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Things to do in Macau

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Macau is so much more than just the “Las Vegas of Asia”. It’s a place where the rich Eastern culture meets Western history, which makes it a melting pot of cultural influences. Endeared for its delicious street cuisine, Macau has several world record-breaking attractions. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that there’s absolutely nowhere else quite like it.

To help you out with your trip planning to this striking destination, here is a list of the best things to do in Macau:

Visit the A-Ma Temple

Macau has an appreciable number of traditional Chinese temples; the most famous of which is the A-Ma Temple. It is believed that this is the temple where Macau’s name has been derived from. This fact alone makes visiting A-Ma temple one of the top things to do in Macau. Being the oldest temple in Macau, it is dedicated to goddess Mazu – the Chinese Sea-Goddess, protector of seafarers and fishermen. You can find the Gate Pavilion, the Hall of Guanyin, the Memorial Arch, the Prayer Hall, the Hall of Benevolence, and Zhengjiao Chanlin (a Buddhist pavilion) as integral parts of the temple. The vast variety of pavilions is dedicated to the worship of different deities in a single complex, making the A-Ma Temple an impeccable representation of the Chinese culture that was inspired by Confucianism.

Watch the World’s Largest Water Show

Macau can be very entertaining! If you are in a mood to enjoy, attending the longest running and the most successful show i.e. The House of Dancing Water, one of the best things to do in Macau at night! This show is the world’s largest water extravaganza which has been making a splash in Macau for over six years. The show is so good that even locals keep returning to watch it time and time again. Created by the renowned theatre producer Franco Dragone, this show is 90 minutes of high-vigor, mind-boggling stunts, and picturesque scenery, and features some of the world’s best and biggest acrobats, dancers, divers, actors, and motorcyclists. It is no surprise why the water show is ranked as one of the best things to do in Macau. Don’t miss out our Macao tour packages!

Try Your Luck in a Casino

An independent region, Macau is considered a true casino city. Hence, it is often referred to as the “Las Vegas of Asia”. This reputation alone attracts a large crowd to the city, making casino one of the major things to do in Macau at night. Baccarat is the most popular game of choice in Macau, and easily dominates every single casino; it typically takes up to half or more of all the tables.

Macau’s casino scene is quite different from that of Vegas. In Las Vegas, gambling is associated with a more fun element whereas the Chinese treat their casinos very seriously. There’s very little banter if any, that occurs and it is a rare sight to see any of them with drinks while at the tables. If casinos interest you, then this should rank high in your list of things to do in Macau.

Try the World’s Highest Bungee Jump

One of the biggest reasons as to why adrenaline junkies flock very often to Macau is because it’s home to the Guinness World Record for the Highest Commercial Bungee Jump in the world. It is one of the best things to do in Macau, but only if you have an appetite for it. The bungee jumping happens from the top of the striking Macau Tower, where jumpers leap from a platform of 233m (764 ft.) above the ground and experience the ultimate free-falling experience. If that’s too much to take in, you can also find alternatives to Macau Tower such as Skywalk and Sky Jump activities. Everything said and done, you must try bungee jumping; it is one of the most adventurous things to do in Macau!

Sample Macanese cuisine

Macanese cuisine has an extremely rich and vibrant history of over 400 years. It dates back to when Macau was first colonized by Portuguese invaders. Thereafter, the blending of South Chinese and Portuguese cuisine came to be known as “Macanese” cuisine. Undoubtedly one of the top things to do in Macau for those who love food, a few of the classic Macanese dishes include:

  • Tacho – It is a fusion stew made with Chinese and Western ingredients
  • Cappela – It is a baked meatloaf made with cheese, black olives and breadcrumbs, topped with crispy bacon
  • Minchi – It is a delicious combination of minced beef or pork (or a combination of the two), diced potatoes stir-fried with onions, and Worcestershire sauce.

Macau has also become a pilgrimage for pastry lovers. Based on the Portuguese pastel de nata and later adapted for Macau by an English pharmacist turned baker named Andrew Stow, there are about 13,000 of these tarts that are sold per day at Lord Stow’s Bakery located on Macau’s scenic Coloane Island. The tarts have flaky pastry crusts, a delicious egg custard centre, crispy crème brulee tops and taste twice as nice when baked. Make sure you embark on the quest to explore Macanese Cuisine, one of the top things to do in Macau.

Visit the Senado Square

Senado Square is Macau’s famous town square which is best seen during the daytime when you can truly appreciate the beauty of the place. A stunning symbol of Macau’s heritage, ‘East meets West’, the square is surrounded by pastel colored neo-classical buildings that are complimented by Portuguese -style wavy mosaic tiled floors. It’s absolutely the best spot to sit, rest, relax, take photographs and just be as you watch the world pass you by. Everyone you meet there will tell you that visiting the Senado Square is the best thing to do in Macau even at night! Take our word for it.

Take a Selfie at the Ruins of St Paul’s

The Ruins of St. Paul’s, arguably Macau’s most famous landmark, is an iconic stone façade which is the remains of what used to be the greatest of Macau’s churches. The complex of St. Paul’s College and the Cathedral of St. Paul was built in the 16th century but burned down in 1835 which left a very large and beautiful façade along with a front stairway. The Ruins of St. Paul’s is one of Macau’s must-visit landmarks and is an extremely popular backdrop for countless tourists who visit daily to take photos and explore the streets nearby. Taking selfies and photos is one of the most memorable things to do in Macau.

Here’s some experiential advice to close with - the trip to Macau will be incomplete without a little indulgence. Treat yourself at fine dining restaurants, one of the foremost things to do in Macau at night, and get yourself a sangria bath in your own private spa garden followed by relaxing massages. Go on, it’s ok to spoil yourself once in a while!

July 19, 2019


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