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Best Tourist Places to Visit in Arunachal Pradesh

9 mins. read

Cover Photo by Soumyajit Dash

Arunachal Pradesh is not the first place that comes to mind when someone is planning a vacation. Yet, tucked nicely between Myanmar, Tibet, and Bhutan, Arunachal Pradesh is one of the best places to visit in India. Its natural beauty takes the breath away and makes every second spent there worthwhile. A trip to the northeast of India will show you there’s a lot more than meets the eye. There are numerous fantastic places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh that you will never want to return from. If you are planning a visit to this beautiful state on the north-east side of India, here the best tourist places that you must visit: -

Nurunang Falls

Nurunang Falls is one of the best places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh. Also known as Bong Bong Falls, it is located at the height of 6000 feet where the water falls from the height of 100 metres. Although it is one of the places in Arunachal Pradesh that you must visit, it’s not the most popular of places. Tranquil all around, you can sit here for hours at a time and enjoy the peace induced by the sound of water falling. From sunrise to sunset, you can enjoy an entire day here and never want to return to your hotel. You will also have no hassle visiting it because regular buses run from Tawang to Nurunang falls.

Ziro Valley

Ziro Valley is one of the most famous tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh. The valley is known for its scenic beauty and houses many tourist spots in Arunachal Pradesh, including Siddeshwarnath Temple which has a shiv linga that was discovered roughly a decade ago, Talley Valley wildlife, and Hapoli – the centre of all activities in Ziro Valley. The valley is filled with lush green paddy fields and is home to Apatani Tribe. Those who like trying local dishes will find themselves developing a taste for bamboo chicken. The local food here is unlike anything you’ve tasted before; it is delicious in its own distinct way. One of the key attractions of Ziro Valley is the Ziro Music Festival, an annual music festival organised in September that is best experienced under the open sky.


This is one of those places in Arunachal Pradesh that you cannot afford to miss out on. Tezu is the hotspot of tourism in the state and everyone who travels to Arunachal Pradesh is sure to pay a visit here. Located amidst the Mishmi Hills, it houses several tourist attractions like a wildlife sanctuary, quaint villages, botanical gardens, and a museum. But the one place in Tezu that attracts the most tourists is Glow Lake. It’s a photogenic lake sitting against the massive and beautiful snowcapped mountains. Here, you will find the right balance between nature and culture. This lake is located in the Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh. No travel to Arunachal Pradesh is completed without visiting Tezu.


If you want to visit a place in Arunachal Pradesh that’s lets you spend some time by yourself amidst nature, Bomdila should be a definite inclusion in your itinerary. It’s a quaint town in West Kameng with a unique culture and traditions. Here, you can enjoy the ever-elegant snowcapped mountains, apple orchards, and a gleamingly green valley. In Bomdila, you can visit the Sissa Orchid Sanctuary, Bomdila Monastery, and Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary. The wildlife, culture, and traditions of this town will welcome you with both arms wide open. Of all the places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh, this is truly a must-visit one.

Sela Pass

This is a mountain pass located at an elevation of 13,700 feet. If you haven’t visited a place that has snow throughout the year, Sela Pass is the best place to visit in Arunachal Pradesh to do so. Since it is a pass, you can catch glimpses of natural beauty while you’re travelling through the area. You can even stop and get out of your car to cherish the true beauty of this place. Forever-snow-clad, this place will leave you spellbound. The pass also has a tourist attraction in the form of Sela Lake, also known as Paradise Lake. Sela Pass is sacred to the Buddhists and it is believed that there are 101 lakes around the pass.


Over the years, Pasighat has earned itself the name “Gateway to Arunachal” for all the right reasons. This is the oldest town in Arunachal Pradesh that was founded in 1911. When you are looking for tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh where you can enjoy the local culture and be right at the centre of it, Pasighat is the place to start with. With places like Kekar Moying, Pasigha Buddhist Temple, Pangin, and Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, each second spent here will be unforgettable. It’s located in the East Siang of Arunachal Pradesh and is considered to be the ideal place to start your state tour.


The capital of Arunachal Pradesh doesn’t just house government offices; it’s also the cultural centre of the entire state. That fact alone makes it a must-include in your Arunachal Pradesh tour package. The city is known for its enjoyable and lively festivals, rich flora and fauna, and many educational sites. The Jawahar Lala State Museum showcases the beautiful diversity of cultures that Arunachal Pradesh is known for. The most important historical site of Itanagar is Ita Fort. The name means “Fort of Bricks” and it was built somewhere between the 14th and 15th century by the kings of the Chutia dynasty. It is one of the earliest forts built in Itanagar and among the ones that are still surviving. Many of the archaeological finds from the fort are showcased in the Jawahar Lal Museum.

Bumla Pass

The tourism of Arunachal Pradesh is well-embellished by the Bumla Pass. This is a high-altitude pass located at the elevation of 15,200 feet along the Indo-China border. You will find a thick blanket of snow throughout the year. India and China have a total of four Border Personnel Meeting (BPM) points. Bumla Pass is one of them. Another site to behold in the pass is the Sangestar Tso. It’s a high-altitude lake that you will love to sit and observe all day long.

Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary

Also known as Pakke Tiger Reserve, it’s the ultimate place to visit in Arunachal Pradesh if you a fan of wildlife. The wildlife park is situated on the foothills of the Himalayas in the East Kameng district and it spans over an area of 862 sq. km. It was declared a tiger reserve in 2002 because of its tiger population. The wildlife sanctuary is home to nearly 40 mammal species, including big cats like clouded leopards, leopards, and tigers. You will also find barking deers, jackals, and elephants here. If you are also a fan of birdwatching, there are numerous exotic resident and migratory birds. Along with all of this, you can also enjoy nature walks and tribal programs.

Golden Pagoda

For those who want to observe the Buddhist culture from a close distance, Golden Pagoda in Namsai is one of the places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh. It is the most prominent religious place in the state that beautifully showcases the beauty of Burmese architecture – it is breathtaking and has an innate calmness in the air that will bring peace to your soul. The temple is located over an area of 20 hectares on a plateau. It cuts you off from the blaring noise of the city. Spend an entire day here and you won’t realise where it went by.

Arunachal Pradesh is one of those states that are simply beautiful. Whether you stay here for a day, a week, or a month, your time here will pass by in a jiffy and you won’t even know. What you should know for sure is that you will be returning home with a bag full of memories that you will cherish for a long time to come.

May 04, 2021


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