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Steal-the-Deal of The New Year is here with Dubai Shopping Festival!

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2019 is around the corner and wardrobe update is a must! Begin your new year with a new style statement and everything Brand New. And, while you do so, why should it hurt your pockets? Save more and steal a whole New Collection. No, it’s not a hoax. Dubai Shopping Festival is right around the corner to fit your upgrade dream! In addition to more and more malls and brands launching HUGE discounts every year, 2019 seems the most awaiting one.

Often perceived as only a shopping festival, DSF brings so much more for everyone. Live shows, concerts, excitement, lucky winners and reviving energy! Imagine all that with a Dubai city tour, all at the beginning of a whole New Year! Exciting, isn’t it?

To get the whole vibe of the Dubai Shopping Festival, here is a video that will hit the exact idea for you!



Dubai Shopping Festival was started as a trading event in 1996, only to strengthen Dubai’s retail trade. Its hype kept growing and it is how we know it now. People from all across the globe plan their trip to Dubai according to the dates of the Dubai Shopping Festival. Some even have saved the dates in their calendar as a traditional must-do plan! It became a perfect idea for a family getaway or the best way to get gifts for the loved ones all in a bulk. Whom to blame? Can a trip be any better where you walk back home with a whole new upgraded wardrobe collection of numerous brands? Fit for all ages, it is an exciting time for the kids to be there to enjoy the time of their lives too.



While you pack your bags in excitement to head on to this irresistible Shopping Festival in Dubai, Veena World has something perfect for you. A Dubai Shopping Special tour that includes opportunities of 6 Days and 5 Nights of grabbing the best deals. And, to add to your excitement, you can enjoy the city tour of Dubai too! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bags as we set on a journey to grab the best deals!




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