Phuket, exists in many forms, providing a much-needed respite for couples. Whether it is the honeymooners who need to unwind after the tiring celebrations and festivities of their wedding or the married couples looking for a break from regular life, Phuket is a rather popular destination for couples! However, as amazing as Phuket is to visit, a destination wedding in Phuket is definitely what dreams are made of for a lot of people. In Thailand, there are, of course, a lot of different kinds of wedding destinations, but Phuket somehow takes the cake (pun intended!). Now, if you are thinking of getting married in Phuket but are a bit daunted by the arduous tasks that await you in charting out your mega plan, here’s a little guide to help you organise your planning for the perfect Phuket wedding: -

1. Why Getting Married in Phuket is a Good Idea

When you are looking over various wedding destinations, Phuket is, of course, going to be on your list, and there’s no doubt that it is a great choice. However, before you even begin planning the actual ceremony, you first need to be sure of your decision. When you plan to tie the knot in Phuket, you’ll have amazing tropical climate, eye-catching landscapes, and great value accommodation options for everyone. But a Phuket wedding has so much more to offer. From a ceremony on the beach at sunset to a reception being held at a five-star resort, you will have all the options you need to plan the perfect wedding!

With beaches and islands, the culture, and the most awe-inspiring landscapes to refresh the soul, a Phuket wedding actually offers an exotic, story-like backdrop against which you can celebrate your special day, making memories for not only you and your soon-to-be, but for every guest that attends the event. Here’s your go-to guide for your destination wedding at Phuket: -

2. Where to Get Married?

Once you begin planning your actual destination wedding in Phuket, the first thing you should decide is the place where you wish to get married. There are, of course, have a lot of options - from the local temples in Phuket for an intimate and traditional Thai ceremony to a lavish affair in a five-star resort in Phuket. Therefore, you can choose to celebrate your special day according to your own preferences. However, as many options as you may have, a Phuket beach wedding is definitely one of the most popular choices. If you decide to have a beach wedding in Phuket, you may be able to find several resorts that have their own venues to make your dream of a Phuket beach wedding come true.

With the beaches being a popular wedding destination in Phuket, you can look around to find a venue that would be perfect for the wedding of your dreams. Phuket is a destination where mysticism and romance are in the air. The local residents also play their part by offering you warm hospitality for the entire length of your stay. Phuket is definitely one of the best destinations you can choose for your wedding.

3. Choosing a Ceremony

With a Phuket destination wedding, you not only get the choice in wedding venues, but even with the kind of ceremony you wish to have. You can get married in the traditional western style or you can arrange for your own religious customs to be carried out at the destination (this will, of course, require a lot more organising on your part). However, a lot of couple these days are also opting for Thai-style Buddhist ceremonies. In such cases, the couple generally gets done with the legal proceedings completed before they leave their home country. When in Phuket, they head out to a local temple for the traditional Water Blessing and Monk Blessing Ceremonies. Many elements of a Thai wedding can also be seamlessly integrated into a western ceremony to create your own rituals.

Another option you have, which is not so common at most wedding destinations is that Phuket offers you the chance to partake in unusual ceremonies, like getting married on a remote island or even underwater!

4. The Guest List

The most trying task when it comes to planning a destination wedding in Phuket, as is the case with any destination abroad, is planning your guest list. As the wedding is going to be held in another country, there might be a lot of people who may be unable to attend. You will also have to decide how much of the expenses you are going to undertake yourselves and how much your guests will have to foot. Of course, opting for Phuket holiday packages from India that are tailored specifically for wedding groups is the best idea, but you need to make sure that your invitations reach your guests well in time. Keeping in mind that bookings will have to be made and your guests will need to be able to take breaks from their jobs, schools, etc., you need to make sure that your wedding invite exactly lists out your wedding plans and reaches everyone months and months before the date, leaving people enough time to RSVP!

5. Find Out about the Formalities Required

Now, one question that you are probably asking is whether your wedding in Phuket will be legal or not, regardless of the ceremony you choose. There are a few steps that you will need to go through to ensure the legality of your marriage.

To legalize a wedding in Thailand, you are required to complete a Letter of Intent at the embassy or consulate of your country in Bangkok. This is a step that should be completed in person, following which it might take from a few hours to up to two working days (depending on your nationality). It is best if you check out with your embassy for the exact procedure to be followed. Also, make sure you get the formalities completed in Bangkok itself, because not all countries have consulates in Phuket.

6. Make Your Bookings

Even the best laid plans can go to waste if you are not proactive in making all the required arrangements. Again, you need to remember that you are heading out to a foreign destination for your wedding and to avoid any last-minute hassles, you need to make sure all your bookings have been made well in advance. Also, booking earlier will also allow you to get some great deals with your ticket, hotel and package bookings.

If you go about planning your Phuket destination wedding in an organised manner, giving yourself enough time to iron out any glitches, you can be sure that your ceremony and the experience you have in Phuket are going to be incomparable. It is true that a beautiful wedding ceremony at an exotic locale like Phuket is a dream for many. With concerted effort and the right planning, it is a dream that you can turn into reality.

October 11, 2019


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