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8 Brazilian Gastronomical Delights That You Must Try

7 mins. read

From unmatched natural landscapes to colourful colonial towns, Brazil is a country with a lot to offer to visitors. The largest country in both South America and Latin America, Brazil is best known for its rich multicultural environment throughout the country. There are many places to visit in Brazil that allow you a glimpse into the simple yet vivid life of Brazilian people. If you are visiting Brazil, it is surely going to be a rollercoaster ride with breathtaking natural marvels, effervescent Rio carnivals and nightlife, and the widest range of culinary delicacies. The food in Brazil is not very extravagant yet the best food you would ever taste. With very simple recipes and great taste, Brazilian dishes are a heritage that they cherish with all their heart.

Here’s a list of Brazilian dishes that you need to try out whenever you visit this beautiful country:

1. Barbequed Meat

Barbequed Meat
Barbequed Meat

 There are only two things that are popular in Brazil, football and Brazilian food which mostly consists of meat and not just any meat, liberally seasoned, slowly cooked flavourful and juicy picanha, which is commonly known as rump or rump cover. In the entirety of South America, no other country or region can match up to the popularity of barbequed meat quite like Brazil. A football game calls for a home barbeque, an assorted variety of meat, seasoned with mild spices and salt, and alcohol. If you are in Brazil looking for the best food, nothing will make your stomach rumble like some perfectly-pinked meat cooked over a coal barbeque.

2. Feijoada

Food in Brazil is as unpredictable as its football games. Feijoada, the national food of Brazil also happens to be the most famous Brazilian food item. It is so popular that you may find it in every corner of the country. Cooked with different cuts of pork, an assortment of vegetables, and extremely basic spices and herbs, this healthful stew is served with fried kale, farofa (toasted cassava or yuca flour ), and rice.  From being an essential part of the traditional family dinners in Brazilian families, this national dish of Brazil is available as the most relished street food itemin the country.

3. Farofa

This buttery and toasty Brazilian dish is prepared with cassava flour, nowadays easily available at most grocery stores. Farofa is a popular side dish, best paired with Feijoada and barbequed meat. From shredded carrots, raisins, and sliced bananas to bacon, vegetables, and eggs, Farofa is prepared in variations across the country. This is, another, most popular traditional food item in Brazil and you may even find it stashed away in the fridges in Brazilian homes. Yes, once prepared, farofa can last 3 to 5 days in the fridge and more if you do not add eggs.

4. Acarajé

Brazilian food is often not given the credit it deserves. Now here, Acarajé, namely, is a stuffed fritter. But there’s more to this dish than what meets the palette. Easily found across the country as popular Brazilian street food and beach snack, Acarajé is a staple in Bahia, Brazil and is often offered as a religious offering in the Candomblé religion. A preparation of black-eyed peas, onion, ginger, and garlic, and then deep-fried in palm oil, Acarajé is a famous Brazilian food item that must not be missed if you are in Brazil.

5. Moqueca de Camarão

Colloquially called moqueca, Moqueca de Camarão is another quite popular Brazilian food item and one of the most popular preparations for seafood. Made with shrimp or any freshwater fish, onions, garlic, tomatoes, and lime, Moqueca de Camarão is often cooked in a clay pan and relished for its earthen yet simple taste. A typical Brazilian delicacy, Moqueca de Camarão can be best enjoyed with farofa or plain steamed rice. Moqueca de Camarão does not use too many spices or a complex recipe, just like all the other dishes and food items in Brazil.

6. Empadão

Also called Empadão De Frango, this is one of the traditional food itemsthat Brazilian families religiously have on their dinner table at almost every gathering. Empadão is a chicken pot pie with a very simple recipe. Just some homemade flaky dough, creamy and cheesy chicken or any other meat filling, and your Brazilian go-to comfort dish are ready. However, there’s one difference between a pot pie and Empadão. While pot pies are smaller, an Empadão is usually bigger in size, perfect for family dinners. And with rich filling, Empadão makes for a decent one-time meal for a family of 4. You may see a variation in the filling as different regions across the country have different choices of meat for stuffing. And just like its filling, the food in Brazil has a different version based on the region across the country.

7. Quindim

Can anything be ever complete without something sweet? Just like the myriad of snacks and main dishes, Brazil has a wholesome assortment of desserts. And one of them is Quindim, a Portuguese delicacy. As they say, what is pleasing to the eye will always taste better, and with its glistening texture and bright golden colour, Quindim looks absolutely #instaworthy and toothsome to the tastebuds. Made of sugar, egg yolks, and ground coconut, Quindim is a baked dessert. With its rich and caramel-like smooth taste, Quindim is one of the best food items and desserts in Brazil.

8. Brigadeiros


And as they say, everything is better if it is made of chocolate. Brigadeiros are hand-rolled bite-sized chocolate balls. With a very simple preparation of chocolate, milk, and butter, Brigadeiro is a traditional Brazilian dessert and every family has its own variation of this dessert. While some call it bon-bon, others call it truffle but when you are in Brazil, it is only Brigadeiro for you. It is a highlight in the menus at weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, and almost every gathering. Just like all the other Brazilian food items, the desserts here are fairly simple and easy to make.

The food in Brazil is as diverse as its culture, a beautiful amalgamation of different tastes and flavours. If you have been contemplating the idea of visiting Brazil, it is about time you book a Brazil tour package and try out all these wonderful dishes and more.

June 28, 2022


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