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7 Must-Visit Beaches In Belgium On Your Vacation

6 mins. read

One of the very famous countries of Western Europe, Belgium’s extreme popularity is accounted for by its medieval towns, the renaissance architecture and the beautiful and scenic seaside. The Belgium sea coast and beaches, simply put, are surreal! With some of the world’s most picturesque beaches, fresh and delicious seafood, mystifying artwork and a ton of fun activities to partake in, your holiday at the Belgium beaches would be calming and re-invigorating. Belgium’s beach shoreline is about 42 miles comprising of the most alluring sandy coastlines surrounded by a pristine seaside. When in Belgium, you will also find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to beach resorts.

Here are some of the best beaches in Belgium that’ll leave you awestruck:

1. Ostend

Hosting the annual Sculpture Festival each year, Belgium’s Ostend Beach is unquestionably one of the sights that’ll linger in your mind for a very long time. What’s more, is that the Ostend city is one of the most exuberant cities in the country. The city sports a myriad of activities you can indulge yourself in; from going to quaint museum events to listening to live music in the streets, to street shopping and eating in one of many restaurants in the city. Or you can just spend your day at the beach sunbathing in the morning and taking a lovely evening walk on the boardwalk; blissful!

This beach in Belgium is near Brussels. So, reaching there is easy as you can catch a train from Brussels to Ostend at an interval of every 30 minutes! Ostend truly is a fantastic place to enjoy the Belgium Sea on the beach and the amazing events that are forever happening in the city.

2. Blankenberg

Blankenberg, one of the best beaches in Belgium to go to with your children, is an absolute treat for the whole family! The Sea-Life Marine Park in Blankenberg is one of the largest aquaria in the whole of Belgium. That’s not all; you can also enjoy playing golf in the morning while evenings are the best time to take a stroll alongside the famed pier built in the 1930s. You can also find a multitude of water sports in this Belgium beach, all the way from jet skiing to kiteboarding to windsurfing and banana boats. All of these bookings can be done on the harbour. And there’s more! An annual theme-based Sand Festival is held beside the Sea-Life Water Park which gives a platform to sand artists who create stunning sand sculptures!

3. Nieuwpoort

Nieuwpoort, a fishing village famed for its fresh and delicious seafood is located at a mere distance of 2 km from the beach. Nieuwpoort is the best destination for aquatic sports near beaches in Belgium. You will find a wide array of aquatic sports to indulge in, be it fishing, wave-carting, windsurfing, swimming, paddling and even surfing. There are a ton of other things that the city has to offer, like retail therapy and places to enjoy quality time with family and friends. You will surely have a ball when here.

4. De-Haan

Any adventure lover will have a great time cycling around De-Haan Beach in Belgium. Cycling here affords you a fantastic view of the entire Belgian coast. There’s also a nudist beach you can find in the way to the De-Haan Beach. What really captures your attention are the Anglo-Norman style cottages and villas; they are an absolute delight! De-Haan Beach is one of the beaches that can be found in most Belgium tour packages due to the reasons mentioned above and also because it has some of the quietest beach fronts which makes for a great spot to rent out a sunbed and read your favourite book.

5. Oostduinkerke

Oostduinkerke, located between Nieuwpoort and Koksijde (another beach in Belgium) is where the 500-year-old tradition of grey shrimp fishing on horseback is done. Yes, on horseback! The particular tradition of the locals was added to UNESCO’s list of “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” in the year 2013. You will still find the local fishermen continuing fishing with this tradition in Oostduinkerke, especially from April to September. You will have the best time here if you love seafood; varieties of grey shrimp, crab and fresh fish from the North Sea! Yum! Without a doubt, Oostduinkerke is going to provide you with one of the best beach experiences in Belgium.

6. De-Panne

At a distance of only 16 miles from Ostend, De-Panne is situated closer to the French border and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Belgium. The nature reserves like the Westhoek sheltering migratory birds and highland cattle just add to the beauty of the beach.

De-Panne is also the very town in which King Leopold I had first set foot on the Belgium soil in 1831. You will find a sculpture made in his honour at the beach. De-Panne is also a great place to buy some souvenirs and relish some local delicacies.

7. Middelkerke

Located in the centre of the great Flemish coast with a strip of beach for over 6 miles, Middelkerke comprises of five coastal villages. With a sandy and broad seafront, Middelkerke makes for the best location for Belgium beach holidays. You can enjoy at the skate ramps, the many playgrounds, and the mini-golf courses to keep your kids entertained. Middelkerke is also very famous for the local cuisine; enjoy local delicacies at one of the many restaurants and try a few of the finest Belgium beers.

Belgium coast is a phenomenal place to be at! The beaches in Belgium offer an experience unique to the country. When you do plan a trip to Belgium, do so with the knowledge that many Belgium tour packages can be customized to fit well into your itinerary to cover the country’s beaches.

August 11, 2019


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