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77 lakhs for a pizza!

2 mins. read
Do you like pineapple on a Pizza? Haha, the never-ending debate. One way or the other, one thing’s for certain, everyone loves pizza! The ultimate cheat meal for some, while for some, it’s like an everyday meal! And every day, we see the 30-mins-delivery-or-else-free Dominos pizza delivery person running around town. To upgrade from that a little, we have gourmet pizzas now that might cost a little more. If you put truffle, on that pizza, it becomes a little more.
But what is the most amount that you would pay for a pizza? or let me put it this way, will you spend more than 2 thousand rupees on a pizza? At least we won't! But there are many in the world who would say yes to that and even say that they are ready to go into the 6 figures or 7 figures, just to treat themselves to pizza.
Presenting Louis XIII, the most expensive pizza in the world! 77 lakh rupees, that’s what it is going to set you back. Found in Salerno, Italy, Chef Renato Viola made this super premium pizza for a select clientele. So why exactly is this Pizza so expensive? So let's spend some time discussing what actually goes into it.
The ingredients are undoubtedly of the highest caliber, and the dough itself takes 72 hours to prepare, giving it plenty of time to rest before being cooked. So if it cost so much, we could also say that this Pizza could also be the biggest in the world? Nope.
It’s just 20cm in size and is only sufficient for two people. Once the dough is made, the rest of the pizza is cooked on the spot. The flour used for the pizza base is certified organic, the salt is from the Murray River in Australia, which adds extra flavor and a pink hue.
Exotic ingredients sourced from different parts of Europe, and the amount of preparation and craft that goes into making the pizza, contributes to an absolute culinary marvel that is Louis XIII.
But the question remains, will you actually invest 77 lakhs for a Pizza?
April 20, 2023


Veena World
Veena World

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