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10 Picnic Spots Near Guwahati for a Perfect Weekend

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Guwahati is the capital city of Assam stretched along the Brahmaputra river in the northeastern region of India. This bustling city is one of India’s most visited tourist destinations for its natural beauty in abundance and the one-horned rhinoceros population. The city is surrounded by verdant hills, riversides, waterfalls, and botanical gardens, giving numerous opportunities to both locals and tourists to plan weekend getaways and picnics with family and friends.

Here is a list of the 10 picnic spots near Guwahati with scenic beauty that serves as a feast for the eyes and an easily accessible destination that makes for the best weekend getaways.

1. Pobitora  

Nestled in the flood plains of the Brahmaputra river, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is popular among tourists and locals as ‘Miniature Kaziranga’. Its vast grassland and wetland serve as a home to the highest population of one-horned Rhinoceros along with astounding diversity of birds and other Asiatic animal species.

The wildlife sanctuary was originally a grazing reserve for cattle. But it came into the limelight after a few one-horned Rhinoceros were spotted by the locals. These Rhinos strayed from the nearby sanctuaries and started residing at the sight for food and water. In 1987, the sight was declared as a wildlife sanctuary covering an area of 16 square kilometres.

Highlights: Daytime forest safari and lush green gardens

Location: Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Morigaon district of Assam. It is at a distance of 30 km from Guwahati.

2. Ukiam 

Ukiam is among the best picnic spots near Guwahati that serves as a serene and beautiful sight for its visitors. The picnic spot is developed near the confluence of three rivers Drone, Sree, and Dilma. Previously a less known spot, it came into the limelight when a sizable number of locals and tourists drew here to participate in the three-river festival held for the first time. The festival turned out to be a huge success in promoting tourism at this beautiful spot near Guwahati for weekend getaways to celebrate mother nature.

Highlights: Picturesque spot with serene surroundings and rich cultural heritage of surrounding villages.

Location: Ukiam is located on the Assam-Meghalaya border. It is at a distance of 74.6 km south of Guwahati.

3. Shivkund 

A famous waterfall in the Amsoi hills of Morigaon district in Assam that is surrounded by Teak and Sal forests. The milky white water of the falls gushes through the rocky hills into the beautiful pool. Besides spending time at the poolside, visitors can also witness the enthralling beauty of the waterfall from over the bridge and feel the tiny splashes of water on their skin.

Besides being one of the best picnic spots near Guwahati, it is a popular short getaway destination for locals and tourists to explore the spectacular sight during the day and spend the night in the nearby traditional cottages.

Highlights: Serene beauty of the dense teal and sal forests and traditional accommodation.

Location: The Sivakunda waterfall in Morigaon is at a distance of approximately 95 km from Guwahati.

4. Bogamati 

Bogamati is a newly discovered beautiful picnic spot cradled on the banks of the Barnadi river. Its scenic beauty and lush green landscape attract both locals and tourists. What adds more value to the spot is its location near the Indo-Bhutan border that offers a mesmerising view of the Bhutan Hills.

Among the best picnic places near Guwahati, Bogamati is in proximity to the popular Manas National Park. The park offers a variety of adventure activities for visitors, including hiking, trekking, bird watching, etc. After a fun and thrilling experience, visitors can come and rest at the Bogamati picnic spot and spend quality time in the lap of nature.

Highlights: Proximity to famous attractions like Manas National Park, Manas Soushi Khongkhor and tea plantation

Location: Bogamati is located in Baksa and is at a distance of 92.9 km from Guwahati.

5. Bhairabkunda 

One of the best weekend getaway destinations than a picnic spot near Guwahati that is known for its beautiful Dhansiri river. It is a confluence of the Bhairabi river and the Jampani river that originates from Bhutan and together offers a picturesque sight for its visitors. The Bhairabkund festival held every year in January adds more value to the destination and promotes tourism. Visitors can participate in various sports and cultural events organized during the festival.

Highlights: Bhairabkund festival and adventure activities.

