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Diu Tour Packages

Escape to Diu, a tranquil island off India's coast with Portuguese colonial charm. At Veena World, browse through our list of Daman and Diu tour packages at the best price.

Nestled off the coast of Gujarat lies Diu, a tiny island that packs in outsized charm. Once a Portuguese colony, Diu still bears the cultural imprint of over four centuries of Portuguese rule. This influence is evident in its old Portuguese fortresses, baroque churches, sightseeing, food and customs. Yet, the real jewel of Diu is its coastline - miles of swaying palms and sparkling sand gently caressed by azure waters. The beaches here are remarkably clean and quiet, lacking the commercial bustle so common elsewhere. You can lazily stroll along golden sands with the sound of waves for company, take a dip in balmy waters or feast on fresh local seafood by the seaside. 

With Veena World handling all planning and logistics, your getaway is wholly hassle-free. Our specialists create personalised Diu tour itineraries tailored to your interests, travel style, and budget. Over a relaxed weekend, you can soak in the island's unique coastal scenery, wander through Portuguese monuments from the 15th century, and enjoy long, peaceful walks on virgin beaches far from the crowds. If a rejuvenating getaway is what you seek, Veena World's Daman and Diu tourism package presents an alluring option.

Diu Travel Packages

Diu PackagesDay/NightPrice
All of Gujarat with Rann Utsav15 Days₹88,000
The Great Indian Peninsula Road Trip50 Days₹2,90,000

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All of Gujarat with Rann Utsav

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*Except for joining/leaving, To & fro economy class air is included for all departure city.
Travel hassle-free with Veena World tour manager.
15 Days
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All of Gujarat with Rann Utsav

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Diu Frequently Asked Questions

We help you prepare for your trip and ensure an effortless and enjoyable travel experience.

Diu, a serene coastal town nestled in the western part of India, is renowned for its pristine beaches and rich history. Some of the must-visit attractions in Diu include the historic Diu Fort, the stunning Naida Caves, the tranquil Ghoghla Beach, the majestic St. Paul's Church, and the picturesque Sunset Point. Visiting these places offers a glance into the town's intriguing past and natural splendour. To ensure you make the most of your trip to Diu, consider booking a tour package with Veena World. 

The best time to visit Diu is during the winter season, from November to February. During this time, the weather is quite pleasant, making it ideal for exploring the beaches and other attractions without the scorching heat of summer or the humidity of the monsoon season. When it comes to visiting Diu, any time of the year can offer a delightful experience. Book your Diu holiday package according to your preferences and the experiences you wish to enjoy.

At Veena World, we are committed to providing exceptional travel experiences to our guests. With our Diu package, you can explore this enchanting destination hassle-free. Our Diu trip package includes everything from accommodation to sightseeing and meals. Plus, our experienced tour manager will be there to ensure your trip is smooth and memorable.

With its serene beaches and captivating attractions, Diu is the perfect destination for a relaxing getaway. This coastal town boasts pristine beaches, historic forts, and charming Portuguese architecture. Veena World provides a range of Diu travel packages tailored to suit every traveller's requirements. Our packages ensure you experience the best of Diu's beauty and culture, making your trip truly unforgettable.

Yes! Diu is generally considered a safe destination for tourists. However, it's always wise to exercise caution and remain vigilant while exploring the area. Opting for reputable accommodations and being mindful of your surroundings can enhance your safety during your visit. Veena World offers Diu tour packages at competitive prices, allowing you to explore the destination with peace of mind.

To book a Diu local tour package with Veena World, you can explore the range of trip options available on our website and enquire about the package that suits you best. From day-to-day itineraries, travel arrangements, and accommodations, to all the other arrangements, everything will be taken care of, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of Diu without any worries. In case of any query, you can contact us by email or phone.

At Veena World, we recognize that every traveller has unique needs and preferences, which is why we offer a diverse range of Diu sightseeing packages tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether you're a solo adventurer eager to explore on your own, a group of friends or family members looking to travel together, or someone seeking a customised holiday experience, we have the perfect tour package for you. Our goal is to ensure that your trip to Diu is as enjoyable and memorable as possible, providing you with the flexibility and options you need to create your ideal vacation.

To get the most out of your Diu trip, a two-day tour will be sufficient. During this duration, you will be able to explore the main attractions of Diu, including Diu Fort, Naida Caves, Nagoa Beach, and other local sightseeing spots, while also enjoying some leisure time and water sports. Book your Diu trip package with Veena World for an unforgettable holiday. Our expertly curated itinerary ensures you make the most of your time, balancing sightseeing with leisure.

Yes, along with a range of pre-designed packages, we also offer an option for customized holidays to Diu. With a customized holiday, you have complete control over every aspect of your trip, ensuring it perfectly aligns with your vision. From choosing your accommodation and transportation to deciding the duration of your stay and planning your daily itinerary, every detail can be tailored to suit your needs and preferences. Speak to our travel experts to curate your customized holiday to Diu.

Absolutely. Diu group tours are the best option to explore all that Diu offers, allowing you to not only travel with like-minded people but also form some meaningful friendships. Additionally, group tours are hassle-free, as all arrangements for accommodation, transportation, and itinerary are taken care of. At Veena World, you can explore a wide range of Diu group tours and choose the one that suits your budget and travel plans best. Further, you also have the assurance of 24x7 support and our professional tour manager who will address any issues that may arise during your group tour.

