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Postcard destinations around the world – Compose perfect frames for your photography tourism!

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The locations of the world are something that taught us that there is so much on this planet than what the surroundings that we live in. Discovering all of them and bringing them to life by capturing them in a frame to paint a picture that immortalises the memories. The thirsty eyes of the photographer hunting for the perfectly crafted photo with perfect composition and exceptional lighting describe their idea of nirvana! More and more people falling prey to the passion for photography. Thereby, capturing everything possible in extraordinary destinations around the world, in the frames that narrate a story, has become a new reason to travel! As long as we keep finding reasons to travel, motivations and options to make it possible are readily available then!

Here are top 10 postcard perfect destinations around the world that will give you sets of perfect composite frames that will make your portfolio a whole new level spectacle! Along with the top 10 destinations, explore the types of photography that can be experimented along with a peculiar pick of composition rule that you must try!


1. Rule of Third’s Time Lapsed Photography – Greece

Greece Time Lapse Greece Photography

The land is most popularly known for the white and blue painted uniquely sculpted lives stretched along the exceptional beaches and indigo waters. Blessed with the eternal historic legacy, the land of Greeks give you so many beautiful objects that make a part of a stunning frame. Scale your rule of thirds on the frame of Santorini, Athens, Mykonos or even Oia, every land will just perfectly pose in for a photo that gives you high hopes! Time-lapse these locations to add in the details that paint the sky which will become a set that will add in more details to the clicks.


2. Frame your Food Photography – Japan

Japan FoodJapanese Cuisine

Japan is truly an ironic land which has beautifully blended in traditions with the modern life which are coexisting together. The Land of the Rising Sun is known for out of the box fashion trends as also for its culinary experiments! Frame within a frame unfolds the unique cuisine with the cutlery unlike any other in the world. The chopsticks and well sculpted wooden bowls used as endorsing elements to the served delicacies add a whole new identity which has made its mark in the world!


3. Leading Lines to Street & Urban Photography – Jordan

Jordan Photography The Landscapes Of The Dead Sea

The rose-red landmarks of the medieval era are cloaked in golden sand and surreal landscapes that are painted in multiple shades. The landscapes of the Dead Sea, Petra, Amman, Wadi Rum or Aqaba or more, just displays alluring aspects of geometry. They display the idea that they are leading us somewhere which will seem like out of the earth. Capture these exceptional contrasting golden land and cityscapes which are so distinctive as any other!


4. Natural Lighting Landscape Photography – Leh Ladakh

Leh Landscape Landscape Photography

The picture-perfect destinations of India Leh Ladakh are truly the dramatic crown jewels of India. Still untapped and pristine to its core these have become the prominent choices for explorers in India. Serene Pangong Lake, snow-capped peaks, the banks of Indus & Zanskar River, Steep Mountains, Tibetan monasteries, a vibrant culture and the rugged terrain await you in these mystic lands. With the arrays of options waiting to be a part of your frames, this destination awaits to redefine your landscape photography for you. With a special privilege of abundant lighting, these landscapes play a perfectly synced game of light and shadows, giving you a whole canvas of perfectly crafted panorama!


5. Symmetry & Patterns of Interior Photography – Spain

Spain Interior Photography Seville Spain

The exotic land of the Spanish, boasts an array of vibrant heritage, cinematic coastlines, dramatic landscapes and unrivalled skylines. This high spirited land is full of architectural specimens which can be found in every corner of the country. Boasting the exceptional geometry that aesthetically designs Spain, you can find your piece of symmetry and patterns in every angle you look. Right from Sagrada Familia to Toledo Cathedral, step in the insides of these architectural marvels and capture the intricate patterns and symmetry which will give you excellent exposure to interior photography!


6. Add Texture in Macro Photography – Amazon Brazil

Ladybird Macro Photography

The ecological wonder of the Earth and the world’s largest tropical rainforest with distinctive biodiversity, Amazon forests hold the secret to the planet’s most intrigued questions! Intricate secrets hidden in plain sights can be captured by your third eye. Get your lens ready because you will not only add details with new textures but also might capture a whole new shade not known to mankind! Set on the discovering adventure in the cradle of nature and share your work to highlight the unknown.


7. Wildlife Photography out of the Negative Space – Kenya

Zebra Giraffe

The bright sun-kissed land of Kenya filled with the smiling people of earth connects you back to the roots of wilderness. The most thrilling experience awaits you as you enjoy the Game Drives of Kenya. Get chance to have a close encounter with The Big Five and other wild animals like Gazelles, Warthogs, Giraffes, Zebras, Cheetahs, Leopards and Hyenas. Capture the wildlife in motion with perfect still portraits of the species that we coexist with on the same planet. Get a closer and witness, what lives that are running on time but not on the clock and connected to their roots look like. Add in the negative space to these species which will bring Masai Mara, their home, to life.


8. Redefining Perception in Architectural Photography – France

Architectural Marvels Architectural Photography

France is a dream destination for every corny soul. Land of colours painted since centuries and reverberating its sagas in the architectural marvels that stand tall. For the curious creative minds, Louvre soothes in, Eiffel for the iconic landmarks, Bordeaux for vineyards and Strasbourg for the historic specimens! Whatever may be the object and your location in France, each one of them gives you equal chance to redefine perception. Being the most visited tourist destination, France has been captured by a lot of cameras. Yet it awaits you with a whole new hope of perception to add in the architectural photography, just an idea away! Get your ideas and define your perspective in here!


9. Reflections of the Night Photography – Scandinavia

Midnight Sun Northern Lights Photography

Scandinavia is often observed to be dipped in the shades of the unique experiences of incomparable adventure and natural encounters. The destination that tops the bucket of the most travellers for its magical phenomenon of the skies. May it is the Midnight Sun or the Northern Lights, your best lenses are waiting to capture them forever. Night Photography cannot get any better with its reflections in the glacier lakes and silhouettes of the naturist skyline! Most spectacular night shots await you here.


10. Capture Colours & Contrast in the Aerial Photography – USA

Grand Canyon New York Aerial View

Known for being the land of diversity, the USA reflects the idea of ‘American Dream’ in all of its natural significances. Capture your own versions of American Diaries with an aerial view of the Grand Canyon or even New York City. Let the colours and contrast pop out and bring the locations to look like they’re straight out of fiction! Experiment with monochromes and contrast pallets to get the desired shade of the photograph that will raise the vision of the USA and its landscapes. So many exceptional landscapes like the Antelope, Niagara Falls or even Las Vegas, whatever suits your idea of the frame, USA will find you everything you need!


Experiment, click and frame your world. Let your work inspire the viewers to create their own spectacular story. Capture the moments and perceptions that are missed by many. Redefine the world seen by many yet not seen from your perspective. Motivate the ones looking for a new angle to look at travel and let the world they thought they knew so well, unfold in a whole new way! Mix and match the ideas, come up with your own and share some with us! The world is waiting and so is your lens! So, get started with your gear, explore the unseen angles, travel to the lands the light touches and celebrate your passion as you see the world!

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