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Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Goa: How to Reach, Timings, Tickets

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Located around 60 kilometres away from Goa, on the Goa and Karnataka border, Dudhsagar waterfall is amongst the five highest waterfalls in India. With a height of around 310m (1017ft) and about 100ft in width, Dudhsagar Waterfalls displays a tremendous power of nature, creating a sight worth capturing. This glorious waterfall is one of the best places to visit near Goa, owing to its charismatic natural beauty and striking environment. This gorgeous four-tier waterfall became more popular after its presence in the blockbuster movie- Chennai Express in 2013. It is now one of the most popular spots for tourists visiting Goa and nearby places. The Dudhsagar waterfalls in Goa initially look like a pour out of milk, coming down from the mountain, later transforming into gushing cascades. Here’s everything you should know about Dudhsagar Waterfalls.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls – History

The most famous waterfall in Goa, Dudhsagar means the Sea of Milk owes its name to a myth. This was the favourite place of a beautiful princess who used to have a bath in a lake near the Mandovi River every day. After the bath, she would often drink sweetened milk from a golden jug. Once, while having a bath in the lake, she noticed a handsome prince gazing at her. At that moment, she poured the milk from the Golden jug to create a white virtual curtain in front of her, obstructing the view through crystal clear water of the lake. According to the myth, the milk still cascades down the mountain slope in the honour of princess’s virtues. 

How to Reach Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa

The Dudhsagar waterfall is situated in the Western Ghats close to Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary in Goa. A trek to Dudhsagar will allow you to witness the natural wonder of the Sanctuary jungle. This sanctuary is home to many animals and birds, including wild dogs, Bengal tiger, grey-headed myna, spotted deer, bear, leopards, bison, and different varieties of butterflies - lime butterfly, Mormon, tailed jay, to name a few.  There are different ways to reach this waterfall that include:

By Train

There are two trains available on daily basis, but they are not directly connected to the fall. Kulem and Castle Rock are the nearest railway stations from where travellers can trek to waterfalls. This mode of reaching the waterfall is strongly recommended for adventure and trek lovers. However, those who are travelling with aged people and children should avoid using this option.

By Road

Situated on the coast of Goa and Karnataka, Dudhsagar waterfall can be reached by road too. In case you are travelling to this place from Panjim - the capital of Goa or any other location in North Goa, then you would be required to go by road. You can hire private taxis that will take you to the entry of Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary near the village – Mollem on Goa- Karnataka Border. From this spot, you can take the official management’s Jeeps to reach the waterfalls.

Note: Visitors are allowed to spend a total of 1 hour 30 minutes after reaching this famous waterfall in Goa. This time is applied from the time you are dropped at the parking spot, till the time the allocated jeep returns. 

Dudhsagar Waterfalls - Things to Do

Dudhsagar waterfall in Goa is the top attraction for tourists, keeping them entertained with a plethora of exciting activities:-

Dudhsagar waterfall trek

Known as one of the best trekking destinations, Dudhsagar waterfall provides adventure lovers with an opportunity to closely experience the wilderness and natural beauty. The Dudhsagar waterfall trek passes through the green lush forests, allowing you to capture the striking scenes of the environment in your camera. Trekking to this waterfall would be a fun experience but you have to be careful of the poisonous snakes on the treks.


Situated amid the natural wilderness, this famous waterfall in Goa is an ideal destination to enjoy camping. You can choose the Castle Rock adventure camp, available with a range of facilities, including plenty of trekking expeditions, bunker beds, serene playgrounds, and calm surroundings. The adventure camp can fulfil your wish to enjoy a trip with extra thrill and adrenalin rush in an affordable and offbeat destination.

Swimming at Dudhsagar Waterfalls

You can also enjoy swimming in the natural pools formed by the waterfall. Swimming in these naturally created pools would be a fun and delightful experience. The natural attractiveness around the fall makes it a perfect picnic spot among tourists.

Castle Rock Trek

Those who are interested in praising the natural beauty from too close can enjoy this trek. This 14 km long trek takes around 4-5 hours to complete, allowing you to enjoy something thrilling on your way at the same time. The picturesque beauty is the key attraction as the trek will lead you to many natural masterpieces. Apart from that, you will need to pass through different tunnels and railway crossings on this trek.

There are many hotels near Goa that provide comfortable accommodation options as per your need and budget. You can plan a one-day trip to the waterfall. 

Best Time to Visit Dudhsagar Falls

You will witness the true magnificence of nature during the monsoon. So, July to October or during monsoon and after monsoon is an ideal time to visit this waterfall. However, the water level is high during monsoon, thus you need to be very careful and take extra precautions while visiting this place. If you wish to make the most of your visit, it is wise to visit this waterfall in Goa, after the monsoon, between October to February. This is the time when trekking to a waterfall is not risky. Also, the water level is moderate and the trail is easier and more accessible in this season.

Dudhsagar Falls – Timings

The gate to the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary opens and 7 AM in the morning and remains open till 5 PM. It is wise to reach there on time to get the whole day to enjoy the striking sights of Dudhsagar waterfall. 

Dudhsagar Waterfall - Ticket Price

Entry Fee – 20 INR per person

Jeep drive from Castle Rock to Dudhsagar Falls - 400 INR per person 

Places to Visit Near Dudhsagar Waterfall

Tambdi Surla Temple

One of the oldest historical places in Goa, the Tambadi Surla temple attracts tourists with its old-fashioned and intricate design. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple was structured using materials like grey-black talc chlorite soapstone, giving it a fascinating shine. The Tambdi Surla Temple is the only existing construction of the Kadamba Yadava dynasty. When you visit Dudhsagar Waterfall, do not forget to explore the historical legacy of Goa.

Devil’s Canyon

Also known as Devcharacho Kond, Devil’s Canyon is a river gorge, situated around 1 km from the fall. With the powerful hitting undercurrents and slippery mould-covered rocks all around, the canyon actually gives the feel of a Devil’s canyon. Flowing right between gorgeous patches of forests, the Devil’s Canyon is a perfect hiking spot for adventure lovers.

Mollem National Park

One more attraction near Dudhsagar waterfall is Mollem National Park. Earlier a game sanctuary, the Mollem National Park was declared a sanctuary in 1969. It is a great place to make your trip to Dudhsagar fall, more interesting and memorable. This park is home to a range of snake species, including King cobra, Malabar Pit viper, Hump-nosed pit viper, and Indian Rock Python. Here, you can also get to see a variety of birds such as golden oriole, Fairy bluebird, three-toed Kingfisher, wagtails, and great Indian hornbill.

A walk to Spice Plantation

The Spice Plantation near the fall will help you to make your trip more memorable. Here, you can spend the whole day walking around and trying to understand the variety of spices. Apart from this, you can please your taste buds with a Goan-style buffet lunch provided at the spot. The authentic cuisine prepared with some freshly crushed spices will certainly give you an unforgettable experience. You can also get to enjoy an elephant ride here.

Dudhsagar Falls makes for a fabulous place to enjoy an adventurous and fun trip. Choose the best holiday packages for Goa and get ready to witness the mesmerizing beauty of the best waterfall in India.

July 03, 2021


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