About Diu 

The beauty of Diu needs no introduction. For those seeking an offbeat tropical gateway, the island of Diu offers a captivating blend of Portuguese colonial heritage, vibrant coastal communities, and beautiful unspoiled beaches. Stroll the colourful, quiet streets, feast on fresh local seafood, and wander centuries-old churches and fortresses in this former Portuguese colony. 

Yet the main highlight remains Diu's coastline, with some of India's most breathtaking and peaceful beaches. Whether you relax on the popular Nagoa beach or explore more remote and secluded stretches of sand, Diu's palm-fringed beaches guarantee serenity. The lack of commercial development leaves its beaches unsullied, with golden sand and crystal clear waters straight out of a postcard. If you truly want to unwind against a backdrop of windswept beaches, Portuguese ruins, and mellow island vibes, then the tropical charm of Diu belongs on your travel list. 

Wait no more and read about some of the most famous places to add to your travel itinerary once you decide to book the Daman and Diu package with Veena World. One has to truly book a Daman and Diu tour package to understand the secret behind the ever-lasting attractiveness of the place. To help you during your visit to Diu, read on to discover some of the most scenic places you can add to your Diu Itinerary. 

Places to visit in Diu

Daman and Diu are home to numerous tourist attractions that draw visitors from all over the world. You should also include these places in your Daman and Diu tour packages: -

Diu Fort

This vast 16th-century Portuguese fort is a major landmark of Diu. You get a bird’s eye panoramic vista of Diu town and the Arabian Sea from the fort walls. Sunrise and sunsets are magical from this height. Perfect for photography.

Nagoa Beach

A tour to Diu certainly feels incomplete without visiting Nagoa Beach. Known among the top beaches in India, Nagoa Beach offers a picturesque tropical paradise that makes you forget all worries and lose yourself to its natural beauty. If you love photography, it presents plenty of Instagram-worthy frames with its swaying coconut trees and coral seascapes.

Ghoghla Beach

Known as the most beautiful beach in Diu, Ghoghla Beach casts a magical coastal charm that makes it an unmissable addition to your Diu itinerary. Whether you seek solitude, photography, swimming or just peaceful seaside relaxation under swaying palms, a soul-stirring experience awaits at Ghoghla Beach.

Naida Caves

This unique network of interconnected caves and tunnels features captivating limestone formations. Some tunnels lead to secret underground openings by the sea. For those who wish to uncover the hidden mysteries beneath Diu's sands, a tour to the Naida Caves makes for a compelling adventure.

Jalandhar Beach 

If you wish to experience the tranquil charm of Diu's lesser-explored coastline, Jalandhar Beach fits the bill with its peaceful ambience amid scenic natural surroundings. Flanked by Nagoa Beach on one side and Chakratirth Beach on the other, the pristine Jalandhar Beach remains enveloped in a quaint and relaxed vibe.

Sea Shell Museum

The Sea Shell Museum makes for one of Diu's most offbeat and colourful attractions. Home to a staggering 2000 species of marine shells whose iridescent textures and vivid patterns dazzle you at every turn. Conches, murex, cowries and olive shells collected from exotic locales across the planet reveal nature’s intricate artistry and diversity at play. For any nature or sea-life enthusiast visiting Diu, an enriching experience awaits at the Sea Shell Museum that you’ll cherish for a long time to come.

Diu Head LightHouse

Perched on a hillock with breathtaking sea views, this lighthouse makes for some great photos. You can also spot birds and marine life. So whether you're looking for history, architecture, beaches, nature or laidback island life, Diu has something for every traveller!

Best Time to Visit Diu 

Now that the travel itinerary is in place, the next question that comes to mind is the best time to book a Daman and Diu tour package. The best time to visit Diu is from October to February if you want to avoid extreme heat, humidity and heavy rainfall.

October to February: The post-monsoon months offer very pleasant weather. With cooler and more comfortable temperatures, it's perfect for enjoying Diu's beaches, exploring historic Portuguese sites outdoors, and participating in various water activities. It's the peak tourist season.

March to May: Summer sets in by March, but sea breezes help warm the weather. Hotel prices become lower by April-May. There are fewer tourists, so it's nicer for a peaceful, relaxing vacation.

June to September: It's monsoon season with high rainfall that can hamper outdoor plans. But hotel tariffs drop significantly. It offers solitude for budget travellers seeking to unwind by the serene beaches.

Book The Best Diu Tour Packages at Veena World

We believe that travelling provides a much-needed break from a monotonous routine, and it allows you to explore the unexplored. Our Daman and Diu tour packages encompass the island's must-see highlights and hidden treasures, from sightseeing to adventure. Go back in time, wandering the cobbled streets of Diu Town. Relax on golden sand beaches in Goghla or Nagoa. Our expertly crafted Daman and Diu tour packages let you enjoy it all with the utmost convenience. Whether a ready travel package or a customised holiday, we craft journeys that reveal the best of destinations like never before. Awaken your inner explorer with your trusted travel partner, Veena World!

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