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Best Beaches in Bali Indonesia

7 mins. read

Recognized as Island of the Gods, Bali is the hottest tourist attraction on the Indonesian archipelago with its verdant rice terraces, glistening sandy beaches, rugged coastlines, colossal mountains, and barren volcanic hillsides. Popularly known as “paradise on earth” owing to all its beauty, Bali also has a culture that is unique, rich, deeply spiritual, and one that goes back centuries in time.

Bali has been attracting tourists and travellers from near and far for years now, thanks to the allure of its tropical life. The many beaches in Bali have been one of the prime factors accentuating this lifestyle for both the locals and visitors. Brimming with a mix of palm-studded seaside hangouts, sunset cocktails, and an unending list of water sports, the beaches in Bali are peerless. If you plan to visit Bali, these postcard-perfect sandy coves are a must in your itinerary.  Book your Bali vacations from India here.

Although Bali has numerous beaches, we have pinpointed the most popular ones in this piece. Here’s your list of the best beaches in Bali, Indonesia that you must visit to witness the bliss of the touristy kind: -

Jimbaran Bay

Lying in South Kuta, Jimbaran beach features stretches of white, soft sand that extends for full 3 kilometres, adding to the gorgeous scenery of this place. On visiting this beach early in the morning, you will come across fishermen returning from the sea with fresh catches to be sold in the bustling markets. However, upon getting to this beach during sunset, you will find it dotted with beachfront barbecues, cooking up the day’s catch. Serving as the island seafood hub, Jimbaran beach is the perfect spot to head to for a romantic dinner, and what’s best is that you will get to choose your treats from a teeming display here. Does it stake its claim as one of the best beaches in Bali? You bet!

Seminyak Beach

A 5-kilometre stretch of white sand, starting from the outskirts of Kuta sprawling all the way up to Canggu, Seminyak Beach is where you can catch up with all the oceanfront action. One of the best beaches in Bali, Seminyak is dotted with globally popular beach clubs, five-star hotels, restaurants, and beach bars.  You can soak up some sun on a plush sunbed, or go for a few rounds of Ibiza-style sundowners at La Plancha or learn to surf on the waves, when here.

White Sand Beach

Known locally as Pasir Putih, the White Sand Beach is located to the East coast of Bali, about 9 kilometres northeast to the resort town of Candidasa. Featuring soft white sand, colourful reefs and turquoise waters that contrast dramatically with their volcanic black sand neighbours, the White Sand Beach is where those with a fondness for off-beaten and remote paths should head to. The calm and clear waters here make the White Sand Beach a fine spot for swimming. There are local seafood stalls lined up the beach that you can visit post that.

Sanur Beach

One of the best family-friendly beaches in Bali, Indonesia, Sanur Beach is popular for its 5 kilometre-long coastal promenade and laid-back outdoor activities. Taking the ocean path curving past beachfront cafes and resorts, you will come across vibrant wooden fishing boats and a few old but elegant villas built by wealthy expats.

Although the mild waves at this beach may not suit surfers, you can take to diving and observe the exotic coastal fauna here. Popular for its spectacular sunrises, Sanur Beach is best visited in the morning.

Know more about the Best Beach Resorts in Bali.

Nusa Dua Beach

What was once a swampy mangrove is now one of the most luxurious beaches with a 14-kilometre stretch of light golden sand. Bordering the coastline of Nusa Dua’s resort area, this beach is fringed by five-star hotels and manicured lawns that are aesthetically sheltered by palm trees. Featuring clean beaches and calm waters, Nusa Dua is another family-friendly beach in Bali. Here, you can walk amongst the mighty palm groves, lie around sunbathing or have some fun activity in the water. Nusa Dua also happens to be one of the best beaches in Bali for swimming and snorkelling.

Balian Beach

Infamous as the surfers’ paradise, the Balian beach is where the cool, young crowd heads to on the island. Attracting tourists with its picture-worthy knolls and dunes, thrashing surf and chic boho bars and cafes, Balian beach has an incontestable charm about it. Whether you are up to brave the mighty waves or simply take a stroll along the expansive black sandy beach with a local beer in hand; you can do them both when here. Being the west-facing beach that it is, Balian is also where you can catch a breath-taking sunset.

Balangan Beach

Located on the Bukit Peninsula in the southern part of Bali, Balangan Beach is another great option for the surfers to consider. The high tide waters at this beach are suitable for both beginners and seasoned surfers. Balangan beach is also ideal for those looking for a laid-back beach experience. Devoid of tourist beach clubs, this beach is where you can enjoy sunbathing at one of the loungers, or even go around trying home-cooked Indonesian food along with chilled Bintangs.

Suluban Beach

One of the best beaches in Bali to stay for those looking for something exceptional, Suluban beach is a hidden treasure on the island. Set against the backdrop of stunningly impressive cliffs, the water here is a beautiful turquoise in colour. Suluban is also where the busy and famous Single Fin bar is located, and where the world-popular Uluwatu surf break can be accessed. Walking down the steps at Uluwatu, you will reach the cave beach wherein you can escape for a secret swim.

Padang Padang Beach

Small in size and shielded by rocks, Padang Padang Beach is more like a cove of white sand. Located only 10 minutes north of Uluwatu, this beach is just the spot for you if you love glorious sunrises. Visiting this beach early in the morning, you will get to take in its dazzling beauty made of light white bay outlined by dramatic rock formations and outstanding waves.

Padang Padang in Bali is also popular for being filmed in the Julia Robert starrer “Eat Pray Love”.


Now that we have covered some of the best beaches in Bali for you, it is time to pack in your sarong (or tropical shirt for that matter), swimwear and sunscreen, and create your beach playlist. Get ready to tick them off your list for the ultimate island escapades in Bali await.

June 04, 2019


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