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Wonderla Amusement Park in Bangalore: Tickets Price, Timings & Location

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Visiting an amusement park is an experience in itself. As you enter, you are hit by the delightful aroma of cotton candy and popcorn infused in the air. Strolling across the rides section, you can hear screams that can pierce through your eardrums. While these monstrous rides can be petrifying, you would still be tempted to hop on! Whether you decide to climb into the exhilarating water ride or just laze around in the pool, there is something for everyone at Wonderla in Bangalore! Featuring India's first "reverse looping roller coaster", it is not just an amusement park, it is an amazement park that will leave you enraptured! No doubt, it is one of the best places to visit in Bangalore. So, if you are planning on a day-out with your friends or family members, here is all you need to know about Bangalore’s most coveted amusement park – Wonderla:


Here is a list of all the rides that you and your loved one can indulge in at Bangalore’s Wonderla amusement park:

Drop Loop

Start your day at the Wonderla water park in Bangalore with this thrilling water ride where you will be dropped from a height of 12 meters into an inclined loop slide. You will then find yourself in an 82-meter translucent tube before you splash your way into the pool!

Lazy River

If you are not an adventure junkie or just wish to rest a little before you hop on your next exhilarating ride, you should come to the lazy river where you can simply wallow in the waters and unwind. Kids can get afloat and drift along the waves.


Boomerang is yet another heart-pumping ride at the Wonderla amusement park in Bangalore. You will be dropped in a closed tunnel with a float and then into a boomerang-shaped water slide. Here you will slide in a to-and-fro motion and might leave you wobbling for a while. But it will all be worth it!


Once you are done bobbling around, you can hop on to another ride that is a must for all thrill-seekers. With the twisters, you will be sent into one of the three water slides with tube-like structures which will take you into a series of loops before it throws you into a pool of water.

Wavy and Vertical Fall

These are similar to the twisters but do not have any loops that would slow you down. So, it is either a straight or a wavy fall starting from the height of a six-story building that is much more thrilling and stimulating. This is one of the best Wonderla rides in Bangalore.

Sky Wheel

Wondering how beautiful the Wonderla park would look from up above? Just hop on the Sky Wheel and see it for yourself! Located at a 13-story-high tower, this Ferris Wheel offers you a birds eye view of the park.

Dungeon Ride

Next up we have a ride that faint-hearted people should avoid. Haunted by a notorious jail warden’s ghost, this is a place that might make you tremble. You will find yourself in the middle of eerie and spooky caves that can make your blood run cold. Get ready as this ride will challenge your wit and leave you astonished!

Things to Do

Net Walk

One of the most playful activities here at Wonderla is the net walk that every kid should try. Walking and climbing up on a slightly elevated path made up of nets is the best way to satisfy the kid’s high-spirited urges.

3D Movie

A whole new movie-watching experience awaits you at Wonderla park in Bangalore! With virtual reality, it offers you an illusion of three-dimensional solidity with multi-channel surround sound, hydraulics-assisted seats, and high-power blowers that are in perfect sync with the images on the screen!

Musical Fountain

Witnessing India’s only indoor musical fountain at the Wonderla park in Bangalore is truly a treat to your senses. While the vibrant display astonishes you, the calm music soothes you. The musical fountain extravaganza is followed by a hi-tech laser show that you cannot miss out on.

Adventures of Chikku

Another whimsical experience here is the “Adventures of Chikku” which is actually a ride combining a 3D movie show along with some unbelievable physical and environmental effects. It offers you an immersive, larger-than-life experience with splashes of waters, wind blowing on your face, and several other movements in the surroundings.

Rain Disco

One last splash of water awaits you at the Rain Disco where you sing and dance with your loved ones. This is one of the spots where adventure meets music and offers you a multi-sensorial experience. So, if you are a party buff, be sure that you stop by at the rain disco!


With 5 different multi-cuisine restaurants offering some delectable meals and snacks, you don’t have to worry about anything in the middle of your rides and shows. You can enjoy both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals here at Wonderla. There are also quite a few snack counters and coffee shops that will sort out your quick munching breaks.


There are two types of tickets available at Wonderla – regular tickets and Fasttrack tickets. The latter allows you to enjoy your rides with a short waiting queue. Here are the Wonderla Bangalore ticket prices:

Weekdays (Monday to Friday)

  • Regular Ticket: Child: ₹ 680 | Adult: ₹ 870
  • Fast Track Ticket: Child: ₹ 1,360 | Adult: ₹ 1740

Weekends (Saturday to Sunday) and Public Holidays

  • Regular Ticket: Child: ₹ 810 | Adult: ₹ 1,070
  • Fast Track Ticket: Child: ₹ 1.620 | Adult: ₹ 2,140


Be sure that you reach Wonderla Bangalore at opening time to enjoy all the rides and shows.  Here is the timing of the amusement park:

Monday to Friday: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday to Sunday: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

You can also reach out to them and confirm at what time Wonderla Bangalore will open today.


Nestled away from the bustling crowd of the Silicon Valley of India, this amusing and amazing site on the Mysore road is a must-include in your Bangalore tour package. The distance from the city to Wonderla is just 28 kilometres.  So, you can simply get in your car to enjoy a day full of fun and exciting experiences.

Right from safe and joyous kids rides to heart-pumping roller coasters; from the soothing wave pool to the rocking rain disco; from melodious musical fountains to the eerie dungeon ride; there is so much here at Wonderla that will keep you occupied and mesmerised all day. With so many activities, Wonderla, Bangalore is truly your address to happiness and joy!

May 01, 2021


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