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6 Picnic Spots in Delhi for Family Weekends

7 mins. read

The capital city Delhi is a concoction of culture, history, cuisine, and commerce. Keeping you engaged right till the end, it houses many places to make weekend plans with family. The city may seem bustling all the time, but the fact is that there’s a lot to explore. Be it the iconic India Gate or the magical Lodhi Gardens, Delhi has a charm that has no equal.

So, are you ready for some outdoorsy fun with your family? Here is the list of family picnic spots in Delhi that you can refer to when you are planning the quintessential weekend getaway with your family: -

1. Lodhi Gardens

Dilliwallahs are in absolute awe about this picnic spot in Delhi and with good reason. Lodhi Gardens have one of the most scenic environs along with remnants of history. The garden has tombs/ruins such as the Glass Dome (Shisha Gumbad), Big Dome (Bara Gumbad), and the Tomb of Sikandar Lodhi that look as breathtaking as the picturesque surroundings. You can sit and admire the expansive beauty of these beautiful gardens or go for a stroll with your family. The gardens offer the perfect way to unwind and relax with your loved ones that too in the lap of nature.

2. India Gate

This isn’t just a picnic spot in Delhi; it is the heart of National Capital! India Gate instantly feels nostalgic to people who spent their childhood in Delhi. Regardless of whether its scorching hot or chilling cold, India Gate is the perfect spot to spend some quality time with your family members. Weekend holiday packages in India for Delhi that cover India Gate, are in fact, supremely popular!

As you gawk at the magnificent structure of India Gate, set up a blanket, gobble up loads of popcorn or have endless scoops of ice-cream. You can even play some outdoor games with your family here. It is one of the best places for a picnic in Delhi which you simply shouldn’t miss.

3. Garden of Five Senses

Another great picnic place in Delhi, the Garden of Five Senses charms you with its mesmerizing environs. Housing many sculptures, artistic pieces, and flower gardens, the garden offers a great setting for a peaceful tryst with nature. Having an ideal set-up to go on a picnic with family, the gardens are a perfect place to take a break with your loved ones and to have those long and deep family conversations.

4. Deer Park

Being an ecologically-sensitive place, Deer Park is one of the famous picnic places in Delhi for spending a fun weekend together with family. This park is a paradise for animal lovers and casts a spell with its lush greenery and serene water bodies. It offers a tranquil place for a laid-back afternoon or evening with your family. Moreover, the sight of deer grazing and birds chirping provides an immediate sense of calm when you explore the park.

5. Qudsia Bagh

Qudsia Bagh is an underrated picnic spot in Delhi which is home to many old structures and the remains of a shaahi masjid as well. It emanates a rustic aura and offers a sneak-peek into history - definitely one of the best picnic spots in Delhi for people who want a less crowded and laid-back spot to spend some quality time with family.

6. Red Fort

The Red Fort is another famous picnic spot in Delhi that provides the perfect opportunity to gawk at the stunning structure and also have uninterrupted family time together. Situated at the city’s centre, Red Fort was once the chief residence of Mughal dynasty’s emperors. Built by Shah Jahan in 1939, the place is one of the best places to visit in Delhi.

7. Picnic Spots near Delhi

Delhi is bordered by the scenic Indian states of Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab. There are numerous picnic spots near Delhi that one can visit with their family over the weekends to revel in their abundant natural beauty and wonderful ambiance. Take a look at some of the picnic spots near Delhi that you can visit for family weekends: -

7.1 Damdama Lake

Situated an hour from Delhi, Damdama Lake is a magnet for nature lovers. It is a natural reservoir that is a perfect one-day picnic spot near Delhi. With the Aravalli hills in the backdrop, the lake is an idyllic destination to blow off some steam with your loved ones. Perfect for a full-blown lazy day, the lake feels you with a sense of calmness and all you want to do is stay. You can also go for nature walks, bird watching, and boating here.

7.2 Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary provides an ideal retreat away from the hustle-bustle of the city. One of the best one-day picnic spots near Delhi, the place is a nature lover’s paradise. The best time to visit the sanctuary is in winters. It is at this time where you get to see numerous migratory birds here. Be it going for a short stroll in the sanctuary or gawking at the beautiful birds or feeling the gentle warmth of the rays of the winter sun, you can do it all in here.

7.3 Kingdom of Dreams

Kingdom of Dreams (KOD) has a one-of-its-kind structure with a great design that seems to enamour you beyond belief. It is a fascinating one-day picnic spot near Delhi. Being a performing arts theatre, it sheds light on modern and contemporary India. You can choose to watch the dance, drama, and music shows and also watch amazing Indian talent here. At KOD, you are in for a fun-filled day out with your family.

These picnic spots in and near Delhi help you break a mundane routine and reenergize your spirit, all while offering the much-needed quality time with your family that we all seek these days. Whether it is the expansive gardens or magnificent historical structures, the picnic places in Delhi provides the best setting to rejuvenate.

The best way to explore the picnic spots in Delhi is to go for a pre-planned Delhi trip package so that you can relax and have fun with your family. Get together, unwind, and make the weekends count!

April 06, 2020


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