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Top 10 Exotic Things To Do in the Philippines for a Memorable Vacation

9 mins. read

As a vacation destination, the Philippines boasts memorable experiences and unique adventures, with over 7000 + islands and expansive forests. Considered one of the famous tourist spots, there are so many things to see and do in the Philippines for everyone. Travellers who want to satisfy their wanderlust, whether adventure seekers, food lovers, beach lovers, or sightseeings, can opt for the Philippines for a memorable trip. Not only this, it is a go-to choice for couples for their perfect getaway due to the plethora of romantic places in the Philippines. Islands in Philippines are divided into three groups: Mindanao, Luzon, and Visayas. There’s so much to see and things to do around the Philippines from south to north that fit whatever type of traveller you are!

Find out the list of the best things to do in Philippines in this blog, and plan your Philippines tour with Veena World!

Top Things To Do in the Philippines

  1. Visit Chocolate Hills
  2. Take a Tour to Mayon Volcano
  3. Visit Makati
  4. Explore the Snake Island
  5. Go Kayaking at Panagsama Beach
  6. Magnificent Hinagdanan Cave
  7. Stroll on the Bamboo Hanging Bridge
  8. Catch a Glimpse at the Batad Rice Terraces
  9. Enjoy Thrilling Activities At Burnham Park
  10. Go for a Ride in a Jeepney

Let’s start!

Top Things To Do in the Philippines

Visit Chocolate Hills

Have you heard about the Chocolate Hills in Bohol? Despite their name, they're not actually made of chocolates! A trip to the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, which lies southeast of Cebu Island in the Philippines, is a thing to do for any nature lover or traveller seeking a uniquely beautiful landscape. Spread across 50 square kilometres, these iconic grass-covered hills number over 1,200 and transform into a sight straight out of a fantasy world during the dry season when the grass turns chocolate brown. Hiking up to the highest point allows you to fully absorb the endless rolling hills stretching to the horizon, making you feel small in the most enchanting way. As the gentle breeze ripples through the hills, accompanied by the sounds of nature, you'll gain a new appreciation for the creative force of Mother Earth. Getting lost amidst the Chocolate Hills is a meditative, almost spiritual experience and an unforgettable Filipino travel memory.

Take a Tour to Mayon Volcano

A visit to Mayon Volcano in the Philippines offers a one-of-a-kind experience to see an iconic volcano up close. Known for its perfectly symmetrical cone shape, you can hike or take an ATV to different viewpoints of Mayon's steep slopes and smoking crater. Witness its ongoing minor eruptions, flowing lava, and volcanic debris. The highlight is reaching Lignon Hill for a breathtaking panorama of the volcano. Though access is restricted during significant eruptions, you can normally get relatively close to this incredible force of nature for an adventurous and memorable experience.

Visit Makati

Makati is the modern financial center of the Philippines, with plenty to offer visitors. Experience the city's bustling energy while exploring top attractions like Ayala Museum, Greenbelt Mall, and Makati Park. Enjoy the vibrant food scene at restaurants and street food stalls. With first-class hotels, thrilling nightlife, cultural landmarks, and friendly locals, Makati offers a cosmopolitan urban experience unlike elsewhere in the Philippines. It's a perfect place to engage yourself in work and play the way locals do in this dynamic hub.

Explore the Snake Island

Heading a trip to Snake Island, which is also known as Vigan Island, is a popular spot in El Nido that sounds like it offers a thrilling and extreme adventure. The place is called Snake Island, but don't worry; there are no snakes there. Instead, a naturally-formed sandbar resembling a long S-shape connects the mainland to an island. During low tide, the sandbar is visible and only two feet underwater. This island is tranquil, with fewer crowds, so you can take a walk on the sandbar during the low low-tide and witness beautiful starfishes and seashells. It's a must-visit destination as part of your island-hopping tour.

Go Kayaking at Panagsama Beach

Panagsama Beach is a fantastic spot for water activities like diving, snorkelling, kayaking, whale watching, and dolphin spotting. Although it has no sandy shore, the rocky area covered with corals creates a beautiful setting for swimming and sunbathing. But what makes it genuinely thrilling is kayaking! You get to paddle through Class II rapids, gliding over crystal-clear turquoise waters. The stunning seascape and marine life around you will leave you in awe.

Magnificent Hinagdanan Cave

Hinagdanan Cave is a naturally lit limestone cave on Bohol Island in the Philippines. Visiting allows you to explore a unique underground landscape with stalactites, rock formations, and a stunning interior lagoon lit by sunlight from above. Swimming in the lagoon's refreshing waters, surrounded by the cave's lush interior garden, provides an unforgettable experience. Trekking through winding passages touring the cave with a lamp or candlelight in hand reveals its full natural splendour. Hinagdanan Cave offers an awe-inspiring adventure of discovering a remarkable subterranean realm reminiscent of a fantasy world.

Stroll on the Bamboo Hanging Bridge

Bamboo Hanging Bridge

Crossing a bamboo hanging bridge, especially in a remote natural setting, can be an adventurous and breathtaking experience. As you take each step on the suspended bamboo planks, you'll feel the bridge gently sway and sag beneath your feet. Gazing down reveals just how high up you are, with a rushing river or canyon far below. The scenic surroundings come alive from this unique vantage point high up in the trees. With each step, you'll carefully balance yourself, relying on the cables and bamboo poles holding you safely above the landscape. The bridge may creak and bend, immersing you in the natural elements. Completing the crossing fills you with a sense of accomplishment and awe at nature's beauty revealed by the wobbly yet reliable bamboo bridge.

Catch a Glimpse at the Batad Rice Terraces

The Batad Rice Terraces in Ifugao, Philippines are straight-up gorgeous - it is said to be the most beautiful of the famous rice terraces in the area. These incredible terraces were hand-carved into the hills about 2,000 years ago and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To get to Batad village and see these epic man-made wonders, you must hike in on foot. It's tucked away in the mountains. The journey is so worth it, though! It's pure magic when you finally arrive and lay eyes on the flowing, cascading rice terraces lining the hills. Trekking out to experience these centuries-old terraces and breathe in that sweeping mountain landscape is easily one of the top things to do in the Philippines. It sticks with you forever. The scenic views and sense of adventure make for amazing memories. Definitely a must for any hiker or nature lover visiting the country!

Enjoy Thrilling Activities At Burnham Park

Burnham Park, famous for being the best destination during summer, is situated in the heart of Bagious. Here you will encounter a range of thrilling activities to enjoy with your friends and family. Apart from fun activities, you will also enjoy boating amidst rich landscapes of grasslands and flowers in nearby lakes. From boating, skating, picnicking, relaxing by flowerbeds, and enjoying other unique events, you will be truly amazed by this sprawling park of the Philippines.

Go for a Ride in a Jeepney

You must try riding in a classic Filipino jeepney if you visit the Philippines - it's a one-of-a-kind experience! These colourful, decked-out vehicles used to be WWII army jeeps and are now a national symbol and top transportation. Hopping on a jeepney is super affordable and lets you explore local life as locals commute. The decorations are wild and the ride itself is pretty thrilling between the zany driving, random stops, and packed benches. Take one to tour sights or just for a joyride - it'll be the most fun way to get around. Riding a jeepney is a must-do to see the chaotic and charming Philippines from a local's perspective.

With so many things to do and places to visit in the Philippines, planning your vacation should be a breeze. Get on it and explore the beauty of the Philippines.

July 26, 2023


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