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Exploring the Most Scintillating Things to Do in Bangkok

8 mins. read

What’s tickles you more, a rejuvenating massage or a night out with friends? If you are thinking of both, then Bangkok is the perfect destination for you! There is a lot of stuff to do in Bangkok that different people can enjoy at their own pace. You will find chaos with a hint of calmness in this city as some parts are full of commotion while others have a peaceful pace of living.

Bangkok has extraordinary attractions that include numerous temples, markets, and more. Just take a tuk-tuk and go around the city, enjoying the things it has to offer. You will be spellbound with the historical, cultural, and architectural abundance of this destination. When Murray Head sang “One Night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster”, you should take it to heart while travelling to this magnificent city.

Best Things To Do in Bangkok

Mentioned below is a list of must-do things in Bangkok to make the most out of your next holiday: -

  • Pay Homage to the Emerald Buddha
  • Visit Bangkok’s Chinatown
  • Explore the Floating Markets
  • Wind Down with a Thai Massage
  • Go Dancing
  • Savour Thai Delicacies for Days
  • Plan a Short Trip to Ayutthaya
  • Shop at the MBK Shopping Centre

1.    Pay Homage to the Emerald Buddha

Starting your trip with the Temple of the Emerald Buddha can be one of the things to do in Bangkok with your family. Since the city is home to many revered temples, they have become the most sought-after attractions in Bangkok. This temple has a jade-coloured Buddha in golden robes that you can admire from a distance while you are inside the shrine. Being the holiest Buddhist temple in Thailand, you cannot help but feel the calming energy. After paying your respects, you can spend some time at the Grand Palace complex where you will find numerous temples, shrines, and more.

2.    Visit Bangkok’s Chinatown


If you want to see the bustling activities of Bangkok and feel its vibrant atmosphere, then you should visit Chinatown. Among the many things to do in Bangkok, this is the favourite among tourists from all over the world. The area is full of glitz and glam, featuring gold shops, street food stalls, market lanes, temples, and more. This is the best place for those who want to explore the local cuisines and witness the neighbourhood setting of Bangkok. Being one of the largest Chinatowns in the world, it offers a lot to discover, especially during the Chinese New Year. If you’re lucky enough to be in Bangkok during this time of the year, then you will notice that the spirit of celebration is spread throughout Chinatown with excitement in the air.

3.    Explore the Floating Markets

When in Bangkok, one of the must-do things is exploring the floating markets. There are several floating markets across Bangkok and some of the most popular ones are in Khlong Lad Mayom and downtown Bangkok. As the name suggests, the market is, quite literally, floating in water with items like fresh flowers, souvenirs, and food out on display. The best part about the floating market is that you can step into a boat and step out of it without buying anything! It is a unique experience that many travellers have on their list of top things to do in Bangkok. However, these markets are only open on the mornings of every Saturday and Sunday so plan your day accordingly.

4.    Wind Down with a Thai Massage

While exploring the best things to do in Bangkok you might forget to de-stress yourself. Indulging in the ultimate pampering with a Thai massage sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? Thai masseuses are specialised in stretching and acupressure techniques that help your body and soul relax. There are several packages that you can personalise according to your needs including aromatherapy, hot stone massage, herbal compress massage, and more. Massage is the best stuff to do in Bangkok as it will not only make your trip worthwhile but also add to your overall well-being.

5.    Go Dancing

Bangkok nightlife is the most popular across the globe and numerous people enjoy their nights dancing and club hopping. Some of the famous clubs that you can visit while on your trip to Bangkok include Onyx, Route 66, Sing Sing Theatre, etc. Different clubs have different vibes, some are for electronic music lovers and others for those who like glamourous crowds. Who knows? You might get a chance to witness your favourite international artist performing in one of the nightclubs as they regularly host special events all the time. For someone who loves to have a good time, a nightclub event should be on their things to do in Bangkok list.

6.    Savour Thai Delicacies for Days

Thai cuisine is loved across the globe as one can get a burst of flavour in every bite. Hence, one of the best things to do in Bangkok is to savour delicacies flavoured with Thai galangal, bird’s eye chilli, lemon leaves, shrimp paste, and a lot more. From street food to Michelin-star restaurants, you will get a huge variety in the food section. The street food gives you a taste of authentic regional food that will blow your mind with its culinary richness. While strolling around the local markets of Bangkok, among the top things to do is to try the unique street food. On the other hand, you will find abundant Michelin-star restaurants that offer an unforgettable dining experience. Some of the Michelin-recognised restaurants in Bangkok are Potong, Ann Tha Din Daeng, Saigon Recipe, Haoma, and many more.

7.    Plan a Short Trip to Ayutthaya


In Bangkok, one of the stuff that you can do to make yourself feel like life is worth living is to plan a short trip to Ayutthaya. Situated just an hour away from Bangkok via train, this place is a preserved kingdom capital where you will find temple ruins, historical sites, etc. Ayutthaya is a paradise for history buffs due to the presence of ancient civilizations that give you a deeper insight into the history of Thailand. A trip to Ayutthaya is considered one of the most fascinating things to do in Bangkok as there is so much to explore here that dates back to the 14th century.

8.    Shop at the MBK Shopping Centre

Bangkok is a shopper’s wonderland with multiple shopping centres and local markets across the city. One of the major Bangkok attractions is the MBK Shopping Centre. Featuring almost 2000 shops, there is something for everyone including clothing, electronic appliances, leather items, and more. In addition to this, you can enjoy fun activities in this Bangkok mall such as going to the 3D Trick Art Museum, watching a movie, playing computer arcade games, etc. Once you are tired of shopping, you can have some grub at one of its food courts that offer a wide variety of food selections.

These are some of the best things to do in Bangkok that you can enjoy during your holiday. Make sure you check out Bangkok tour packages at Veena World to ensure a fun-filled time in this vivacious city.

December 17, 2023


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