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Best Places to Celebrate Dussehra in India - Ignite Your Festive Spirits this year!

8 mins. read

Dussehra, the festival that marks the defeat of evil by the good. Dussehra is an amalgamation of 'Dasa' and 'Hara' signifying the annihilation of the ten evil heads of Ravana by Lord Rama. This ideology depicts of destroying ten evil emotions and attributes in humans by burning them and marking a new beginning of positive living and goodness. It is interesting how Indian mythology could design festivals that could inspire and bring together the ideas of different aspects which include, beginning of a new harvest season for farmers, the emergence of a new atmosphere and while all that goes on, it asks every individual for an annual transformation and beautiful positive beginning. Dussehra celebration is one festival of dance, cuisine, togetherness and new beginning. With such an exceptional ancient cultural trend of India, witnessing Dussehra celebration in different parts of the nation is looked up as one of the best ideas. Dussehra vacation will bring in the new experiences which will bring new flavours to life, and who knows… entirely new beginnings are waiting for you out there?

Experience the reverberating vibes of the festival running through the nerves of the devotees as the express their gratitude, faith and love towards the Gods. Collectively with so many devotees showering their devoting emotions towards the Gods and the festival, often create an ambience that gives goosebumps to the viewers or visitors. Remember being intrigued by the innovative ways of paying gratitude to the Gods, all dipped in traditions that evolved around India? If you haven’t felt being awestruck and simply stood there being a part of the vibe and the celebration…then now is the time you see the true spirit of India. After all, there is a reason why India is considered so spiritual! If you’re convinced to quickly plan your Dussehra vacation, here are top 6 destinations in India that you must consider to witness some legendary form of Dussehra celebration! We have specifically highlighted the best thing to witness in each of these 6 destinations and live all the flavours of the Dussehra. Try them all in years ahead and plan your favourite kind right away!   


1. Mysore’s 138 years old Mela

Mysore’s 138 years old Mela
Image Courtesy:

Mysore’s state festival, Mysore Dasara is a legacy of 400 years! An extravaganza celebration is lit up for ten nights by decorating the majestic Mysore Palace with exceptional lightings. A cultural celebration of Mysore Dasara continues with music and dance featuring Karnataka’s traditions along with a grand procession lead by the Royals of Mysore and their Royal elephants. Although the star identity of absolute fun part of Mysore Dasara stays the Dasara exhibition. Started in 1880, this grand Mela features local food, handmade art, shopping and joyrides. Experience this unique feature of this festival in this state along with Veena World’s Mysore Dasara package, specially crafted for such festive experiences.


2. Kolkata’s Durga Puja

Kolkata’s Durga Puja
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Featured in many movies, Kolkata’s Durga Puja has become an inseparable identity of the state of West Bengal. This city comes back to life with reverberating chants and colours that will paint colours into every Durga puja tour package. The music and chants of this puja followed by exceptionally delicious cuisine, Kolkata is one of the best places to be during Dussehra framed into Durga puja packages. Explore the festivals truly lively spirits come to life here along with Durga puja holiday packages and live the vibrant culture. Witness Kolkata’s popular imagery of a ceremony of married women dressed up in traditional sarees smearing bright red coloured sindoor on each other, this ceremony is called Sindoor Khela. Enjoy fireworks as they paint the sky and light it up with festive stars along with Durga puja holiday packages.


3. Gujarat’s Garba

Gujarat’s Garba
Image Courtesy:

Dussehra in Gujarat is called Navaratri. It is celebrated with lively spirited people expressing their happiness with the traditional and cultural dance of Gujarat called Garba. People dress up in traditional dresses, play traditional music and dance in their cultural dance form. They enjoy different colour themes and nine nights of enjoyment and Garba party. Experience this trendy culture picked up by many metropolitan cities like Mumbai, in its birthland. Plan your Dussehera trip and experience this cultural retreat!


4. Kullu Manali’s Lord Raghunath

Kullu Manali’s Lord Raghunath
Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

For long, we have heard about the famous duo of Kullu Manali is true to its name ‘The Valley of Gods.’ And when it comes to celebrating the festival of the Lord Raghunath as they call Lord Ram, Kullu Manali Dussehra takes that extra mile. Kullu Dussehra is popular for processions too, but specifically for one addition that makes them stand out completely. Kullu Manali Dussehra procession is also lead by the Royals but the devotees carry the idols of gods and goddesses on their head till the meeting point where there is the main God, Lord Raghunath. The celebration of Kullu Dussehra continues for over seven days and the last day stands important for burning Ravana’s Lanka. This is symbolically done by lighting a pile of wood on fire near Kullu Manali’s star attraction, River Beas. Enjoy the fanfare led by the King of Kullu and witness giant flutes with unique shapes, the local fair featuring authentic art and handicrafts giving the true insight of Kullu Dussehra, all along with loads and loads of dance and music!


5. Delhi’s Ramlila

Delhi’s Ramlila
Image Courtesy:

Delhi’s Dussehra will seem like it is all about the energy! Skies lighting up with firecrackers, to loud cheers of celebration to worshipping Lord Rama, everything at all that is a part of the celebration of Dussehra in Delhi, is loud and expressive. One of such act of expression is the play and a theatrical artistic depiction of the mythological story of Lord Rama’s life. Delhi is known to be the identity of Ramlila shows held in Ramlila Maidan, Red Fort and the Red Fort Lawns. The burning of Ravana is one spectacular event here. Witness the burning of everything negative of human mind and energies lighting up the night sky with a brighter hope and chance for a new life.


6. Varanasi’s Ganga Aarti

Image Courtesy:

Dussehra in Varanasi is an amalgamation of all the different cultural experiences all in one place. Every place’s strong imagery combined here. Experience the Durga Puja like in Kolkata with the spirit of the prominent Bengali community. Enjoy one of the most authentic cultural Ramlila with the spirit of Delhi, near Varanasi’s Ramnagar. It represents a carried forward legacy of a tradition started by King of Kashi. Experience this cultural sojourn along with the very famous Ganga Aarti with the spirit of Durga Puja with Puja special tour packages, specially designed to experience Dussehra like never before.


Dussehra is truly a festival of transformation, a depiction of evolution. Evolution of the mind and it teaches to hope and grow towards goodness every year, by burning everything evil inside and fuelling the good within. Bring more meaning to our Indian traditional celebration, once which were made so thoughtfully. Bring the new trends of travelling as you explore the grandeur of the festivals, and learn what it truly means to celebrate! Like Veena World often portrays when they say travel, explore and celebrate life!



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October 13, 2018


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