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12 Resorts Near Chandigarh for Perfect Stay

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Travelling has become a necessity for many of us after being under months of lockdown in 2020. This unprecedented phase has not only taken a toll on our physical health but also stressed our minds to no end. But now, with the restrictions easing, taking some time-out is really important to maintain your sanity. Let us propose Chandigarh for doing that.

Chandigarh is a city that has the best of both worlds, a bustling metropolitan atmosphere along with close proximity to the finest resorts near the hills of Morni, Shivalik, and various other Himalayan ranges. There are many Chandigarh tour packages on offer at the moment, and the deals available are oh so exciting! After the year we’ve all had, it is time to revive and live a little! Explore these top resorts near Chandigarh which will help you do just that: -

1. The Oberoi Sukhvilas Spa Resort 

One of the most luxurious resorts near Chandigarh is this property by the Oberoi Hotels that accentuates the natural beauty of the Siswan Range in the Himalayas. Sukhvilas, for the people of Chandigarh, has become a tourist destination for its elegant ambience and exquisite facilities. Along with this, the resort is adorned with rejuvenating services at its world-class spa. Spread across 8000 acres of verdant land, the sheer pleasure of staying here for a weekend can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Due to its ever-increasing popularity, finding a room here can be a little difficult so it is wise to look for one early on.

2. Foresthill Golf and Country Club 

A resort that believes in celebrating nature at its finest is the Foresthill Resort in Mohali, Chandigarh. It is the ideal place for those who enjoy playing golf for recreational purposes. The facilities for this leisurely game are considered to be top-notch at this resort. Moreover, there are several adventure activities being organised at the property to make your body rush with adrenaline! There are 10 bedrooms with attached bathrooms situated in a peaceful area, cocooning you the bustle of the city. Imagine an early morning here, one of the best resorts in Chandigarh with a hot cup of masala chai in the lap of the Shivalik Hills; we’ll drink a hot cuppa to that!

3. Surya Vilas Resort

When it is about the top resorts near Chandigarh city, the mention of Surya Vilas is a must. Located in the quaint Himalayan city of Solan, this resort is perfect for unwinding your body and mind. The pandemic has affected all of us, one way or the other, so taking a vacation in the hills can be a great reprieve. For a safe and joyous experience, Surya Vilas can be your security blanket of sorts! To enliven things up, the courteous staff will offer a barbecue night just for you and your family members where you can cook up marinated meats and veggies in a hygienic manner. As one of the best resorts near Chandigarh, your stay here can be fun and memorable in equal measure.

4. Royal Park Resort 

4-star resorts near Chandigarh are a-plenty but the ones that make a mark on a traveller’s mind are comparatively few. Royal Park Resort in Zirakpur, Chandigarh happens to be one such property that will surely make your weekend an unforgettable experience. Also famous for hosting extravagant weddings in the city, the food and ambience of its banquet hall are simply mind-blowing. Craving for some good ol’ shopping spree? Do not fret because this hotel is situated only 5 minutes away from Paras Downtown Mall, one of the top places to visit in Chandigarh, where you can purchase domestic and international clothing.

5. Silky Resort 

Another treasure in Zirakpur is Silky Resort, a hotel in Chandigarh best known for its budget-friendly rooms with excellent amenities. Valet parking is available at this property, so bringing in your vehicle is not an issue at all. As the wedding season in India is on, venues are getting booked very quickly. Couples who are looking for likeable wedding destinations should consider visiting Silky Resort in Chandigarh. The ballroom and celebration banquet hall can host a decent gathering of people. In-house catering, as well as, decoration services are provided at Hotel Silky Resort, Chandigarh.

6. Sun Park Resort 

Amongst the top 3-star resorts in Chandigarh, this property boasts of splendid facilities and amenities for its guests to have a gala time at a reasonable price. Who says you can only have fun by shelling out a large sum of money from your bank account? Visit this hotel on a long weekend this winter season to see for yourself! Our recommendation would be to book a suite at Sun Park Resort, Chandigarh well in-advance and make the most of your trip in style. Travellers coming in from Delhi, Gurgaon, and other parts of the country can easily locate this hotel from the airport and railway station as it is only 4 km away from both these junctions.

7. Golden Tulip

Have you gone for a gedi up to the Morni Hills? Do not take a U-turn from the highway this time. Staying at the Golden Tulip, one of the best resorts near Chandigarh can help jazz up your work-from-home and make it a workation. Only 17 km from the city centre, this 4-star hotel has stunning suites waiting to spoil you. Be it the food, facilities or staff members, attention to detail is what sets Golden Tulip apart from all other resorts nearby. In case you are secretly a water baby, then this hotel’s heated swimming pool would make you very happy indeed.

8. Timber Trail 

Remember the beautiful property that you always seem to notice on your way to Shimla but never really visited? That’s right. Timber Trail is reputed to be amongst the most celebrated resorts near Chandigarh. It is a property situated in the middle of nowhere and that’s the whole charm of it! The scenic view of the Shivalik range with the serene Kaushalya River flowing by makes for a romantic getaway for couples all-year-round. Its al-fresco restaurant, The Deck, is a must-visit for brunches or lazy late lunches even if you are not staying at Timber Trail Resort, Chandigarh.

9. Kikar Lodge 

Did you know there’s a beautiful forest near the city? Kikar Lodge is an 1800-acre resort set in the wilderness near Chandigarh city. Nature lovers can take mini treks within the property to explore the flora and fauna of this jungle resort.  Away from the hustle and bustle, it is quite a romantic spot too. Serenity, the in-house spa and wellness centre offers customisable massage services. Besides this, the property offers mouth-watering delicacies at its multi-cuisine restaurants called Pheasants Nest. Recreational sports like go-karting have to be booked directly at the hotel premises.

10. Casba Farm Stay

For an off-beat vacation spot, Casba Farm Stay is a homely lodge set in the beautiful village of Swara in the state of Punjab. Imagine food prepared from vegetables directly from the gardens for your bed and breakfast… It is because of this enchanting factor that Casba Farm Stay is amongst the best resorts near Chandigarh. Oh, and guava lovers are in for a treat - in the right season, there are orchards right next to this lodge!

11. Hotel Barog Heights

Solan is one of the best hill stations near Chandigarh that hosts a number of hotels for travellers. However, only a bunch of them are praise-worthy. Barog Heights is a resort surrounded by pine and oak trees giving it a rather mystical vibe to it. To add to this, it is built at a height of 3650 meters above sea level, so basking in the sun during cold winter mornings is a true delight. As the Barog railway station is only a few minutes from this hotel, you can hop on the toy train (Shimla-Kalka route) and enjoy a fun ride with your loved ones.

12. Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort 

Last but certainly not least is a spa resort that will reset your body and mind with Ayurveda and Turkish massage treatments. The mesmerising view of the Kasauli Hills at this luxurious hotel is just one of the many reasons for you to spend time with your loves ones here. Extravagant suites, activities for children, business centre, swimming pool, and multi-cuisine restaurants at Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort are simply beyond comparison. As it can be reached within 30 minutes from Chandigarh, it is one of the closest luxury resorts near the city.

Aren’t you tempted yet? Do not procrastinate anymore and plan your vacation right away. Who knows, you might have your own moment of ‘Eureka’ up in the hills!

December 28, 2020


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