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Navratri is a festival where we celebrate the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil, with her 9 symbolic shades and avatars. Every year the celebration takes place with rejoicing and in the festive spirits. This year, Veena World takes that extra mile. We explored the core ideology behind the 9 symbolic and significant attributes of Goddess Durga that destroyed the evil and brought goodness in the world. We come across various forms of Goddess Durga even in today’s life, reflecting one of the attributes and sharing some inspiring stories.

There’s nothing a woman can’t do and we are celebrating that exact spirit of our women this Navratri. As we celebrate the victory, we must celebrate these inspiring attributes of so many lives teaching us something or the other. Because, let’s not forget, the Goddess resides in each one of us. In these everyday stories of achievements, courage, warmth, vigour, love, sharing, kindness, power, passion and more, we found these 9 women that remind us of the lessons of the festival. Explore them all and find your 9 reasons to be inspired!


Story 1: Of Unconditional Love

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“It was a Thursday and I was 6 years old. Dad and I were at the temple we frequently visited and were chatting up. It was in that conversation he told me I was adopted. Growing up wasn’t a piece of cake, every time we visited our native place, my parents were questioned on their decision of bringing me home, especially because I was a girl. Every time marriage is mentioned, people still consider me an outsider even though I’ve lived with my parents for the last 27 years. But my parents considered me an asset. I was adopted when I was only 3 days old and on verge of death. That’s when my mom took care of me rigorously for 40 long, exhausting days and I finally survived. Since then they’ve only given without me asking for anything; right from the best education to all the necessities and much more. Recently I visited the orphanage I was brought from and saw 55 babies there, out of which only 5 were male children. That gave me a reality check on how even today a girl child is unwanted. Earlier it was difficult for me as I was still getting in terms with living with the taboo. But today, it is truly a matter of pride for me. It would be great if all of us go to these orphanages and touch the lives of the children there. If not adopt, donate. Not in cash, but in kind.” . #9Women9Stories #OfUnconditionalLove #StayTuned

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Story 2: Of Power and Passion

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“I’ve been a traveller for more than 8 years. There’s nothing I haven’t done – trekking, camping, weekend trips, luxury holiday; you name it and I’ve done it. Until it hit me few months ago that I haven’t tried riding a bike yet and riding in Ladakh was my dream. Fortunately, soon enough I found an institute that trains women to ride Royal Enfield. It was only a 2 day training, and I remember it was raining so bad, half of Mumbai was shut. I wondered how is it possible to learn in these harsh conditions, but my coach said this exactly is the right time to learn. 15 days later, I was riding a 500 cc Enfield in Ladakh. My coach believed I was a born rider and could ride that terrain only in 15 days. It’s now my dream to pass on the courage to every woman and hence, I soon plan to start my own Enfield riding institute – by women, for women.” . #9Women9Stories #OfPowerAndPassion #StayTuned

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Story 3: Of Friendships and Dreams

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“We’re not those 3 girls who quit their jobs to travel the world! We’re the ones who work hard all year to make sure we fund our dreams, and we’ve been doing that successfully so far. We’ve taken the 50 countries challenge way too seriously and push each other to make it a reality. Recently we did a Euro trip and trust me there’s nothing like travelling with your best friends. I remember closer to our trip, we would stop each other from shopping online or going to restaurants to save every buck to make our travel dream come true. The best memory was celebrating Tanmayi’s birthday in Slovenia and at an extremely breath-taking location.” . “What’s the best part of travelling with your buddies?” . “You travel the world without being afraid of it.” . “And the worst?” . “You fight for the window seat every time!” . #9Women9Stories #OfFriendshipsAndDreams #GirlPower #StayTuned #VeenaWorld

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Story 4: Of Faith and Hard Work

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“I was in college when it all started. I was pursuing Travel and Tourism, and for a project we had to interact with Belgian students and exchange cultural ideas. Everybody finished their project but nobody implemented it in reality, and that’s how I went a step ahead. I helped Belgian students who travelled to India in every way at many occasions; right from taking them on tours to paying for them at times to making sure they’re not scammed here. This paid me back big when I received a letter from the university's head of tourism in Belgium to come visit their country. It was something so unpredictable, but it did come to me. Recently I went to Belgium and knew only 8 people but when I came back, I had lost count of people I interacted with. I met the director of Tourism – Wallonia, the Mayor and so many students and locals and can truly consider it an experience of a lifetime. I only planned to help the students but never imagined to receive so much in return. I’ve realised that the smallest things you do, come back to you in a much bigger way.” . #9Women9Stories #OfFaithAndHardWork #StayTuned #VeenaWorld

