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A Sneak Peek Into The Rich And Diverse Land Of Manipur

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Manipur is known for its natural beauty and rich historical heritage. During World War II, many battles had taken place in Manipur. Apart from the scenic landscapes, tourists can also look forward to learning about the role of Manipur in India’s independence struggle. The state is home to rich flora and fauna which can be witnessed in the Manipur Zoological gardens and Keibul Lamjao National Park. If you wish to learn more about Manipur’s history, then we would recommend that you pay a visit to the Manipur State Museum and the Khonglom War Memorial Complex. Manipur has a lot to offer to tourists that visit this beautiful state from different parts of the world. As a matter of fact, Manipur is considered to be one of the best places in north east.

There’s Beauty in its Tourist Attractions

Kangla Fort

One of the most famous tourist places in Manipur, Kangla Fort holds a special place in the heart of Manipur’s locals. Quite interestingly, the fort showcases the rich historical heritage of the people of Manipur. Kangla Fort was at the center of the ancient kingdom of Manipur and was home to various rulers that ruled over the kingdom of Manipur for several decades.

Located in the center of Imphal, the fort stands right next to the famous Imphal River. The fort is also home to shrines that are sacred to people of the neighbouring northeast states. People from all over the world come to visit the famous Kangla Fort.

Imphal Valley

Imphal valley is an oval-shaped canyon that has been formed by various small rivers such as Iril, Imphal, Khuga, Thoubal and Sekmai from the surrounding mountains. The valley showcases the awe-inspiring natural beauty and scenic landscape.

The Imphal valley is spread across an enormous area of 1843 sq km. The valley is also home to numerous swamps and lakes located in the southern part of the valley. Apart from the natural beauty of the valley, tourists can also look forward to visiting many man-made structures like the Palace of Kangle, the Polo ground and the Manipur state museum to name a few.

Khangkhui Cave

Khangkhui Cave is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Manipur. The cave is particularly famous for various archaeological discoveries that prove that humans were living there since the Stone Age. Apart from being a popular tourist destination, it is also an important archaeological site.

Therefore, apart from the regular tourists, the caves are also visited by researchers from around the world. The Khangkhui Cave showcases limestone formations that give it a mystical appearance. The cave consists of five tunnels and two large chambers.

Nillai Tea Estate

Manipur is also famous for its lush green tea plantations. The Nillaai Tea garden is particularly famous among the tea connoisseurs who visit the tea plantation to experience the aromatic flavours of its green and black tea that are grown in the region.

The tourists visiting the tea plantation can look forward to experiencing the process of tea-making which includes hand plucking the leaves that are later sun dried for making tea. The unique thing about the green tea here is that you need to boil it twice to get the best taste.

Sadu Chiru Waterfalls

Sadu Chiru waterfalls are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Manipur. Sadu Chiru is located at a short distance from the capital city of Imphal. On your way to the waterfalls, you will see lush green forests and streams of crystal clear water surrounded by lofty mountains.

Sadu Chiru waterfalls are an ideal destination for nature lovers. Especially if you are into mountain climbing then you can certainly get your gear ready for a day of adventure. Although we would recommend that you take all the necessary precautions before you embark on this hearty adventure.

The Manipuri Cuisine is Full of Unique & Tantalizing Flavours

The Manipuri Cuisine is Full of Unique Tantalizing Flavours

Apart from the picturesque locales, Manipur is also known for its mouth-watering cuisine. As you must have assumed, it takes a lot of energy to live in such mountainous terrain. This is the reason why Manipuris use less oil and spices in their dishes. Manipuri dishes mostly consist of rice, fish and vegetables. Most of the vegetables are home-grown which means they are completely organic. Here are some of the most popular dishes from the Manipuri cuisine: –

Chamthong or Kangshoi

Chamthong is one of the most popular dishes in Manipur. It is a simple vegetable stew that consists of ginger, garlic and onions. Most people enjoy the stew along with some rice and fish. If you walk into any Manipuri home, more often than not you will find people enjoying a hot bowl of Chamthong.


Eromba is a simple yet delicious dish that is cooked with some fish and vegetables. One unique thing about this dish is that it is stirred for hours until it turns into a thick paste. When finally prepared, the dish is served with some coriander leaves and Maroi. It is an easy-to-cook dish with few ingredients however, the stirring bit might require a little effort at your end.

Morok Metpa

Morok Metpa is a spicy chutney that goes along with almost every dish. It is prepared with some green chillies and Ngari fish. If you like chillies, then you will definitely love this Morok Metpa.


Unlike the vegetable salad that most of us are used to, the Singju vegetable salad consists of lotus stems, the Singju leaf and perilla seeds. The salad does not only have nutritional benefits but also enhances the flavour of any dish it is served with. Another staple that you’ll find in many Manipuri households.


Last but not least, we have Paaknam. It is a simple snack which is quite popular among the tourists as well as the locals. The savoury cake is prepared with some herbs and vegetables wrapped in a banana leaf. It is the perfect dish if you are looking for a quick bite before dinner.

Manipur’s Cultural Diversities is Showcased By Its Tribes

Manipurs Cultural Diversities is Showcased By Its Tribes

People, rather residents of Manipur are divided into three major tribes known as Meities, Nagas and Kuki Chins. These tribes are further divided into many sub-tribes. Meitei is the common language spoken among the different tribes in Manipur. Here is a list of some of the major tribes of Manipur: –

Meitei Tribe

Meitie tribe is one of the most dominant tribes in Manipur With almost half of the population in Manipur belonging to this tribe. The majority of the members belonging to this ethnic group can be found in the Imphal valley region.

Aimol Tribe

Aimol tribe of Manipur is also considered to be part of the Kuki tribe found in Assam. The majority of the Aimol tribe has converted to Christianity. They are mostly farmers who cultivate paddy, soyabean, groundnut and maize.

Anal Tribe

The Anal tribe is considered to be one of the oldest tribes in Manipur and has been living on the hills of Chakpikarong for several decades. They have preserved their culture and tradition in ancient folklore and folksongs.

Chiru Tribe

Last but certainly not the least is the Chiru tribe, one of the smallest tribes in Manipur. They can be found in Tamenglong, Kangpokpi, Churachandpur, and Thoubal. Intriguingly, the Chiru tribe of Manipur is considered to be one of the first inhabitants of Manipur.

The traditional culture of Manipur, its cuisine and the tribal community of Manipur is what makes the state so special. Make sure to check out our affordable north east tour packages when your travel plan materialises.


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