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10 Southeast Asian Countries that You Should Definitely Add to Your Bucket List

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Southeast Asia has always been a highly preferred destination among travellers, especially when it comes to booking honeymoon packages out of India. The serene white sand beaches with turquoise waters, delectable food choices, and rich history and culture of the countries in Southeast Asia are well-known, and some of the top reasons why these countries need to be a part of any traveller’s bucket list. However, what many travellers don’t know is that Southeast Asia is not limited to only the well-known countries that everyone has heard of. It is in fact a treasure trove of experiences waiting across a range of travel destinations that you simply must visit the first chance you get.

Top 10 Countries in Southeast Asia that You Should Visit

All countries of Southeast Asia have a lot to offer, and you will have a great time, regardless of which country you visit. However, each country also has specially curated experiences that you can enjoy. For example, there are some countries that boast the best beaches in Southeast Asia, while some are best known for their rich cultural heritage. So, depending on what you are looking for on your next vacation, here are some of the best places to visit in Southeast Asia that you can consider:

  1. Thailand
  2. Indonesia
  3. Malaysia
  4. Singapore
  5. Vietnam
  6. Philippines
  7. Myanmar
  8. Cambodia
  9. Laos
  10. Brunei


There is no denying the fact that Thailand enjoys a certain reputation among travellers. But you simply cannot let that stop you from visiting and witnessing the epic tropical beauty, ancient temples, deep heritage, and even some of the best islands of Southeast Asia that Thailand boasts of. One of the most affordable countries in Asia, this Southeast Asian destination, also known as ‘The Land of Smiles’ has everything a traveller could ever want – amazing food, vibrant nightlife, picturesque beaches, beautifully peaceful islands, great architecture, ancient sites, shopping opportunities, and much more. Some of the top destinations to visit in Thailand include Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Pha Ngan, Koh Samui, Phuket, Krabi, Ayutthaya, Hua Hin, and many more.


Indonesia, already quite popular because of Bali, is a country that is formed entirely of islands. More than 17,000 islands of Southeast Asia form the Republic of Indonesia, making it the world’s largest archipelagic state. Housing some of the best beaches in Southeast Asia, amazing diving sites in East Java, the many national parks, and Lake Toba of Sumatra are a few examples of the natural wonders that await in Indonesia, while the ancient temples of Prambanan and Borobudur, Minangkabau, Yogyakarta, and Toraja top the charts when it comes to the best culture-rich places to visit in Southeast Asia. Indonesian destinations that you should consider adding to your itinerary include Bali, Jakarta, Ubud, Yogyakarta, the three Gili Islands, Nusa Penida, Komodo Island, Borobudur, Semarang, Dieng Plateau, and many more.



Malaysia, Truly Asia – Of all the southeast Asian countries, Malaysia is one of the most culturally diverse destinations that boasts of myriad ethnicities, festivals, customs, and traditions that beautifully encapsulate the essence of the entire continent. From highlands to islands, and shopping to gastronomic adventures, there’s nothing you won’t find in Malaysia. Whether you want to explore the untamed wilderness or you want to enjoy the trappings of a luxury vacation, this is one of the countries in Southeast Asia where you can enjoy any kind of holiday. Some of the top destinations of Malaysia include Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highland, George Town, Gunung Mulu National Park, Perhentian Islands, Borneo Rainforest, Langkawi, Taman Negara, and many more.


Another of the most diverse countries of Southeast Asia, Singapore’s rich, multi-cultural heritage makes the country quite a rewarding destination for travellers. Home to the tallest indoor waterfall, the world’s first nocturnal zoo, and the largest orchid garden in the world – Singapore has varied experiences on offer for everyone. You can get behind the wheel of a supercar for an ‘Ultimate Drive’ experience, leap off a 154 feet high bungee tower, or ride Asia’s largest observation wheel in Singapore. This is one of those countries in Southeast Asia where the spirit of adventure and discovery will take you on an unforgettable ride! Some of the places that you can visit in Singapore include the Marina Bay Sands, the Merlion, Suntec City, Gardens by the Bay, Kampong, Sentosa Island, Chinatown, Universal Studios, and many more.



