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15 Places to Visit near Goa for Family Vacations

9 mins. read

‘Family’ and ‘a trip to Goa’ in the same breath?! We’ve got to be kidding you, right?! Well, give this blog a go and you’ll see that our recommendation isn’t unfounded.

The beach city of Goa is one of the most happening places in India. With several tourist places to visit in Goa, it is undoubtedly a complete package for travellers. But, apart from exploring and traversing the city, many people wish to visit nearby places as well, and this is where family trips start making all the more sense. When going for a family holiday package for Goa, make sure these places are covered:

1. Dudhsagar Falls

Getting a lot of recognition thanks to the blockbuster movie Chennai Express, Dudhsagar has become quite an active tourist destination. About 30 km from Goa, this serene place seeks a lot of travellers from the nearby city. An attractive sightseeing spot, Dudhsagar gets its name from the white water that flows down the cascade. Blessed with serene environment and greenery all around, this is one of the most attractive places to visit near Goa. Upon your arrival, you can pay a visit to the famous attractions in Dudhsagar like Tambadi Surla Mahadev Temple, Sahyadri Spice Farm, and Mahadeva Temple.

2. Chorla Ghats

If you love to visit pristine spots filled with adventure, then Chorla Ghats is your jam! About 58 km from Panjim towards the tri-junction of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka in the Western Ghats is where you will find this serene place. The perfect time to visit here is between May and October during the monsoon season.

The entire region is a forest that shelters wild animals and reptiles. The major attraction of Chorla Ghats includes the peak of Lasni Temb and Twin Vajra Waterfalls. With adventure activities like hiking, trekking, jungle walks and a few more, this place must make it to your list of the places to visit near Goa within 150 km.

3. Sawantwadi

Sawantwadi is a municipality in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. It is known to be one of the best offbeat destinations owing to its scenic outlook and adventurous spirit. Located in the Konkan region, the municipality is surrounded by a forest that offers mesmerizing views during the sunrise and sunset. Situated about 99 km away, it is one of the best places to visit near Goa if you are on the lookout for a peaceful place nearby.

4. Nersa Belgaum

About 76 km from Goa, amidst the picturesque Mahadai Valley, is the famous Nersa Belgaum that serves as a picnic spot, an adventurous place, and a whole lot more. It is an active village offering not just adventure activities but a lot of mesmerizing spots as well. In fact, it serves several visitors who come here from Goa on a family trip every year. The village of Karnataka is known to be surrounded by acres and acres of fields of sugarcane and groundnut. We wouldn’t be surprised if you bring back a packet or two of freshly harvested groundnuts; they are quite good.

5. Amboli

Amboli is popularly known as the queen of Maharashtra and is situated 120 km from Goa. Owing to its breathtaking 360° view; Amboli is hands-down one of the finest creations of nature. This hill-station has everything that a traveller wants, be it adventure or natural beauty. On one hand, Amboli provides level 2 trekking trails to those who are looking for some adrenaline rush in their body, and for those who are here to witness its sheer beauty, Amboli treats them with a few waterfalls, Madhavgarh Fort and a calming environment to give you the much-needed peace.

6. Fort Tiracol

Although there are several mesmerizing and historic places to visit in North Goa, if you are willing to move 67 km towards Maharashtra, then you will reach an interesting place known as Fort Tiracol. This fort has a history of its own. It was built in the 17th century by the King of Sawantwadi and since then, it is a holy place for people. The fort has a church in the courtyard that is for the holy trinity. The church was established in the year 1764 by the same ruler. What makes it a worthy place to visit is the serenity that fills the air and the mesmerizing view of the Keri Beach.

7. Karwar

Just over 70 km from Goa in the state of Karnataka, Karwar is an active port city having a few popular beaches such as the Karwar Beach, Rabindranath Tagore Beach, and of course Kaju Bagh Beach. Of the places to visit near Goa, Karwar is a highly recommended one.

8. Vengurla

Just over 100 km from Goa, Vengurla is another go-to destination for those who seek tranquility. It is a small town that is located north of the beach city and is a very interesting place to visit near Goa. It falls in the Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra. Make sure you have your binoculars and camera handy with you when you plan to visit here – you’ll get the opportunity to capture some memorable clicks.

9. Malvan

In the southern district of Maharashtra is a petite town that offers a lot of cultural and historic spots to the visitors. When you are done partying, visit Malvan – it is a great place to ‘relax and do nothing’. What’s more, it is also one of the best places to visit near Goa within 150 km.

10. Devbagh

Devbagh is another exotic location on the coastline of the Arabic Sea towards Karnataka. This is an exotic island in Karnataka just about 74 km from the beach city and relatively less crowded. A lush green belt of casuarinas trees, peaceful environment, a picture-perfect location and much more makes Devbagh a wonderful place to visit near Goa.

11. Tarkarli

Amidst the plethora of tourist places to visit in Goa, Tarkarli shines bright. It is a small village that is located on the coast in Maharashtra. Known as a paradise, Tarakarli is home to some of the best beaches in India. Owning to its secluded beauty and water-sports, a lot of people love visiting here from the nearby cities. If you are in Goa, then this place is just 150 km away.

12. Dandeli

Tailor-made by Mother Nature for adventure aficionados and nature lovers, Dandeli is the perfect retreat which is hardly 103 km from Goa. If you are on a family trip to Goa, make sure you visit Dandeli for a safari tour and white water rafting (if you are willing, of course).

13. Yellapur

Close your eyes and imagine a cold breeze brushing your cheeks, rustling leaves soothing your mind, and waterfall singing the song of nature. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what Yellapur in Karnataka has on offer. It is just 157 km from Goa and is a place that can give you a memorable time throughout your stay.

14. Gokarna

A drive of 135 km from Goa can bring you to a place called Gokarna. The place is laden with temples and pristine beaches all over. Now, it is completely up to you - go beach hopping or offer your prayers to Lord Shiva in the popular Mahabaleshwar Temple. Also, don’t forget to take a leisure stroll in the town and halt at the roadside shops to taste the street food. They are really amazing and contribute a lot of make Gokarna a wonderful place to visit near Goa.

15. Kolhapur

About 200 km from Goa is Kolhapur, a small city in Maharashtra that shows the colourful face of India. If you are fond of trying out new delicacies then this city is a must-visit for you because Kolhapur is well-known for its chicken and sheep recipes. Spend a day here to enjoy the food and places including Mahalaxmi Temple, Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Museum, and Jyotiba Temple.

At the beginning of this blog, we said that going to Goa for a family holiday can be quite a diverse experience if you are willing to cover the distances and visit the places around. We do understand that not all of them might be possible at once but hey, isn’t that a beautiful dilemma to have?!

July 28, 2020


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