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8 Beaches in Alibaug for a Delightful Coastal Vacation

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Don’t you ever just want to live life to the fullest while enjoying the expansive seas, cool sea breeze, the sight and sound of gentle sea waves and the uncluttered coastline leading up to beautiful sights? If you answered yes, then it is safe to say that you are in need of a beach vacation. And what better destination to curb your thirst for tranquil beaches then Alibaug on the Konkan coastline in Maharashtra. This coastal town near Mumbai is a popular destination for tourists due to a myriad of reasons, the most important of them being the beautiful beaches in Alibaug. So, if you are searching for some off the track places to visit in Maharashtra, then pack up and get ready to witness nature in its natural flow by visiting the pristine beaches in Alibaug.

Alibaug has been known for catering to budding tourists for attractions that include temples and forts, but the beaches in Alibaug have a following of their own. A laidback town situated on the coastline of the Arabian Sea bordered by the Konkan plateau, beaches in Alibaug still offer clean coastlines and unspoiled beauty as a majority of the tourists have yet not explored the town. With a panoramic view of the clear blue sky, sparkling water and the historical ruinous forts and churches standing off the coastline, beaches near Alibaug are truly mesmerising. Owing to their unexplored beauty and serene surroundings, beaches in Alibaug are also considered some of the best honeymoon places in Maharashtra.

Explore Beaches in Alibaug

If you are looking for an escape from the busy city life, or just wish to admire the scenic views, Alibaug has some of the best beaches in India. It is blessed with lush plantations of jackfruits, coconuts, mangoes, and other vegetables and fruits common to coastal regions. The popular weekend spot for people living in nearby cities of Mumbai and Pune, Alibaug lets you stroll along the windy coastline laced with beautiful golden sand and with a tranquil setting in the backdrop. Apart from witnessing the spectacular sunsets and sunrises, one can also enjoy adventure water sports on the beaches in Alibaug such as scuba diving, snorkelling, and much more.

Best Beaches in Alibaug for an Enchanting Vacation

Here are some of the best destinations to experience the cool sea breeze on the beaches in Alibaug.

1. Nagaon Beach

Nagaon Beach in Alibaug is arguably one of the most pristine beaches in Alibaug, famous for its clean and uncluttered sands and surf. If your plan is to relax on the shore while soaking up the sun and enjoying a few hours of solitude, then this beach is perfect for you. You can also take part in water sports or witness the enchanting sunsets from here. The undeterred coastline as well as close proximity to other beaches also make Nagaon Beach in Alibaug a great place for your next beach vacation.

2. Kashid Beach

Kashid Beach in Alibaug is one of those unexplored and unspoiled beaches which not a lot of people know about. It is located roughly 30 Km from Alibaug and offers visitors the colourful collage of deep blue waters of the sea, the lush green canopy on the shore and the white sand extending to the rocky hills on either side. It has a 3 Km long coastline between two sturdy rocky hills on either side, and witnesses stunning waves of great proportions which are perfect for a variety of water sports. One of the major reasons visitors remember Kashid Beach in Alibaug is its untouched beauty, something that you have to see to admire.

3. Kihim Beach

Kihim Beach in Alibaug is one of the few rocky beaches and is more often than not flocked by tourists from all over the country. Located just 12 km from Alibaug and Mandawa beaches, Kihim is easy to reach and delights visitors with its rocky surf. A great many visitors and bird watchers visit this beach to get a glance at the healthy inflow of migratory birds due to the dense cover of trees and forests, and the tropical climatic conditions. A tent holiday on the shores of Kihim is an increasingly growing activity and is highly recommended if you want to experience a very different kind of beach holiday.

4. Varsoli Beach

Varsoli Beach in Alibaug is a serene and quiet beach located near the heart of the city. It is a popular destination among the vesting tourists for its ample natural beauty, clean shores, pristine waters, calm environment as well as thrilling water activities. It has its shoreline marked with casuarina, suru, and palm trees as well as rocky stones up to a few meters, adding to the charm of the beach. Varsoli is one of the best beaches in Alibaug for solo travellers. You will find a lot of comfortable cottages and resorts at this beach which offers splendid low-budget stays and healthy food. The beach also serves as the Indian Army’s naval base and makes for a memorable vacation.

5. Mandwa Beach

Located 18 Km from the city centre lies one of the famous beaches in Alibaug, the Mandwa Beach. Mandwa is a popular weekend beach destination from Mumbai city and is easily accessible via direct ferry services. The beach offers spectacular views of the hillock covered with a green canopy just beyond the beach on one side and the vast expanse of blue waters on the other. The beach is most famous for its many bungalows and holiday homes that famous celebrities own. You will find various street food shacks and stalls here as well as water sport activities for a great beach experience.

6. Murud Beach

One of the truly unspoiled beaches in Alibaug, and least visited by budding tourists, is the Murud Beach located along the coast of Rajapuri. A serene and peaceful retreat, Murud Beach is highly preferred by the small number of visitors that make it here for sunbathing, surfing, swimming and relaxing under the casuarina trees. The seafloor is smooth and safe to play in and at the same time perfect for activities such as paragliding and para-sailing. You can also take a short ferry ride to the fort of Murud-Zanjira, which has remained unconquered despite repeated attempts by the Dutch, Britishers, Maratha and other armies. Murud Beach also offers beautiful stays near the beach in Alibaug.

7. Rewas Beach

Located 23 Km from Alibaug city centre lies another pristine beach named Rewas Beach. Alibaug’s  Rewas Beach is a unique arch-shaped beach that witnesses low footfall and holds strategic importance for the Rewas Jetty that facilitates the Mumbai Launch service. The pleasant weather conditions and the absence of hustle and bustle make it a great choice for family vacations, filled with fun activities, relaxing time and admiring nature’s true beauty. During monsoon, the vegetation around each livens up making it a great sight for photographers and one of the best beaches in Alibaug.

8. Akshi Beach

A popular weekend destination with close proximity to the cities of Mumbai and Pune, Akshi Beach is one of the most well-preserved beaches in Alibaug. The beach is located nearly 5 Km from Alibaug beach and is best known for its rejuvenating atmosphere and fun vibes throughout the year. The beach’s clean surroundings even attract several migratory birds here from around the world, and bird watchers and photographers who visit the beach to get a glimpse. The laid-back nature of the beach allows visitors to unwind, relax and get in touch with the nature around them. You can also check in with one of the many cosy beach cottages and homestays here, absorb the natural serenity and wake up to the gentle sounds of the winds and waves.

Best Time to Visit Alibaug

The best time to visit the enchanting beaches near Alibaug is during the months of November to March. The climate during these months is dry and cold, which lets tourists make the most of their beach vacation and the several water sports available there. The monsoon season in Alibaug starts in June and continues till September, usually marking the off-season. Heavy downpour, soaked earth and cool breeze surround the coastal town, adding to its charm. Even though the summer season experiences very high-temperature days, it doesn’t see any decline in the number of tourists from Mumbai and Pune who like to flock to the town to spend their summer holidays.

Beaches in Alibaug certainly do justice in relaxing the weary mind and fatigued body and rejuvenating your senses after a fun-filled coastal vacation. Alibaug is fit for a visit with friends, family and colleagues, and simply casts a magical spell on you to return again later. Check out the list of Maharashtra tour packages from Veena World and book your dream beach vacation in Alibaug now.

October 03, 2021


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