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Top Things to Know About the Vistadome Coach in Bangalore to Mangalore Trains

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The true beauty of India lies in its countryside, and train journeys are the best transportation options to explore small villages and striking landscapes on your way to your destination. While flights are quick, road trips are fun, especially on train coaches with a traditional vibe. So, if you are someone who loves to experience a long journey rather than rushing to the destination, hop on a train and make your journey adventurous and memorable. The IRCTC, or The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, has been constantly trying to make train journeys more special for travellers by presenting new trains and unique coaches to attract passengers to book a seat to go on an unforgettable trip.

The IRCTC has launched Vistadome coaches with glass tops and huge windows on some Bangalore to Mangalore trains from July 2021. These coaches offer 360-degree views of the surroundings, taking the travel experience to the next level. The train passes through the magnificent Western Ghats, known for lush green vegetation, waterfalls, hills, and valleys. The Vistadome coaches make the journey between Bangalore and Mangalore a lot more scenic.

Here is everything you need to know about the Vistadome train from Bangalore to Mangalore.

Vistadome Train – Overview

Vistadome refers to the special coaches attached to the regular trains on routes from Bangalore to Mangalore. These coaches have luxury seating with huge clear windows, allowing people to enjoy the scenic beauty on their way. Each coach can accommodate around 44 travellers. The luxury coach with big glass windows, roof panels with anti-glare glasses, and rotating chairs make the train journey experience comfortable and memorable while making you enjoy nature in its full glory.

The Vistadome coaches were introduced by Indian railways to boost rail tourism in India and provide an enhanced experience to passengers.

Some of the interesting features of the Vistadome train from Bangalore to Mangalore are:

  • AC
  • window curtains
  • LED displays with content-on-demand
  • Mini pantry with ovens and refrigerators
  • Foldable snack tables
  • Mobile charging points for each passenger
  • Fire safety equipment
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Automatic sliding doors
  • Bio-toilets
  • Attendants on board
  • A GPS-based information system
  • Dedicated observation decks

Vistadome Train from Bangalore to Mangalore – Ticket Price

The ticket price for a seat on the Vistadome coach from Bangalore to Mangalore route is around INR 1,525 per person, including GST, reservation, and other costs. The ticket price does not include food. But there is a mini pantry in each coach that sells food. So, you can buy snacks, like packaged drinks, biscuits, cup noodles, packed chips, etc., from the pantry in your coach.

Vistadome Train from Bangalore to Mangalore - Ticket Booking

The coaches are attached to regular trains running between Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore, and Mangalore junctions. The booking for seats on the Vistadome train from Bangalore to Mangalore can be made online from the IRCTC website. While booking tickets, you will not find any special category for ‘Vistadome’, but you have to choose the Executive Chair Car (EC) category.

The three trains with Vistadome coaches on these routes are:

  • The Yesvantpur-Karwar tri-weekly special
  • The Yesvantpur-Mangaluru Jn-Yesvantpur Express Special
  • Gomateshwara Express/MAJN YPR EXP)

Western Ghats Road Trip

Western Ghats

Also known as the Sahyadri range, the Western Ghats are major attractions in a Karnataka tour package for travellers. These mountain ranges start from Maharashtra, passes through Kerala, Karnataka, and Goas, and end at Kanyakumari. They create a unique border between the high plateau and coastal plains in southern India. The forests of the Western Ghats on the routes from Bangalore to Mangalore house a tremendous diversity of biological wealth. The route is one of the most diverse and scenic in the country. Earlier, people travelling from Bangalore to Mangalore could not enjoy the majestic views of the routes due to the conventional design of the railway coach. But, with the introduction of Vistadome coaches on regular trains running on the same routes, IRCTC has enhanced the travel experience for passengers. These coaches have been designed to offer all-around views of the Ghats to the passengers, and boost their comfort level and experience on these routes. 

best of natural wonders

Vistadome Train from Bangalore to Mangalore – Best Time for Booking

The best time to plan your journey from Bangalore to Mangalore through Vistadome coach is the monsoons. It is a perfect time to witness nature at its best. With misty and rain-soaked views of the majestic hills, lush greenery, stunning valleys, and gushing waterfalls, the Western Ghats ensures a unique experience for travellers. The most appealing aspect of this route from Bangalore to Mangalore is the Subramanyam ghats to Sakleshpur, while the train passes through many tunnels on the way to green valleys and hills. Also, during monsoons, you can enjoy the majestic view of waterfalls quite close to the train. The Vistadome Train from Bangalore to Mangalore allows passengers to experience the best of natural wonders due to the clear and transparent glasses.

Points to Note:

  • It can take around 10 to 12 hours to reach Mangalore from Bangalore via the Vistadome train.
  • The seats can be rotated at 180 degrees to help you face the windows, regardless of the direction the train is moving to.
  • The luggage should be kept in the luggage counter at the end of the coach, so make sure it is properly locked or chained to keep you stress-free.
  • It is wise to plan your journey on weekdays to avoid crowds and get more opportunities to take memorable pictures.
  • Though food is available on Vistadome coaches, it is wise to carry fruits, snacks, and sandwiches from home to be on the safer side.
  • To aid physically challenged people, the Vistadome coaches have Braille signage and a GPS-based public address system.
  • The Vistadome coaches in regular trains operate on specific days of the week, so plan accordingly.

Train journeys are the best mode of travelling, allowing you to see the true colours of nature in its absolute glory. So, if you are planning a memorable road trip, consider booking the Vistadome train from Bangalore to Mangalore and enjoy the most iconic journey of your life.

August 08, 2022


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