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Top 10 Skiing Destinations in India for the Adventurous Ones

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Skiing is by far the most popular winter sport in the entire world, so much so that ski enthusiasts wait all year long for the perfect stretch of snow terrain on which they can ski to their heart’s content. But this perfect stretch of snow covered terrain is not available everywhere, and people end up spending a fortune on travelling all over the world to find the perfect skiing destination.

The winter season in India is a fascinating time with most of northern India enjoying snowfall and wonderful weather. It is a great time of the year for all the skiing enthusiasts to gear up and flaunt their skiing skills without having to travel out of India. If you love snow and want to try your hand at skiing, ditch the Alps and head over to India.

Explore Skiing in India

The glorious Himalayas that surround the northern states transform the vast grasslands and landscapes into giant snow-clad slopes that are idle for skiing in India. With giant slopes where one can glide down witnessing beautiful views of the valleys and ample destinations for people to enjoy skiing in India, it is becoming a well-known skiing destination for beginners. So, strap on your ski boots and head up to the mountains for an adventure of a lifetime, as skiing in India is something you do not want to miss.

Administered by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation, skiing in India is a regulated activity that is completely safe. The Himalayan ranges provide an excellent skiing experience owing to their great height which makes for long descents.

When is the ideal time to ski in India?

The snow-bound mountains and the icy cold climate provides for the perfect skiing environment for a wonderful and adventurous experience. The prime ski season in India is from December to March when most of the hill stations receive heavy snow which provides the perfect snow cover required to ski. Since summer lasts considerably longer, skiing in India during other months becomes quite difficult and even dangerous due to the melting snow.

Skiing institute in India

If you wish to learn to ski from the very basics and become a pro, you can enroll at a foundation course at one of the ski institutes in India. There are many institutes in India conducting vocational courses in Skiing. Some major institutes are Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering and Winter Sports: Basic skiing & Intermediate skiing courses, Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, and Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering.

Skiing Destinations in India

There are 5 prominent skiing hubs in India, distributed among the states and UTs of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, and Jammu & Kashmir, respectively. From the exotic valleys of Gulmarg to the magnificent peaks of Auli, there is no dearth of world-class skiing places in India. To experience the best skiing in India, check out our Kashmir tour packages for an adventurous vacation.

The skiing options in India are excellent and most first-timers are unaware of the treasure trove of activities offered in India. If you are also a skiing lover, then in this blog we have brought you information about 10 of the best skiing destinations in India where you can enjoy the best of this adventure activity in the coming winter season.


Gulmarg is known as one of the best places for skiing in India, and also among the top 10 skiing destinations in Asia. Constantly reminding you of a small Swiss village, Gulmarg takes you on an epic skiing journey offering staggering views and snow-clad terrain that is perfect for the sport. You can ski on the naturally groomed 450m slope of Kongdori or challenge yourself by skiing the 800m ridge at Apharwat Peak.

Both the points provide an exhilarating experience in Gulmarg. Skiing on the steep snow terrain is strictly for skilled or advanced skiers, whereas for beginners it is ideal to try skiing at Kongdori. You can also ride the high cable car ride called the Gulmarg Gondola which is Asia’s largest cable car project that has two main stops one at the Kongdori and the other at the Apparwat Peak. Check out our Gulmarg tour packages for a memorable holiday experience.


Another amazing skiing destination in India is a quaint little town known as Pahalgam which is situated in Jammu and Kashmir. Surrounded by the western region of the Himalayas and its stunning scenery, Pahalgam is famous among the trekkers for its fabulous routes. It experiences heavy snowfall in the winter which transforms it into a winter wonderland, perfect for skiing.

The main skiing point in Pahalgam is Aru which is a short distance from the city centre and offers an ideal place to feel the adrenaline rush while enjoying the sport here. With breath-taking views of the landscape and scenic surroundings, skiing in Pahalgam is a once in a lifetime experience.


