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10 Best Hotels in Shillong for Family Stay

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Called the ‘Scotland of the East’, Shillong lives up to its name. The undisturbed charm coupled with the picturesque views makes this city one of the most romantic destinations in India. If you must know, the state of Meghalaya is called the ‘Abode of the Clouds’ and it truly is. When you stand atop the Shillong Peak or the Grand Laitlum Canyon, the mesmerising sights of the city with the clouds floating around the sky are simply breathtaking!

Shillong tourist places are famous all over the world. Be it the Bara Pani Lake, the Elephant Falls, or the central Police Bazaar, visitors flock to the city to find and experience a different aura. The city serves as a perfect weekend getaway for people living in Guwahati, Tezpur, and other places nearby. Thanks to the amount of sightseeing in Shillong, the city welcomes visitors not only from India but also from other countries.

If you are looking for a luxuriant experience during your Shillong trip, then rest assured as the best hotels in Shillong are packed with amazing amenities that contribute to making your vacation a memorable one. Whether you are visiting the city with your family, loved ones, or even solo - finding a good hotel in Shillong is an easy affair.

Located either in the cosiness of the lush greens or in the main city, these hotels elevate your vacation experience, letting you rejuvenate all the more. Check out these 12 best places to stay in Shillong for a stay like no other: -

1. Cafe Shillong

One of the most significant aspects of Shillong is its architecture. It is a trademark to have wooden floors on the inside with a cosy environment, giving a very homely feel to everyone. This hotel, Cafe Shillong, represents the hallmark of Shillong’s architecture very well. Located in the Laitumkhrah area of the city, this is among the lowest priced hotels in Shillong. But don’t let that play on your mind; this place is actually a pretty famous bed and breakfast spot. An interesting fact that you must know about this hotel is that it is a 70-year old bungalow that belongs to the Kharpuri Family of the city. Even after its renovation to turn the bungalow into a cafe and hotel, the colourful touch of its origins remains intact.

2. Windermere Inn

Shillong is a cantonment town; you will find many hotels near this area for a wonderful and safe stay. One such example is the Windermere Inn, one of the best hotels in Shillong for family trips. Situated in Lumheh, Umpling near BSF Gate No. 4, this hotel is a 3-star rated inn that has some great facilities. One of the key points about this hotel is the beautiful garden where you can spend some quality time with your family and loved ones. Flowers and Shillong have an unsaid relation that can be experienced only when you visit the city. With Windermere Inn, you can check this off your list!

3. Hotel Pegasus Crown

One of the best budget hotels in Shillong, Hotel Pegasus Crown is known for its extraordinary services and facilities that are offered to the guests. Established in 1994, it is an urban chic 3-star property that is located in the heart of the city near Ward’s Lake, Police Bazaar. The cosy interiors, majestic architecture, and regal delicacies - Hotel Pegasus Crown is a perfect honeymoon getaway! The property, though located in Police Bazaar, has proximity to the Shillong Airport as well so that those travelling via flights find it very convenient. For its beauty, food, and the lovely pampering that guests receive - Hotel Pegasus Crown has made its way to the list of best hotels in Shillong for all the right reasons.

4. Royal Heritage Tripura Castle

Well, to your surprise, Shillong has a touch of royalty to its environment too. To give you an idea, the city was once ruled by the Khasi Syiems (kings) and their palace that is quite popularly known as the ‘Syiem’s House’ is one of the tourist attractions there. And keeping up with the regality, the Royal Heritage Tripura Castle offers its guests a royal time to remember. One of the luxury hotels in Shillong, this was the residence of Tripura’s royal family which has now been turned into a heritage hotel. Located in Shillong’s Cleve Colony, the authentic royal interiors amalgamates very nicely with the modernity of today’s beauty. Thanks to the plethora of services offered to the guests, your stay at the Royal Heritage Tripura Castle will be immersed in luxury and royalty.

5. Orchid Lake Resort

One of the top hotels in and around Shillong, the Orchid Lake Resort is beautifully nestled near the Umiam Lake. Words tend to fall short when the grandeur of this place is spoken of. Maintained by the Meghalaya Tourism Department, the hospitality of Orchid Lake Resort is simply par excellence. It has an exhibition space and garden and offers activities like nature’s walk, boating, and so on. Because of the picturesque nature and beauty, the Orchid Lake Resort is one of the best hotels for family stays in Shillong.

6. Sunshine Farms and Resorts

Located near Ri Bhoi, Shillong, the Sunshine Farms and Resorts offers a number of stay options ranging from tents to villas. It is yet another famous hotel in Shillong with the price varying as per the selection of your stay. One of the most amazing things about this resort is that it is perched away in the lush greens of the city, making it a perfect place for nature lovers. To ensure a memorable stay, the Sunshine Farms and Resorts offer exceptional service to the guests along with various activities for your amusement.

7. Hotel Polo Towers

How could this marvellous place be missed? Hotel Polo Towers is probably the best place to stay in Shillong with your family owing to how exquisite it is. With its grand architecture, unparalleled facilities, and snuggly rooms, the Hotel Polo Towers has been a pioneer in Shillong’s hospitality business since 1991. The hotel also witnesses business meetings as well as grand wedding celebrations where everyone meets, greets, and enjoys like no other.

8. Hotel Pinewood

If you are looking for the top hotels in Shillong, this one needs to be on the list! Right from deluxe to presidential suite, Hotel Pinewood has welcomed numerous famous visitors and lovely couples over the years. It has a very quaint yet chic look with colonial decor that spruces up its magnificence even more. You will undoubtedly love your stay here!

9. The M Crown

MarBa Hub, Police Bazar – this is where you will find one of the best hotels in Shillong to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Famous for its contemporary interiors and design language, the M Crown Hotel offers world-class facilities to its guests along with lip-smacking food and trippy cocktails that take your vacation up by an infinite level.

10. Ri Kynjai – Serenity By The Lake

The best is always saved for the last. Concluding this list of the best hotels in Shillong for family trips and travellers, the Ri Kynjai – Serenity By The Lake is spread across an area of 45 acres and offers the tranquility like no other. The resort overlooks the magnificent Umiam Lake which makes it a perfect option for those who are looking to relax and rejuvenate in the lap of Mother Nature.

While customizing your Shillong tour package, make it a point to confirm the hotel you’ll be staying at, it will make a world of difference in how your holiday goes.

July 06, 2020


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