Location: Bhairabkund picnic spot is located in Udalguri that is nearest from Guwahati.

6. Umiam Lake 

Also known as Barapani, it is famous as the largest lake in the region that serves as one of the best picnic places near Guwahati. It was originally a reservoir situated in the slopes 15km towards the north of Shillong and built primarily as a Hydel Power Project. However, the beauty and serenity of the area contributed by the surrounding mountains and lush greenery transformed it into a famous picnic spot that attracts both locals and tourists from Guwahati and other nearby cities of Assam.

Highlights: Boating and photography

Location: Umiam lake lies on the Shillong-Guwahati highway and is around 82 km from Guwahati.

7. Dipor Bil 

Also spelt as Deepor Beel, it is one of the famous picnic places near Guwahati known for its beautiful freshwater lake and unique variety of birds. It was developed by the authorities of Assam into a wildlife sanctuary in 1989, aiming to safeguard the various bird species dwelling in the region. However, it was later recorded as a wetland under the Ramsar Convention in November 2002 on the grounds of biological and ecological significance to tackle the conservation problem in the region.

Not just this, the Birdlife International also recognizes the sight as an Important Bird Area (IBA) and puts in on the high priority for the conservation of various species of birds. Owing to this, the place is mostly flocked with birdwatchers and wildlife photographers besides picnickers. Not to forget that Dipor Bil is also a part of many Guwahati tourism packages.

Highlights: Variety of beautiful birds like Kingfishers, Fishing Eagle, and ducks like Greater Adjutant Stork, Whistling Teal, Open Billed Stork, Garganey, among others.

Location: Dipor Bill is at a distance of 17 km from Guwahati.

8. Kulsi River

If you have your heart for Dolphins then Kulsi river is the best picnic spot on the list for you. Visitors can simply sit on the banks of the river and enjoy the Dolphins jumping and playing in the water. Besides the Dolphins, the serene beauty of the place beholds its visitors and entices them to come back again and again.

Kulsi River is a tributary to the Brahmaputra river in Assam that originates from the West Khasi Hills in Meghalaya and known as the Khir river in its original form. Additionally, it also serves as a conservational habitat of the endangered Ganges River Dolphins known as Xihu in Assamese. The species only breeds in the Subansiri River and Kulsi River of the entire Brahmaputra delta.

Highlights: The rarely found dolphin species and the picturesque surroundings.

Location: Kulsi river is located in the Kamrup district of Assam and a distance of 62 km from Guwahati.

9. Chandubi Lake 

Yet another picturesque lake near Guwahati that serves as a serene spot for picnickers. It is located at the foot of Garo Hills surrounded by Assam and Meghalaya. Besides the beautiful natural surrounding, the presence of the natural blue lagoon makes it a significant tourist attraction. Visitors can sit by the lake and enjoy the mesmerizing view with family and friends.

What adds more value is the Chandubi festival held every year in the first week of January. During the festival, the local village people perform traditional dance forms and cook traditional food.

Highlights: Fishing, Boating, and the Chandubi Festival.

Location: The Chandubi lake is at a distance of 55.4 km from Guwahati.

10. Accoland Water Park 

Spend a day at the Accoland Water Park, which is one of its kind in Guwahati and also the largest in the northeastern part of India. The water park boasts some of the most thrilling slides that offer a truly amazing experience to its visitors. To name a few, the Pirate Ship is a multi-platform water play system offering 16000 square feet of the ride, Tornado is the largest water coaster ride in India that will surely kick your adrenaline rush and is not meant for feeble spirits. The water park has many such rides for visitors to enjoy and have a thrilling experience.

Highlights: India’s best water rides

Location: Accoland water park is at a distance of 22 km from Guwahati.

* Please note that there is an entry fee to the water park. Ticket prices can be checked on its official website.

Pack your bags for the weekend and get ready to have a fun and exciting picnic at one of these places near Guwahati. Do not forget to check other tourist places in Guwahati if you are a guest in the city.

May 11, 2021


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