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8 Places To Visit in Daman: Your Ultimate Guide

10 mins. read

Daman is a beautiful city on India's western coast. Its lovely beaches, historical sites, impressive buildings, and stunning natural scenery make it one of the best places to visit near Mumbai. With so many great places to visit in this small city, it can be hard to decide where to go. This list highlights the 8 best places to visit in Daman. These places showcase the city's culture, art, and architecture in the best possible way. Whether you love natural beauty, history, or architecture, Daman has something to offer every traveller.

8 Best Places to Visit Daman

Take a look at these top places to visit in Daman and choose the ones you like best for your vacation this year. The beauty of these places will definitely not disappoint you!

  • Moti Daman Fort
  • Church Of Our Lady Of Sea
  • Jampore Beach
  • Devka Amusement Park
  • Daman Ganga Tourist Complex
  • Lighthouse
  • Dominican Monastery
  • Jain Temple

Moti Daman Fort

The Moti Daman Fort is one of the most popular historical monuments to visit in Daman. It was built by the Portuguese towards the end of the 1500s. Although the fort is now quite old and worn down, needing restoration, it remains one of the best places to see in Daman because of its colonial Portuguese architecture. The massive fort has huge walls, 10 large defensive bastions, two main gateways, and an Iberian-style church inside. Stepping inside feels like travelling back in time to Daman's Portuguese colonial era. The fort is located in the Moti Daman area of the city. To get there, you can take a bus or taxi. Plan to spend 1-2 hours exploring the historic fort grounds and soaking in its old-world ambience. While ageing, the Moti Daman Fort offers a glimpse into Daman's rich cultural heritage through its impressive colonial Portuguese design and architecture. It's a must-visit for history lovers.

Church Of Our Lady Of Sea

The Church of Our Lady of Sea is considered one of the most sacred and best places to visit in Daman. This holy church is located inside the St. Jerome Fort and is known for its beautiful architecture and a huge statue of St. Jerome. After admiring the church's exquisite design, visitors can spend some peaceful time by the nearby Daman Ganga River, enjoying the serene natural surroundings. To get there, simply take a cab from Daman city centre to Dhamatne in the Nani Daman area where the church is located. Plan for about 30 minutes to explore the church grounds.

What makes this attraction so special is its religious significance combined with impressive architecture that showcases the region's history. It's a famous tourist spot that allows you to experience Daman's sacred sites while appreciating their aesthetic beauty. Whether for spiritual reasons or architectural interest, the Church of Our Lady of Sea offers a unique glimpse into Daman's cultural and religious heritage in a stunning setting.

Jampore Beach

Tired of the same old beaches in Goa? Plan a trip to the charming city of Daman instead, where you'll find beautiful palm tree-lined beaches that are still pristine. One such beach is Jampore Beach - it's one of the best places to visit in Daman. Jampore is known for its fun adventure activities, amazing views of the vast Arabian Sea, and a peaceful environment away from the noise of the city. Just take a cab from the Naini Damin taxi stand to Jampore Beach Road to reach there. Plan to spend 1-2 hours enjoying the serenity and stunning scenery. Best of all, entry is completely free! Whether you want an adrenaline rush from water sports or just to relax by the tranquil shores, Jampore Beach makes for an ideal beach getaway from the crowds. With its natural beauty and peaceful vibe, it won't disappoint.

Devka Amusement Park

The Devka Amusement Park is one of the best attractions for tourists in Daman, especially for families with kids. This simple and old-fashioned park is located right by Devka Beach. It offers various fun rides and amusements that children will love. There's also a large garden area to relax in and a food court with a special ice cream parlour. If you're on a family vacation in Daman, spending some time at the Devka Amusement Park is a great activity. Kids can enjoy rides while parents can reminisce about their own childhood days. The park even has classic camel and pony rides that both kids and adults are sure to enjoy. It's a wonderful chance to make fond memories together.

You'll find it situated along Devka Beach Road, opposite Hotel Ashoka Palace in Nani Daman. Cabs and local transport are available to get there easily. Plan to spend around an hour soaking in the park's cheerful vibe. With its nostalgic charm, fun rides, and beachside location, Devka Amusement Park promises a delightful experience for all ages.

places to visit in Daman

Daman Ganga Tourist Complex

The Daman Ganga Tourist Complex is one of the greatest attractions in Daman which offers a fantastic dose of entertainment for visitors. This leisure complex has been specially designed for relaxation and fun activities. Some highlights include boating on the tranquil lake, peaceful walks along the waterfront, and shopping opportunities. Inside, there's a beautiful garden area with illuminated fountains that glow at night - perfect for a family picnic. You'll also find artificial waterfalls, small islands, a cafeteria for refreshments, as well as conference halls and an amphitheatre for events. The complex is located along the Daman Ganga River. To reach there, you can take a bus heading towards the Valley Resort area in Daman. Plan to spend around 30 minutes exploring all the wonderful sights and activities offered here. With its serene natural setting combined with modern amenities, the Daman Ganga Tourist Complex promises an enjoyable experience for tourists of all ages.


If you're wondering what to see in Daman, make sure to visit the huge Lighthouse. It's one of the most popular tourist attractions in Daman. The Lighthouse is located near the Moti Daman Fort area. Lots of tourists come here to watch the amazing sunsets and take in the panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and the city skyline. It's a perfect spot for photography lovers to capture beautiful scenery. To get to the Lighthouse, just take a cab from central Moti Daman to the Rua Martim Afonso street in the Fort Area. Plan to spend 1-2 hours here. One of the highlights is the long walls surrounding the Lighthouse that make for great photos, especially at sunrise or sunset when the light is perfect. Best of all, entering the Lighthouse area is completely free! So don't miss this iconic Daman landmark on your visit. Prepare to be wowed by the incredible views and scenery.

Dominican Monastery

The Dominican Monastery is a historic ruin that used to be a Catholic monastery in the past. It was also an important centre for theological studies which attracted scholars from all over the world back in its day. One of the highlights is the beautifully engraved main altar inside the monastery ruins. Don't miss getting a close look at these intricate and ancient carvings. If you're planning to explore Daman soon, add the Dominican Monastery to your sightseeing list. It's located on Rua Martim Afonso Street in the Fort Area of Moti Daman. You can reach it by taking a bus to that area. Set aside around 30 minutes to wander through the centuries-old remains and imagine its former grandeur. As one of the oldest worship sites in India, it offers a window into the region's rich history.

Jain Temple

The city of Daman has many temples, with the Jain Temple being one of the most popular. This temple is a must-visit on your Daman sightseeing tour to learn about the unique cultural and religious beliefs of the Jain community. What makes this temple special is its distinct 18th-century architecture featuring beautiful murals that depict the life story of Lord Mahavira, the founder of Jainism. Seeing these ancient murals provides insight into Jain traditions. The Jain Temple is located inside the St. Jerome Fort area in Nani Daman. To get there, you can take local transport from Ghanchiwad. Plan to spend around 20-30 minutes exploring the temple grounds. As you walk through the serene temple, you'll experience a sense of peace and tranquillity. Don't miss the chance to try the delicious vegetarian meals served here. Entry is free to allow everyone to discover this architectural and cultural gem.

These places in Daman ensure a beautiful time and experience on your trip. Explore our Diu tour packages and book one in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle.

April 02, 2024


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