One of the best countries of Southeast Asia for a cultural sojourn, replete with an abundance of natural beauty as well as a delectable cuisine, Vietnam is without doubt one of the top places to visit in Southeast Asia. Vietnam is located at the crossroads of multiple civilisations, each of which has left a mark upon the country’s culture, is full of some of the most amazing ancient buildings, and home to awe-inspiring natural wonders that even the horrors of its 20th-century war history could not diminish. Some of the best places in Vietnam that you must visit include Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Long Bay, Da Nang, Phú Quốc, Sa Pa, Hoi An, and many more.


One of the best countries to visit in Southeast Asia is the archipelago, Philippines – the idyllic destination for island getaways and beach holidays. This is one of those countries in Southeast Asia that are blessed in terms of geographical location and are gifted with some of the most beautiful beaches that you will ever come across. In fact, some of the beaches of the Philippines have been consistently named as the best in the world by various travel publications. The best places to visit in the Philippines include Manila, Boracay, Cebu City, El Nido, the Chocolate Hills, Baguio, Coron and many more.


The mysterious mysticism of this Buddhist nation is one of the top reasons why Myanmar has recently become one of the best places to visit in Southeast Asia. The pristine beauty of the natural landscapes of the country paints quite a picture with untouched coral reefs and coastlines, hilly plateaus and towering mountains, vineyards and rice fields, and so much more. Myanmar is one of those countries of Southeast Asia that have only recently entered international tourism and has a lot to offer to visitors, including a rich history and awe-inspiring historical sites, like Bagan, where more than 2000 ancient stupas of the estimated 10,000 ancient temples still remain.


Cambodia is easily one of the most popular countries in Southeast Asia, mostly because of Angkor Wat – the largest religious monument in the world today. However, what you should know is that despite being a small nation, Cambodia has a lot to offer for travellers. The country has an irresistible rustic charm that is sure to mesmerise you as you delve into Cambodia’s rich history, culture, and natural serenity. One of the best places to visit in Southeast Asia, Cambodia boasts of ancient sites, stunning beaches, serene remote islands, amazing natural beauty, and much more.


Next on the list of noteworthy countries in Southeast Asia that you must add to your bucket list is the landlocked country of Laos. Though the country does not have any coastline, it does offer stunning mountains with lush rice paddies and the mighty waters of the Mekong River. Laos is one of the few countries in Southeast Asia that remain mostly untouched and wild, even today. To experience the timeless charm of Laos, make sure you visit Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Vientiane, Kuang Si Waterfall, Plain of Jars, Phousi Hill, Pakse, Si Phan Don, Bolaven Plateau, and more.


One of the lesser-known countries of Southeast Asia, Brunei is no less than a gem that you have to witness to believe. With almost 80% of the country still covered by virgin rainforests, where most land is untouched and in the same condition as it was millennia ago, the serendipity of the Sultanate is hard to match. If Brunei is one of the countries of Southeast Asia that you plan to visit soon, Kampong Ayer, Bandar Seri Begawan, Istana Nurul Iman, Jerudong Park, Tasek Lama Recreational Park, Tasek Merimbun, Ulu Temburong National Park, Pantai Seri Kenangan, etc., are some places you can add to your itinerary.

Countries in Southeast Asia have myriad experiences to offer travellers that you too can indulge in on your next vacation. There is so much to see and so many things to do and so many places to visit that holiday planning can easily overwhelm you. However, why limit your travels, even to the imagination? Book your holiday with Southeast Asia tour packages that match your travel plans and make your way through the entire collection of holiday packages till you have explored and witnessed the best of all the countries in Southeast Asia that beckon to your wanderlust!

July 28, 2023


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