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Story 5: Of Stability and Consistency

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“I started my career as an air hostess, then worked with one of the biggest luxury hotels in India and now I work as an international tour manager. But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed in all these years; my immense passion for dance. I’ve been at it since I was a kid and have also participated in dance shows like Boogie Woogie. I made sure I don’t let that passion in me die by attending dance classes and doing stage performances on weekends when I’m not working.” . “What’s your best memory as a dancer?” . “When out of nowhere I was called to Mehboob Studio for a dance sequence in the movie ‘Happy New Year’. I was completely mind blown! The truth is, you never know when an opportunity knocks your door. So don’t stop following your passion while having a stable career.” . #9Women9Stories #OfStabilityAndConsistency #StayTuned #VeenaWorld

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Story 6: Of Kindness and Encouragement

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“I married the love of my life few years ago. My parents were against it and unfortunately both his parents have passed away. When we got married, we had no family with us whatsoever. We were in great emotional and financial crisis. It continued and when I got pregnant, I was cooking and cleaning all by myself and went to work every day for all 9 months. My husband supported me, helped me too but it was just the two of us, trying to fight the storm. That’s when she came forward. She is my boss and has always been caring towards her team but that was the time she stepped into my life like an elder sister I never had. Right from taking care of me, to listening to my problems, to helping me financially; she made my workplace feel like home to me. I remember this one instance when I was 7 months pregnant and came to work only to realize she has arranged a surprise baby shower for me in office. Towards the evening everybody got dressed, the team gave me a saree to wear and there was also dinner for everyone. That’s my best memory so far! Well, whoever says women don’t support women is an idiot!” . #9Women9Stories #OfKindnessAndEncouragement #StayTuned #VeenaWorld

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Story 7: Of Courage and Immensity

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“I was the only child to my parents and it give me the benefit of having everything I asked for in life. I didn’t even know how to make chai until I got married. That’s how much they had pampered me. When I was marrying the man I love, my father had sternly asked his family if they’ll be able to take care of his daughter the way he did. But soon after my marriage, my mother’s health started to fail. Doctors said she didn’t have much time left. When I was just letting this settle in, my father had a heart attack and went into coma. It started then; for days I was working, taking care of my house, my mother and trying to communicate with my father to see if he responds. The only relief at this time was my husband and in-laws who stood by me like a rock. I had to be strong for everyone! Slowly my father recovered and I was then taking care of both the houses while being pregnant. But the sun didn’t shine for long and only few months into it, my mother passed away. My father was grief-stricken and couldn’t see his daughter hustle so much who hadn’t even lifted her finger before for anything. I was still fighting for him, looking after him and my 2 month old baby. But eventually his grief took him away too. When it was all over, I understood one thing. You don’t know how much strength you have, until being strong is the only option left.” . #9Women9Stories #OfCourageAndImmensity #StayTuned #VeenaWorld

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Story 8: Of Love and Faith

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"What is love and marriage in a diverse country like India, ask me! I'm a Muslim, married to a Parsi and oh well, what a ride it was! We met through mutual friends and fell in love. But when we had to tell our families, obviously the drama shot the roof. He's in merchant navy and whenever I used to get an international number flashing on my phone, I'd rush to take that call. So once I was frying something in the kitchen and an international number flashed, I ran. When I came back, the food I was frying was completely burnt, and my mom completely sure of what's happening. The struggle after that was real from both the sides; right from convincing the family, to understanding under which act we can get married, to how we can please both the communities while at it and so much more. But I never ever thought of eloping, in my heart I knew without our families we would be broken. So I waited and waited and one fine day they melted." . "What's the highlight of your love story?" . "We have 3 anniversaries! We got married in the court, had a function in Muslim style and did it the Parsi way too. Imagine, three times the food, the celebrations, the functions, and the fun. God, what a way to get married! Which one of the Gods am I thanking though?" . #9Women9Stories #OfLoveAndFaith #StayTuned

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Story 9: Of Being YOU

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She was powerful

Not because she wasn’t scared

But because she went on so strongly,

Despite of the fear.

– Atticus

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