One of the top skiing places in India, Auli is located in the Gharwali hills at an altitude of 2500 to 3000 meters above sea level and hosted the first SAF Winter Games in India in 2011. Auli is situated approximately 250 kilometres from Rishikesh and is well known by some of the most experienced skiing professionals in India.

It is the most preferred skiing destination in Uttarakhand because it offers a well-maintained, pristine retreat away from the confines of bustling city life. The skiing slopes here range from 2000m to 3000m with just the perfect amount of snow on them. There is also a 500m long ski-lift and 800m long chair-lift to take the skiers on top of the mountains. Auli also offers a scenic view of numerous snow-clad peaks such as Dunagiri, Mt Nanda Devi, Nar Parbat, Mana Parwat, and many more.

Solang Nala

Solang Nala is a famous valley in Manali that offers one of the best places for skiing in India. Well known for hosting many winter games, skiing is a popular sport here. There are also many tournaments organized as well as workshops held for teaching amateurs the basics of skiing. For an adventure lover, the picturesque setting of Manali makes for the perfect destination where you can learn skiing from professionals. The undulating slopes offer the perfect terrain for amateurs to learn their first moves.

Rohtang Pass

Another popular skiing destination in India, the Rohtang Pass in Manali is situated at a height of 3978 m and is a skiing delight that promises breath-taking views and an exhilarating experience. Amongst mountain peaks covered with snow, Rohtang Pass is a close-to-nature experience with spectacular views of sprawling landscapes. Ski gear is easily available for rent for everyone to try their hand at skiing here.


Narkanda is a small secluded town in Himachal Pradesh at a height of 2708 m above sea level. High snow-clad mountains form the town’s backdrop mesmerize the tourists that come here looking for skiing in India. Both amateurs and experts can enjoy a ride through the snow here with slopes of varying difficulty available. Narkanda is also surrounded by beautiful apple orchards and dense forests and makes for a refreshing experience, apart from all the thrill of skiing.


A hidden gem in Himachal Pradesh, near the popular Shimla is located in the quaint town of Kufri. Kufri definitely is a popular destination for snow skiing in India and each year hundreds of skiers from around the country flock here to ski and indulge in some adventure. Kufri attracts many tourist skiers which are ideal for skiing and are a treat for skiers both beginners and advanced. Surrounded by tall deodar trees and green pines, Kufri provides a calm and serene experience to visitors. The winter season covers the town with a nice white sheet of snow and the scenery just looks beautiful.


Another skiing destination in Uttarakhand, Munsiyari is located at the entrance of Johar Valley. Known for its splendid natural beauty, this small town has made itself an important adventure centre in the country. It offers steep descents and snowy mountains for an over the edge skiing experience. Due to its climatic conditions, Munsiyari is also a popular spot for mountaineers, glacier enthusiasts, and high-altitude trekkers.

Dayara Bugyal

A spectacular scenic spot in the Uttarakhand, Dayara Bugyal offers excellent skiing opportunities to both amateur and professional players. The high amount of snowfall in the winter season sets the stage for an exhilarating experience here. Dayara Bugyal is a lush green meadow in the summers, which turns into an amazing skiing destination in the winters as it is completely covered in thick snow, ideal for the best skiing experience. Dayara Bugyal has slopes that vary from easy to difficult and for beginners, there is even a ski training institute. It is also popular as a camping spot, among many in the northern parts of India, and offers a completely tranquil environment surrounded by lush green grasslands.


Located near Dehradun, Mundali is another great skiing destination in India that has a thick cluster of dense forests and snow-capped mountains with staggering slopes, making for great terrains. It offers breath-taking views of the valleys that surround it and gives you the opportunity to relax and unwind. Skiers of all difficulty levels are welcome in Mundali for a fun-filled adventurous experience.

Pick up your ski gear, strap up, and let the adrenaline follow!

March 11, 2021


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