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Bhagsu Waterfall: A Complete Guide

9 mins. read

Near the famous Bhagsunag Temple for Lord Shiva, there is a beautiful waterfall called Bhagsu Falls in Mdleodganj, Dharamshala. Exploring this waterfall is one of the most fun places to visit in Dharamshala. It is famous as a nice place for picnics but it is also an important religious place that people go to.  The 20-meter tall waterfall looks like heaven on earth during the rainy monsoon season. The rushing water pouring down is an amazing sight. There are many eateries near the waterfall where you can get tasty food to enjoy during your visit. If you want to make your trip to the waterfall even more exciting, you can choose to hike through the pretty scenery to get there. Make sure to bring your camera to take beautiful pictures of the lovely natural surroundings. The Bhagsu Waterfall offers something for everyone - a scenic spot, an important pilgrimage site, and a chance for an outdoor adventure. We have curated this blog post as your ultimate travel guide to make the most out of Bhagsu Waterfall.

Bhagsu Waterfall - Location, Timings, and Entry Fee

The Bhagsu Waterfall is located near the main market area in Mcleodganj, Dharamshala which makes it easy to locate. You don't need to pay any entry fee to visit the Bhagsu Waterfall - it is completely free for everyone. The waterfall is open every single day of the year. The timings of Bhagsu Waterfall is from 7 am to 9 pm. No matter when you want to go, you can visit during this large window of operating hours.

Best Time To Visit Bhagsu Waterfall

The best time to visit Bhagsu Waterfall is during the summer season (March to June). The warm summer weather is perfect for seeing the waterfall and even taking a refreshing dip in the water. With clear skies, you'll be able to fully enjoy and explore this beautiful natural spot. You should avoid going to the waterfall during the rainy monsoon season (July to September). This area gets very heavy rainfall which could ruin your plans and make it difficult to have an enjoyable visit. The winters are also not a good time, as it gets extremely cold, which would prevent you from being able to experience everything the waterfall has to offer. However, the months of October and November will be ideal to visit Bhagsu Waterfall.

For the best possible experience, you'll want to plan your trip to Bhagsu Waterfall when the weather is pleasant in the summer months or in October - November. The comfortable temperatures and sunny skies will allow you to see the spectacular views and take advantage of all the activities available like hiking and swimming. Time your visit to get the most out of your day at this amazing waterfall.

How To Reach Bhagsu Waterfall

It is easy to get to Bhagsu Waterfall whether you are coming from Mcleodganj or Dharamshala. The waterfall is located right on the way between these two places. If you are starting in Mcleodganj, the waterfall is just 2 kilometres away from the main market area in Bhagsunag village. And if you are coming from Dharamshala, it is 3 kilometres away. The waterfall is very close to the Bhagsunath Temple. You can simply walk there from the temple, it's not far at all. If you are going with children or elderly people, you may want to take a rickshaw or taxi to the waterfall instead of walking. This will make the trip easier and more comfortable. No matter where you start, Mcleodganj or Dharamshala, getting to Bhagsu Waterfall does not require much travel. Just a short drive or walk is all it takes to enjoy this beautiful natural attraction.

Things To Do in Bhagsu Waterfall

Bhagsunag Temple

Before visiting the waterfall itself, stop at the Bhagsunag Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This Hindu temple is why many pilgrims visit the area. You'll need to remove your shoes before entering. It's a small white temple with a bell at the front that visitors ring. Inside you'll see offerings left for Shiva and smell incense burning. You can walk around, see the idols and relics, and sit on the veranda to rest. It's a peaceful place and donations are welcome.

Visit Bagsu Waterfall

The main attraction is the incredible Bhagsu Waterfall itself! It stands 30 feet tall and is located 6,960 meters above sea level. You could easily spend all day exploring the different waterfalls, caves, hills, and clear pools of water. Once you pass the temple, there is an easy path that leads right up to the top of the falls. They even have safety barriers along the way. The path gets crowded with people walking in both directions but there is enough space for everyone.

Immerse in the Swimming Pool

When you finally reach the top, you'll see a beautiful pool where the waterfall falls down. Especially on hot days, it looks so refreshing and inviting to take a swim! The cool water is perfect for cooling off after hiking. Between the scenic temple and amazing waterfall with a swimming pool, there is so much to see and do here. Just be prepared for crowds as it is a popular spot.

Nearby Eateries

There are several great places to eat near Bhagsu Waterfall before or after visiting the waterfall.

Labooze Cafe Bar Lounge

One popular spot is Labooze Cafe Bar Lounge. This pub has a bright red exterior that catches your eye. Inside, the atmosphere is welcoming with good food and decor. Best of all, it is affordable so you can eat well without spending too much money.

Trek and Dine

Another restaurant option is Trek and Dine. They are open early at 6:30 am serving breakfast items as well as meals throughout the day. You can find Indian, Mediterranean, and Asian cuisine on their diverse menu. Whether you want a hearty breakfast before hiking or a filling dinner afterwards, they have you covered.

Morgan's Place

If you are craving Italian food or pizza, check out Morgan's Place. They specialize in authentic Italian dishes in a natural setting surrounded by beautiful scenery. Enjoying a hot pizza while taking in the views makes for a memorable dining experience.

Crepe Pancake Hut

For a lighter snack or refreshing beverage, stop by Crepe Pancake Hut. You can refresh with a coffee, tea, or something from their healthy, vegetarian menu of crepes and pancakes. It's the perfect pick-me-up after exploring Bhagsu Falls.

No matter what type of food or atmosphere you prefer, you'll find plenty of excellent eateries conveniently located near the waterfall.

Traveller Tips

Before visiting Bhagsu Falls, there are some important tips to keep in mind: -

  • Wear proper shoes with good traction: The path from the Bhagsunath Temple to the waterfall has rough terrain that requires comfortable and sturdy walking shoes.
  • Bring warm layers: The area can get chilly, especially if it rains, so pack a jacket or sweater.
  • Watch your step carefully: The ground near the falls is often slippery when wet so walk cautiously to avoid falls or injuries.
  • Keep kids close: With all the amazing scenery, it's easy for children to wander. Hold their hands and keep them in sight at all times.
  • Carry basic medicines: Just in case anyone gets a minor illness like a cold or fever, have some basic medication with you.
  • Don't forget your camera: The waterfall and surroundings offer countless breathtaking views you'll want to capture.

Following these simple tips will help ensure you have a safe, comfortable and incredibly memorable experience at Bhagsu Falls. It is important to plan your trip to avoid last-minute hassle. Browse our Dharamshala tour packages and book one in advance to enjoy your trip to the fullest!

June 06, 2024


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