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Experience the Magic of Spain: The Best Time to Visit

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With its vibrant culture, captivating flamenco dances, incredible food and wine, Spain is an unparalleled travel destination that attracts millions of visitors every year. If you're planning a trip to the land of tapas and wondering when the optimal time to visit is, this blog outlines the best time to visit Spain based on weather, tourist crowds, costs, and major events. The good news is that Spain is a fantastic place to visit year-round. But it still helps to understand the differences in weather, how busy it gets with tourists during peak seasons when Spanish holidays and festivals are happening, and when you can get better deals on flights and hotels.

Use this information to choose the best time to go to Spain that matches your interests, budget and tolerance for crowds or heat. With such diversity across Spain, an outstanding vacation awaits no matter when you choose to visit.

Best Time/ Season To Visit Spain

Generally, a good time to visit Spain is during the spring and fall seasons. You'll enjoy pleasant weather across most of the country, fewer tourists than in the packed summer months, and a diverse range of activities to choose from both outdoors and in the cities. While temperatures fluctuate by season, the differences are less extreme than in other European destinations. The weather also depends on the region - northern Spain tends to be cooler and rainier than southern areas like Andalusia. After all, knowing the good time & season to visit Spain is crucial for a great experience. The Canary Islands off the Atlantic coast enjoy pleasant weather year-round. But for mild temperatures, smaller crowds, lower rates, and substantial sightseeing, culture, food and entertainment options, your best bet is planning a trip in either spring or fall.

Summer season

The summer months of July and August attract the most visitors to Spain annually. As such, these months are considered peak tourist season. Travellers planning trips during this busy time should book accommodations, transportation, and tickets for major attractions well in advance to secure availability. If crowds are not your concern, summer can be the best time to visit Spain for vacation.

Spring season

Spain's spring (March to May) and autumn (September to December) seasons are considered the shoulder tourism periods, right before and after the packed summer months. Recently, these shoulder seasons have seen a surge in visitors themselves. Many travellers believe spring and fall actually offer the best time to visit Spain, providing pleasant weather paired with fewer tourists than the summer peak.

There are several major Spanish cultural festivals that happen in the spring and fall. These festivities draw crowds interested in these legendary celebrations, making it the best time to travel to Spain. The autumn months host the Running of the Bulls and La Tomatina, Spain's famous tomato-throwing festival. Those looking for the best experience without summer crowds or rates increasingly view spring and autumn as the best way to soak up Spain's vibrant culture, cuisine, and atmosphere.

Winter season

The months of January and February are considered Spain's low tourist season. These months are the best to go to Spain for a chilly holiday. With the holidays over and winter's cold weather and limited daylight in full effect, visitor numbers hit their nadir during these months. For budget-minded travellers who don't mind bundling up against chillier temperatures, late winter offers the most affordable time to visit Spain. For snow sports enthusiasts, heading to ski resorts in northern Spain can be the best season to visit Spain in wintertime.

Top Places to Visit in Spain

The best places to visit in Spain include: -

  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Granada
  • Valencia
  • San Sebastian
  • Seville



Madrid is one of the best places to visit in Spain. It offers a lively urban energy as Spain's spirited capital city, blending storied history and culture with contemporary arts, entertainment, dining and nightlife scenes. Lively plazas, stunning royal palaces and world-class museums sit alongside tapas trails showcasing Spain's renowned cuisine and bars that buzz into the late hours. This cosmopolitan metropolis celebrates life through art, food and connections - visitors quickly sense Madrid's passion. A good time to visit Madrid, Spain, is spring and fall, making May-June or September-October ideal for discovering Madrid's walkable attractions.


Barcelona is an alluring destination thanks to stunning architecture like the one-of-a-kind buildings of Gaudi, an unparalleled food scene of tapas and paella, vibrant arts and nightlife, the gorgeous beaches along its coastline, and a mild Mediterranean climate that enjoys plenty of sunshine. There are numerous reasons it appeals to a wide range of travellers. If you plan to visit Barcelona, Spain, the best time to go is spring months like April through June, when the weather feels quite pleasant in the 60s to 70s Fahrenheit range, and flowers are still in bloom from festivals across the city.


Granada conjures images of Andalusian charm with its Arabic-influenced architecture, myriad tapas bars, traditional neighbourhood quarters, and the awe-inspiring palace and fortress complex known as the Alhambra. This Mooric legacy, built high atop a hill overlooking the entire city, remains Spain's most visited attraction. Beyond the Alhambra's intricately decorated walls and tranquil gardens, Granada provides a gateway to Spain's Moorish past with Moroccan-style té rooms, North African spices woven into cuisine, and a more exotic vibe than much of the country. The best time to go to Granada, Spain, depends on your priorities - Spring (mid-March-May) offers pleasant weather for strolling streets blooming with flowers without extreme summer crowds at the Alhambra.


Valencia beckons visitors eager to soak in vibrant Spanish culture with a little more flair. Valencians celebrate community from Las Fallas spring festival bonfires to summer beachside nightlife to outdoor terraces constantly alive with social chatter and laidback lounging. The best months to visit Spain are mid-June and September-October; balance lighter crowds with temperatures in the 60s-80s Fahrenheit for long walking days. For Food fans Valencia, Spain's best time to visit, is March for Valencia Restaurant Week culinary events or Las Fallas fireworks in mid-March.

San Sebastian

With its sweeping golden beaches, glittering promenades, and world-class culinary scene, San Sebastian entices visitors to soak in its coastal elegance and Basque Country charms. Located on the Bay of Biscay in northern Spain, it serves up Michelin-starred restaurants, local pintxo taverns, charming old town architecture, resort stretching coastlines, and vibrant festivals like the Jazz Festival each July.

Late spring through early fall is the best season to visit San Sebastian, Spain, with the most pleasant weather, though late September is arguably the best time to go to San Sebastian, Spain. No matter what, when visiting with the picture-perfect coastline as its backdrop, San Sebastian invites endless inspiration in Northern Spain’s seaside paradise.



From its ornate Moorish palace and mediaeval Gothic cathedral to lively flamenco bars and traditional neighbourhoods awash in flowers, Seville encapsulates Andalusian romance. As the capital of Spain’s southern region, it celebrates a rich history of blended cultures through architecture fusing Roman, Arabic and Christian influences seen across golden-hued buildings while locals exhibit passion through song, dance and food.

When visiting this charismatic city depends on your trip plans. The best time to go to Seville, Spain, is Spring (March-May) which promises pleasant weather ideal for leisurely wanders amongst street festivals and blooming sights minus intense summer heat. Late fall after the August high season offers cultural events and still warm temps for sightseeing without crowds. For friends making a trip or solo travellers around March-May and September-November, help you deeply connect with Seville’s spirit before other visitors flood the city.

Hope this blog helps you decide the best time to visit Spain per your interests and preferences. Booking a comprehensive holiday package in Spanish cities is the best way to explore/experience all the iconic attractions and hidden neighbourhood gems.

November 25, 2023


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