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Destination Wedding in Udaipur: Your Dream Wedding in the City of Lakes

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One of the surreal moments in life is the day of your wedding, isn’t it? Everybody tries to celebrate it in the best possible way so that it becomes memorable for the couple as well as the other people attending the event. Now, for quite some time, destination weddings have been the trend that is being followed by a lot of couples. Right from pre-wedding shoots at exotic and beautiful locations to the main event i.e. marriage ceremony, every bit of it is well-planned and prominent. And when it comes to destinations, a destination wedding in Udaipur can leave an impression like no other.

This city has always been the first choice for many couples owing to the availability of options, mesmerizing locations, and royal palaces that are situated here.

From lavish resorts to humongous forts turned into hotels, one can select wedding venues in Udaipur according to their preferences. But what exactly is it about the City of Lakes that makes it one of the best places to tie the knot. Let’s find out: -

1. Its charm is like no other

We have been romanticizing the beautiful locations that the City of Lakes has on offer, and that’s with good reason. Wedding decor might light up the wedding anywhere in the world but the natural beauty of the place always becomes an integral part of the entire wedding ceremony. For the uninitiated, Udaipur has that in abundance. There are a lot of options for destination wedding packages in Udaipur. Browse through them out and select the best one for yourself keeping in mind the budget, locations, props, and every other aspect.

2. Pre-wedding shoots are picturesque and royal

Speak to a destination wedding planner in Udaipur about this. While pre-wedding shoots are commonplace, there’s something about the backdrops and locales that Udaipur provides that is simply unmatchable. Floating on Lake Pichola, holding hands in front of a palace or smiling under the morning sky; pre-wedding shoots are as regal as they get.

(Photo Courtesy : AXLE Tree Events)

3. Folk songs and dance performances light it up!

Planning a destination wedding in Rajasthan without local folk dance performances? Get out of here! To make your destination wedding in Udaipur distinctly memorable, you have to have a folk dance or singing performance. Almost all the destination wedding venues in Udaipur are structured in such a way that you get a dedicated area for such performances. Not to forget that Rajasthani folk songs and dance are really good.

4. Authenticity is the key!

Yeah! You heard that right. There are so many good dresses to be worn on your wedding day but to make it a bit different and a lot better; you can choose to wear the traditional Rajasthani dress. It will not just add to the authentic vibe of your marriage by being in sync with the destination. You can consult the destination wedding planner in Udaipur who can provide you with the right advice and arrange for the props, dresses, jewellery and all the other necessary items.

5. Best time for a destination wedding in Udaipur

Keeping in mind that Udaipur is situated in Rajasthan, it is obvious that the weather should be favourable so that your destination wedding in Udaipur pans out just how you dreamt it. The city experiences a high temperature from March to mid-July. Once the monsoon hits the city the temperature in the city of lakes dips and becomes quite pleasant. So, anywhere between the months of August to February will be the best time to get your destination wedding in the City of Lakes.

Within the purview of planning your destination wedding in Udaipur, you should also check out Udaipur honeymoon packages available online. May your union be of continual bliss!

October 10, 2019


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