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Have You Ever Experienced the Tokyo Skytree?

7 mins. read

One of the instantly recognisable landmarks of Tokyo is the Tokyo Skytree. It’s the tallest tower in the world, standing at the height of 634 metres, and the second-tallest structure in the world after Burh Khalifa (829.8 metres). It serves as the primary broadcast and radio broadcast site for the Kanto region. Earlier, this role was previously served by the Tokyo Tower. However, since it got surrounded by tall buildings, it no longer gave complete digital terrestrial broadcasting coverage. A taller and more effective tower was needed, which eventually became Tokyo Skytree.

About Tokyo Skytree

In Tokyo, the tower that stands above everything else in Japan is the Tokyo Skytree. It’s a television and radio broadcasting tower. It is also a popular tourist destination and has 2 beautiful observatories and cafes that you can have lunch at. The height of Tokyo Skytree is 634 metres, making it the tallest tower in the world and the second-tallest structure in the world after Burj Khalifa. It is also considered a people’s tower in Japan because when it was constructed, suggestions for its names were taken from the Japanese citizens.  Several names were considered, including Tokyo Edo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, Rising Tower, Tower of the Future, and Dream Lookout. A nationwide poll was conducted after shortlisting the possible names and the name Tokyo Skytree won.

Additionally, its height of 634 metres was decided so it could be easily remembered. The numbers 6, 3, and 4 are pronounced as mu, sa, and shi, respectively. Musashi is the older name of the province where the tower now stands.

Features of Tokyo Skytree

tokyoskytree features

The Tokyo Skytree is a one-of-its-kind structure and it is known for its 3 primary features:

1. Earthquake Resistant

One of the things Japan is known for is the earthquakes. According to the Meteorological Agency of Japan (JMA), the island country receives upwards of 2000 earthquakes a year. As a safety measure, all constructions are supposed to be earthquake-proof. With a structure as tall as the Tokyo Skytree, the chances of it being affected by an earthquake are very high. This is why the earthquake resistance of Tokyo Skytree is extraordinary! Its seismic proofing includes a central shaft made of reinforced concrete. This pillar is 375 metres long. Additional resilience is provided via a mechanism called Tuned Mass Damper. This is a damping system wherein it moves out of step with the building’s structure in case of an earthquake. This keeps the centre of gravity of the tower as central as possible. The designers of the towers say that this system can absorb 50% of the energy from the earthquake.

2. Unique Colour

The Tokyo Skytee is painted white. But is not a standard white colour. It is a unique colour officially called Skytree White. The original colour is a bluish-white colour, which is a traditional Japanese colour by the name of Ajiro.

3. Illumination

At night, the tower is illuminated in one of the two designs. The first design is called iki which is a stylish design and is sky blue in colour. The second design is called Miyabi which is an elegant and refined design and its colour is purple.

Things to Do at Tokyo Skytree

The Tokyo Skytree has two observatories at different heights that you can visit. The view from Tokyo Skytree observatories is breathtaking.  These observatories are named Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria.

Toktoskytree interior

1. Tembo Deck

Tembo Deck stands at the height of 350 metres from sea level. It offers 360 degrees panoramic view of Tokyo. From here, you can see as far as 75 km. If the day is sunny and clear, you can even Mount Fuji from the observatory. The entire observatory is covered with glass windows to give you a clear view of the entire Tokyo. And if you like having a nice cup of coffee or want to grab a bite to eat, there’s a cosy café you can sit and enjoy with your favourite snack. You can even get your souvenir photo clicked here.

2. Tembo Galleria

Tembo Galleria is situated at a height of 450 metres. From here, the view of Tokyo is something that you only have to be there to experience. This observatory is designed for a comfortable and longer stay. It does not have a café, but if you want to sit and relax while you’re in the seventh heaven, you can do it there. It’s an observatory you will never want to return home from. The observatory literally makes you feel as if you’re floating in the sky. The windows are bent slightly outward to let the visitors have a better view of the city from here. This observatory is also known as the Sorakara Point.

Tickets for Tokyo Skytree

The tickets for both the observatories of Tokyo Skytree are separate. If you only want to visit one observatory, you can buy for the one you want to visit. If you prefer to visit both the observatories, you can buy a combination ticket. Furthermore, the price of the ticket is different for weekdays and Holidays.

1. Tembo Deck Tickets

Weekdays: ¥2,100 (18 years and over), ¥1550 (12-17 years), and ¥950 (6-11 years)

Holidays: ¥2300 (18 years and over), ¥1650 (12-17 years), and ¥1000 (6-11 years)

2. Tembo Galleria

Weekdays: ¥1000 (18 years and over), ¥800 (12-17 years), and ¥500 (6-11 years)

Holidays: ¥1100 (18 years and over), ¥900 (12-17 years), and ¥550 (6-11 years)

3. Combo Ticket (Tembo Deck + Tembo Galleria)

Weekdays: ¥3100 (18 years and over), ¥2350 (12-17 years), and ¥1450 (6-11 years)

Holidays: ¥3400 (18 years and over), ¥2550  (12-17 years), and ¥1550 (6-11 years)

There are a few important things you should note about the entrance fee of Tokyo Skytree.

  • The entry is free for children up to 5 years of age.
  • The price of tickets is lower for people with disabilities.
  • The price can be changed by the authorities without prior notice.

 How to Reach Tokyo Skytree

If you are travelling by cab or taxi, you can travel directly to the Tokyo Skytree.

If you are travelling by train, the nearest stations are Oshiage Station on the Hanzomon Line and Tokyo Skytree Station on the Tobu Skytree Line.

When you visit Japan, Tokyo Skytree is one of the must-visit places in the country. If you are planning to visit Tokyo and want a properly organised tour where you can make the most of every second spent there, you can check book a Tokyo Tour package from Veena World.

December 18, 2021


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