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Have Some Fun Time with Science at the Science City Ahmedabad

7 mins. read

Cover Photo by Gujarat Tourism

A diverse take in terms of what you can expect from a day tour, the Science City in Ahmedabad offers educational entertainment for the whole family. It was established by the government to introduce the young minds to space and cosmology, to have a talk with the dinosaurs, and a whole lot more. The many attractions in the Science City include 3D documentaries on space and the oceans which are shown on IMAX screens. You can also take a unique ride to get the authentic experience of what an earthquake feels like, and the immediate measures that you must follow to cope with such natural calamities.

The Science City Ahmedabad is within proximity to the Ahmedabad airport as well as the Ahmedabad Junction. When you do travel to Science City Ahmedabad, do so in the knowledge that the ticket price is different for different groups of people. It stands at ₹20 for adults; ₹10 for kids; and ₹5 for students. This includes entry to the Hall of Science, Hall of Space, Energy Park, and the Life Science Park.

Even the 3D shows are supremely enjoyable affairs. All in all, the experience of spending a day at Science City Ahmedabad is as wholesome as they come. And for that reason alone, you must take out the time to make this place a part of your itinerary on an Ahmedabad tour package.

Here are the Major Attractions:

The whole Science City is divided into several sections, each of which houses different attractions. There is a separate section for the amphitheatre with a capacity to accommodate up to 1200 people. The Science City also celebrates important days related to science and encourage active participation on that front from the school and college students.

IMAX 3D Theatre

It gives you a life-like 3D experience of watching a movie that brings documentaries to life. The daily shows that are held in this theatre along with the amazing visual and sound technologies on offer add to the whole experience. Not only will the kids enjoy the shows here but they will also get an opportunity to take something very important along with them i.e. knowledge.

Planet Earth Pavilion

If your kid is very curious about why natural disasters happen and what are the reasons behind the occurrence of such events, this is the perfect place to visit in Science City Ahmedabad as this section is dedicated to exhibits and activities related to natural disasters and disaster management. The earthquake ride, which we mentioned earlier, is available in the Planet Earth Pavilion. You can also watch 4D shows while enjoying the cold mine here.

Hall of Space

One of the major things to do in Science city Ahmedabad is to pay a visit to the Hall of Space. This is essentially an exhibition that teases the imagination of the public and creates a space through which the crowd can involve emotionally and mentally. With the help of working models, the children will get to learn a whole lot about our universe in a scientifically accurate manner. It will also let them experience a journey through the solar system and pique their curiosity and interest in knowing and understanding more about outer space.

Energy Education Park

The theme of this park is energy which factors in both natural and man-made sources. As a result, it covers a range of manifestations including wind energy, solar energy, natural gas and petroleum, and tidal power, among many others. This park displays the five basic elements on Earth i.e. sun, wind, water, earth and space. All of these five elements are depicted in the form of energies and this makes the park a scenic yet inquisitive place to be.


Also known as the ‘museum of electricity', this space contains an exotic amount of displays ranging from how electricity powers the lives of humans in different ways. Now, this is something every child must have knowledge about! The Government of Gujarat, through its active collaboration with Gujarat Science City and the CLP India Power Private Limited, has given shape to this vision in a truly visual way. This section also teaches the children about the importance of energy conservation and the optimum utilization of the same so that future generations thrive to see a better and greener tomorrow.

Life Science Park

The name of the section itself gives us an idea of what the theme of the park must be. This is an open-air park that promotes the study of nature through various attractions and activities. The main idea and objective behind the creation of this park is to make the children aware of the study of nature and evolution, as well as the propagation and sustenance of life on the planet. After getting acquainted with the park, the children are sure to get a sense of love and belonging towards plants and animals around them. There is a butterfly corner in this park along with ornamental plants and a tissue culture lab for good measure. As elaborate and detailed as they come? We think so.

Musical Fountain

Last but certainly not the least is the Musical Fountain.

This is a very modern and fun way of demonstrating the idea of scientific and technological phenomenons like hydrostatics and electromagnetics. The Musical Fountain in the Science City Ahmedabad is one of the best attractions in the whole place. You can’t afford to miss this, especially during the evening time when it is a thoroughly enjoyable affair. Among the biggest fountains in the country, the Dancing Musical Fountain has all the ingredients to provide the most beautiful entertainment for the whole family.

This Musical Fountain is spread over an area of 1300 square metres and has more than 20 kinds of water styles including floating fountain, seagulls, chasing waves, peacocks, swinging, and flower baskets. The sound system is really fantastic which enhances the whole vibe of the place. With a 4000-watt surround sound system, the music will be aired via 20 speakers that come equipped with graphic equalizers to provide digital sounds with the highest audio quality. An attraction of mass appeal, this show is enjoyed equally by the kids as well as the adults.

All in all, the Science City is one of the best places to visit in Ahmedabad purely on the basis of the learning and ingenuity that it offers to a diverse array of visitors. Make sure to give it a try during your next trip to Ahmedabad.

April 29, 2021


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