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Why is Mona Lisa always staring at you?

2 mins. read
Mona Lisa might be the world’s most famous painting in the world and gave immense popularity to the painter Leonardo Da Vinci! Even after he is long gone, his painting and his name have been immortal!
When you’re looking at a Mona Lisa picture, you tend to feel that Mona Lisa is looking directly at you but how and why? Let’s find out!
To understand this situation we need to rewind our clocks by a couple of centuries. During the Renaissance, the painting had everything but something still seemed missing. And during the missing stage entered Leonardo Da Vinci, is known as one of the most brilliant minds in the history of humans.
He started to take art to a new scientific level by studying human anatomy to perfect his figures' muscle structures and bones. Vinci deeply studied optics and human vision. He was fascinated by human eyes, their working, and how they understand the concept of light and dark.
He also noticed that they don’t see everything clearly at once. Sometimes things are blurred or out of focus.
When he started painting Mona Lisa, he blurred parts of her face by melting the colours and contours together, there was no outline. The technique he called was Sfumato.
The slight blurring is what gives Mona Lisa those deep expressive eyes and because of that, we feel her eyes are following us around the room. Well, the eyes actually don’t, but their liveliness and depth make it feel that way.
May 09, 2023


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