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Which apple a day keeps the doctor away?

2 mins. read
We have all heard the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! And well come on, who doesn’t like apples. But did you know, there are 7500 varieties of apples in the world. So we at Veena World were like, which is that Apple that keeps the doctor away. So if you are ever in Tibet, people there will tell you that it is the rare black diamond apple that keeps the doctor away. Sure, the name sounds like one pulled right out of a fairy tale, but there really is a black apple variety. Some characteristics there: black apples offer a sweeter crunch than standard varieties that we may find at our stores here.
It is also easily recognizable by its distinctive dark skin, which is actually dark purple rather than black. So then if this is somewhat similar to a regular apple, then why is it black in colour? The intense colouration is due to the dramatic temperature changes where it grows.
Black Diamond Apples are exposed to high amounts of UV radiation during the day and extremely cold temperatures at night. This gives it its amazing black skin and pure white flesh.
But similar to normal apples, these apples have high levels of organic sugars, such as glucose, that make for a crunchy, honey-like bite. We mentioned Tibet earlier, but where exactly in Tibet can you find these Black Diamond apples? They are grown in Nyingchi, a small, remote town in the mountains of Tibet. So unless you are up for a trek through the apple orchards in the mountains of Tibet, you will probably not get a taste of these apples that shine bright like a diamond.
Have any of you tried this apple? Do let us know in the comments below, because you certainly will be amongst the select few that we know who have tried these.
April 17, 2023


Veena World
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