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Ideas of Inspiration: 9 Women, 9 Stories

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Navratri is a festival where we celebrate the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil, with her 9 symbolic shades and avatars. Every year the celebration takes place with rejoicing and in the festive spirits. This year, Veena World takes that extra mile. We explored the core ideology behind the 9 symbolic and significant attributes of Goddess Durga that destroyed the evil and brought goodness in the world. We come across various forms of Goddess Durga even in today’s life, reflecting one of the attributes and sharing some inspiring stories.

There’s nothing a woman can’t do and we are celebrating that exact spirit of our women this Navratri. As we celebrate the victory, we must celebrate these inspiring attributes of so many lives teaching us something or the other. Because, let’s not forget, the Goddess resides in each one of us. In these everyday stories of achievements, courage, warmth, vigour, love, sharing, kindness, power, passion and more, we found these 9 women that remind us of the lessons of the festival. Explore them all and find your 9 reasons to be inspired!


Story 1: Of Unconditional Love

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Story 2: Of Power and Passion

#9Women9Stories #OfPowerAndPassion #VeenaWorld


Story 3: Of Friendships and Dreams

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Story 4: Of Faith and Hard Work

#9Women9Stories #OfFaithAndHardWork #VeenaWorld


Story 5: Of Stability and Consistency

#9Women9Stories#OfStabilityAndConsistency #VeenaWorld


Story 6: Of Kindness and Encouragement

#9Women9Stories#OfKindnessAndEncouragement #VeenaWorld


Story 7: Of Courage and Immensity

#9Women9Stories#OfCourageAndImmensity #VeenaWorld


Story 8: Of Love and Faith

#9Women9Stories #OfLoveAndFaith #VeenaWorld


Story 9: Of Being YOU

#9Women9Stories #ItsYOU #Dussehra2018 #VeenaWorld

She was powerful

Not because she wasn’t scared

But because she went on so strongly,

Despite of the fear.

– Atticus


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