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Camping in Kasol - The True-Blue Camper’s Guide

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Located on the banks of the Parvati River, Kasol is a little haven in the Himalayas that speaks directly to a traveller’s soul, leaving them calm and at one with nature. Replete with mesmerising views, amazing weather, and splendid landscapes, a Kasol tour package offers you the perfect respite from day-to-day life. While Kasol is an extremely serene destination where different adventures await you around every corner, if you want to add that off-beat element to your next vacation, you should definitely consider camping in Kasol.

What Camping in Kasol Has to Offer

Kasol is also known as the ‘Amsterdam of India’ and is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Parvati Valley. In Kasol, riverside camping is not just an activity but more of a tradition, as it has been for years now. The thundering Parvati River is one of the biggest attractions in Kasol, and on its banks, you can find a huge number of spots to pitch your tent in Kasol. There are also a number of well-established sites for riverside camping in Kasol, where you can book tents for yourself and your friends.

The Best Camps in Kasol

If you don’t want to stay at one of the hotels in Kasol but are not yet ready to start camping on your own, there are a number of camping sites that offer accommodation and a number of necessary amenities for tourists who want to try staying in a tent in Kasol. However, these campsites generally have limited tent accommodations available, so you need to ensure you make your bookings well in time. Some of the best camps in Kasol that you can consider for your stay include:

Himtrek Riverside Camps, Kasol:

For a surreal experience in Kasol, Himtrek Riverside Camps may be a great option. They offer affordable accommodation in comfortable tents and bonfire and musical nights, spent in the midst of mesmerising backdrops.

Kabila Camp, Kasol:

From alpine and dome tents for budget travellers to luxurious Swiss tents replete with modern amenities, Kabila Camp in Kasol lets you experience camping the way you want. The camp is just a few steps from the Parvati River and also includes a café, barbecue arrangements, and a number of open spaces where you can commune with nature.

Om Himalayan Camp, Kasol:

Located in Chalal, which is quite a short walk from Kasol, the Om Himalayan Camp offers visitors a choice of Swiss Tents with a shared bathroom and of Luxury Swiss Tents that come with the best of amenities, including an attached bathroom. Experience being close to nature without relinquishing modern comfort!

Himalayan River Site Camp, Kasol:

One of the most budget-friendly places to stay in Kasol, the Himalayan River Site Camp is also an option you can consider for your stay. The camp, apart from accommodation, also has barbecue and bonfire arrangements for guests.

Kasol Hills Camps and Cottages:

Another great campsite that promises a great experience, Kasol Hills Camps and Cottages are located in Old Kasol. The campsite is located very close to the market area of Kasol, which makes it easy to visit the nearby cafés and other tourist attractions in the area.

These are just some of the sites that you can choose from. Check out the location of the camps and the amenities being offered. Compare them to the price of camping in Kasol and book the perfect stay for your next vacation.

Pitching Your Own Tent

Kasol Camping 1


A popular destination for trekking and camping, Kasol also offers several opportunities for all-out camping trips where you carry and pitch your own tents and return back to your roots. You will be able to find a huge number of spots for camping on the riverside in Kasol, where you can pitch your tent at an elevated clearing. Just make sure that your tent is upright and that you have a campfire going before darkness falls. Apart from riverside camping in Kasol, you can also trek your way to the nearby destinations, which too promise exemplary experiences for campers. Some of the best destinations for trekking and camping around Kasol include:


This village lies about a 2-km trek away from Kasol and is replete with a lot of natural beauty. You cross the suspended bridge from Kasol over the Parvati River, and trek through the villages, following a trail surrounded by the most charming views. The Chalal village is extremely popular among trekkers and backpackers and offers a rustic mountain village vibe that is incomparable. Camping out, underneath the stars, surrounded by pine forests, is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.


At a height of 2400 m above sea level, located a 9-km trek away from Kasol, Tosh is one of the best places to visit near Kasol. This serene hamlet is surrounded by majestic peaks, and you can see the Tosh, Malana glaciers, Papasura, and White Sail peaks from Tosh. It is also the starting point for many of the most popular treks in the region. With cold temperatures, open skies, and the most beautiful skyline, camping in Tosh makes for memories you’ll keep for a lifetime.

Kalga, Pulga, Tulga

An extremely popular group of places to visit around Kasol, with a sparse population, remote and isolated, these villages are extremely serene and pretty. There are no motorable roads to Kalga, Pulga, and Tulga, and you can only reach them after trekking or hiking, which has a lot to do with why the villages still maintain an old-world charm. Pulga is home to the ‘fairy forest’, a dense deodar forest, Tulga is blessed with the best of natural beauty, and Kalga is the perfect spot for experiencing some tranquillity.


Rasol is a beautiful camping spot that offers some of the very best views of the snow-capped Himalayas. The simple trek to Rasol from Kasol can be quite exhausting, taking you anywhere from 2-4 hours, but is more than worth it. Rasol is surrounded by pine forests and beautiful valleys and is a very popular spot for camping around Kasol.


Lying at the extreme end of Parvati Valley, Kheeranga is the last inhabited village on the Pin Parvati Pass Trek. The village has beautiful forests with tall pine trees, alpine meadows, a hot water spring, and a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Tips for Camping in Kasol for First-Timers

Camp Kasol

 Don’t pitch a tent under a tree: It may seem like a cosy and sheltered idea to pitch a tent under a tree but in the morning, your tent will become a nightmare to pack, what with sap making the material sticky, with leaves, flies, and dirt getting stuck on it without prejudice.

Don’t go for a budget sleeping bag: One cannot emphasise enough on the importance of a good night’s sleep, especially when you’re roughing it out in the outdoors. A cheap sleeping bag generally won’t be that soft to sleep in, nor will it provide enough warmth for a comfortable night in the wilderness. Kasol is a hill town, which means that even in the summers, you can expect some cool nights and a good sleeping bag will seem like a boon.

Practice: It would be a good idea if the first time you set up your tent, it’s not when you’ve reached a secluded spot where help may be a bit difficult. Make sure you practice how to set up your tent, build a fire, cook something on the fire, etc., before you actually head out on your adventure.

Gearing Up: Choose the right backpack on the basis of how long your trek is and based on your own capacity to carry it.

Don’t Forget the Cash: There are not many ATMs in Kasol, so you need to ensure that you have enough cash with you when you go camping in Kasol. However, make sure you take the basic necessary precautions like not keeping all cash in a single place.

The River: The Parvati River is a breath-taking sight but you need to be a little careful around it. When the dam gates are released, the waters get pretty high, pretty fast, so you need to be aware of the same and camp in a safe spot. You should also not wade into the river as the current is quite strong.

February 10, 2022


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