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13 Dishes of Nagaland that You Need to Try on Your Next Vacation

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Nagaland is a state in the North East that fascinates a lot of tourists in India and abroad. This is because of its unique cultural heritage, natural beauty, and delicious food. With more than 16 tribes calling this state their home, the number of dishes prepared here is beyond comparison. The one thing that is common among all tribal dishes in Nagaland is the use of simple ingredients. Fermentation, sun-drying and smoking meats and vegetables are important elements of Nagaland’s cuisine. Just like the people, the food served in this secluded state is pure, simple, and enigmatic. The best time to explore different food items is during the festivals in Nagaland because a lot of tribal communities come together to eat traditional delicacies. People who are planning their vacation can refer to this list of the 13 most celebrated Nagaland food items:

1. Rosep Aon

Rosep Aon

One of the most relished Naga dishes you can try in any part of the state is Rosep Aon. A simple yet wholesome dish consisting of boiled vegetables and dry fish, it goes perfectly well with some Naga rice, chutney, and salad. Do not go by how “basic” this Nagaland food item might sound because the melody of eggplants, beans, ladyfingers, mustard leaves, and several other seasonal vegetables with fermented dry fish defines comfort food.

2. Akini Chokibo

An exotic Naga food item that you can devour is Akini Chokibo prepared with perilla seeds and snails. The adventurous foodie in you will thank us for this recommendation because it is very delicious! It is such a melt-in-mouth dish (owing to the pork lard added to its preparation) that you will surely go back for more. The distinct characteristic of Naga cuisine reflects well in this food item and you can easily get to try some at a local eatery.

3. Awushi Kulho

The cuisine of Nagaland is considered wholesome, healthy, and nutritious mainly because the use of oil is minimal in a lot of dishes. One such dish that you can eat while enjoying one of the best Nagaland tour packages is Awushi Kulho. Prepared with no oil, this is a chicken stew with green vegetables and local spices that can only be found in this part of the country. But this does not mean that there is any compromise made on its taste! So, treat your soul to this Naga-style stew with steamed rice the next time you can are in this beautiful state.

4. Samathu

Nagaland and smoked pork have a special bond that has been carried on by various tribes spread across the state. The main reason behind smoking pigs is for creating food security in the harsh winter months when the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables is difficult. Samathu is a lip-smacking curry made using smoked pork pieces, fermented soybean, bamboo shoot vinegar, pepper, chilli flakes, garlic, ginger, etc. If you can befriend a Sema tribe family who prepares this dish for you at their home, then it will be an experience that you will never forget!

5. Akibeye

The love for simple soulful food in Nagaland is something that you learn to appreciate after eating dishes like Akibeye. It is literally a three-ingredient curry that the local population enjoys on a daily basis. Akibeye is made with mustard leaves, colocasia roots, and water with the most basic spices. It is easy on the stomach so you can devour a bowl full of it with rice and not feel heavy at all. All in all, Akibeye is ideal for travellers who want to eat light while exploring Nagaland in all its glory.

6. Galho

A melange of meat, rice, and greens, Galho is one of the most popular Nagal foods that you can try out on your next vacation. Similar to the good ol’ khichdi, the flavour profile of this dish comes from pumpkin leaves, roasted beef or pork, fermented soybean, rice, and green chillies. The aroma of Galho is so luring that you will end up overeating for sure.

7. Hinkejvu

Another delight in the cuisine of Nagaland that you will enjoy is Hinkejvu, a stew made of colocasia, cabbage leaves, mustard leaves, and beans. What’s more? Vegans and vegetarians can enjoy this dish to the fullest! It is so easily available that you will try different versions of it in every part of Nagaland. Hinkejvu is also served in most Naga thalis, so you can enjoy it with several other dishes or as it is.

8. Fish in Bamboo

Have you come across Asian village cooking videos in which people use bamboo to cook fish straight from the river? If you have not, let us enlighten you! Nagaland is renowned for its fish preparations using bamboo hollows. The purpose of using this plant for roasting fish is to create a dish with subtle hints of bamboo that is typically only found in the North East. This is such a unique food item in Nagaland that not trying it out would be a shame.

9. Pork Curry

The mouthwatering taste of pork is best highlighted in Nagaland without a doubt. Pork curry is a staple in households of tribal and non-tribal families because of its sumptuous taste. Be it a high-end restaurant, a hole-in-the-wall joint or a family dinner, pork curry with rice, pickle, and other side dishes is an experience that you need to have in Nagaland.

10. Amrusu

A recipe made by the Ao tribe in Nagaland, Amrusu is prepared using chicken, ground rice, and bamboo shoots. It is such an authentic Naga food item that devouring it at least once is customary for a tourist! Amrusu will make your heart, soul, and tummy so happy that your vacation in Nagaland would be nothing short of a dream come true.

11. Axone

Axone, also known as Akhuni, is the true love of Naga folks because they like to eat it up with anything and everything! Jokes apart, this is a side dish made out of fermented soybean that is either served in a cake or powder form. Axone has a very strong and pungent flavour, so make sure to taste in small quantities and acquire its taste. People who are allergic to soybeans should steer clear of Axone and make sure to ask servers if any of the dishes have this paste in them.

12. Fermented Dry Fish

Another staple dish in Naga cuisine is fermented dry fish. Small river fish is fermented using mustard oil and salt. After drying the fish, they are dried out and stored. The use of fermented dry fish is done in varied forms. Be it stews or stir-frys, this is an integral ingredient in several food items of Sema, Lotha, and other tribal regions.

13. Nap Naang

Nap Naang is a black sticky rice pudding that has a purple-to-black colour with a delicate sweet flavour. Made with dollops of ghee, cashews, black rice, and raisins, this is a dessert made for the Gods. Since this sweet dish has a different colour, some folks can get intimidated by it. But once you have a bite of Nap Naang, there is no going back!

Are you up for some delightful Naga dishes? Book your vacation package to Nagaland with your loved ones right away!

October 08, 2022


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