6 Exciting Places to go to in Prague for the First-Timers

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With its spacious square, winding streets, nightlife, medieval buildings, and middle-age architecture, there is no denying that Prague is a dream destination not just for the adventure enthusiasts or nature lovers but for photographers as well. Most of the iconic monuments of this city date back to middle ages but still they are still among the most-visited spots of the city.

In the past few years, Prague has lured all sorts of travelers including people on honeymoon as well as backpackers. Owing to its unique concoction of natural and man-made beauty, affordable prices, and visually appealing spots, it has turned out to be a go-to destination in Europe. Irrespective of the time of the year you choose to visit Prague, there would be a lot of reasons for you to fall in love with this place.

If you are traveling to this destination for the first time, it might be wise to opt for a Prague tour package. This might help you in making your trip better and hassle-free. As there is a long list of things to see in Prague, it becomes a bit tricky to pick the best amongst them. So, here is a trimmed list of places that shouldn’t be missed during your trip: –

1. Prague Castle 

Prague Castle is one of the most significant places in the entire country. Besides being the seat of the state head, it is also an important monument that holds a lot of cultural and visual value for the locals and travelers alike. The monument dates back to approximately 870 AD when the castle was built. Since that time, it has been dominating the city skyline. When you visit the castle, take a stroll in the castle gardens and pay a visit to the St. Vitus Cathedral which is a popular portion of the castle. If you are traveling on a Czech Republic tour package, this castle should be the first place where you should visit.

2. Old Town Square

This is probably the most beautiful and buzzing place in all of Prague. With roadside coffee shops, vendors, and people walking through the alleys, you are surely going to have a delightful time eating and clicking pictures when here. One of the reasons why Old Square is one of the best tourist places in Prague is not because of the tourist shops or cafes but also the historic churches present in the and around the place. Despite being one of the most-visited places in Prague, this place has remained untouched since the 10th Century. Whatever you see here was built during that era. You can also catch a glimpse of a group of people playing soccer in this area which sees a lot of spectators. Just look at it – can there be any doubt that this is among the best sightseeing spots in Prague?! We hope not.

3. The Charles Bridge

 If you are traveling with your loved ones or friends, one of the best things to do in Prague at night is to cross the Charles Bridge. It is illuminated by lamps that are placed on both sides of the bridge. You can stop in between, sit there for a while, click some photos, enjoy the cool breeze, and then walk past. The bridge was initially constructed in 1357 which makes it one of the oldest standing bridges of the world. If you visit here during the day, you will get to see street artists, musicians, entertainers and dancers performing for the crowds. The bridge has a few statues on both sides but doesn’t mistake them for the original ones. If you wish to check the original ones, visit the national museum for that.

4. National Museum 

Though the National Museum is a wonderful place to visit during the day, if you want to see this place come to life, then do take a trip to the museum after sunset. You can hire a Prague tourist guide to know more about the place or understand the history of the antiques kept inside. The building was built in the year 1818 by Kašpar Maria Šternberg. It is also believed that a historian named František Palacký was involved in the construction of this building. If it was not for his support, the construction wouldn’t have been completed.

Currently, it is one of the best places in Prague that is home to more than 14 million items that are related to the county’s history, art, music, and librarianship. There are a few buildings where all these antiques are scattered. If you are planning on visiting here, do keep in mind that admission in every building has a separate fee.

5. John Lennon Wall

“Imagine all the people…”

Old Square, National Museum, and Prague Castle are places where everybody loves to visit but if you are visiting Prague for the first time, you should not miss visiting John Lennon’s wall. You will find this wall opposite the French Embassy in Prague. The white wall is filled with lyrics and painted with graffiti that relates to this legendary artist who was a pivotal part of The Beatles. Over time, the wall has now acquired the reputation of being “the symbol of love”. You will find people painting symbols of “Peace” and “Love” on the wall. You can walk down the lane and check out the work of raw artists in this city. For those who have a thing for art, this place is going to be one of the top tourist places in Prague.

6. Petrin Hill

 This will interest the adventure enthusiasts as well as nature lovers. Petrin is a 327-meter high hill that offers a challenging trekking trail for adventure junkies. Once you reach the summit, find the sightseeing point and cast your gaze on the city from up there. For the panoramic view it offers, it is surely one of the best sightseeing spots in Prague. The hill lies along the Vltava River and is also the greenest part of the city. You will always find people drinking beer and chilling here. The summit of the hill is also an active picnic spot for the locals. The 17th Century wooden building of the St. Michael’s Church is also built on this hill.

If you are visiting Prague for the first time, these are the six exciting places you should definitely visit. You can opt for a Prague travel guide who can help you in understanding a place even better. For hassle-free traveling, browse through the Prague tour packages available and get one for yourself.

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