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The Reflection of the World in India!

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Our Nation is the Seventh largest country in the world! Yet it gets larger when you see the reflections of the world in it. What do you want to see, what do you wish to experience, are you extremely tight on the budget but want to travel to exclusive locations? So many conditions and the calling of travel is strong. You will be surprised by the depth and reality in all the songs, stories and poetries… when they all called India synonym to heaven, worldly destinations and sometimes even dream. The title must have already dropped some hints and pinched some excitement in you! After all, it is indeed very emotive to find so much of similarity of the world in India.

While you explore these destinations in awe, note down the places to see! Both of the destinations of every category will be something of a must-see. Even more, reasons to feel at home in the foreign lands and feel that home is like the entire world! Get set and be absolutely thrilled, because our India, is going to surprise you in ways you cannot possibly imagine.

Before you start to completely enjoy this soul-stirring journey of double tapping the arrows in the slideshow in complete disbelief, here’s something for you. All the selected locations are divided into three main categories: scenic, thematic and iconic. Each theme defines its own attribute and uniqueness, understand it all. And now, without further ado, let the fun begin!



Scenic category flaunts one of the most stunning landscapes of India and the world. Every landscape is known for its own panoramic and postcard-perfect locations.


Himachal Pradesh

Khajjiar & Switzerland

Notice the green and the serene!

Kullu Manali & Scotland

Where the Valleys touch the sky!


Nainital & Phuket

The boats on the blue waters are a thing here!

Kedarnath Mountain of Garhwal Himalaya  & Denali National Park of Alaska

The View is everything & nothing less than breathtaking!


Gulmarg & Greenland

Unexpected charms that match in so many levels!



Thematic category is all about unique features of various locations in India that are equally stunning as in the world. Experience these features twice, once in your own homeland and other out in different countries.


Floating Market 

Bangkok & Srinagar

Somethings are best experienced twice with different cultures!


Andaman & Bali

Best experiences are set amidst sandy beaches & turquoise waters!



Tea Plantations

Kerala & Malaysia

Rolling hills of the tea plantations, adding its own unique flavour!


Whereas, the iconic category showcases the landmarks of various destinations that can find their twin in our nation! You will be surprised with the similarities.

Sahara Desert

Jaisalmer’s Thar Desert & the Sahara Desert

These Footsteps look all the same, as if a traveller travelled so far, all over!

Niagara Falls

Chitrakoot Falls & the Niagara Falls

The falling beauties at the night look so stunning even lands apart!

The Grand Canyon

The Ganditok Canyon & The Grand Canyon

The grandeur of the Canyons talk stories of two completely different lands!

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of Kumbhalgarh Fort & The Great Wall of China

They mark the heritage of the two great lands of the world


If you wish to trace the actual list then it can simply get endless. Thereby, this list highlights the true unique treasures. You can find homely feels in so many international destinations. Sometimes, simply in the unexpected ones. Moreover, it is so possible that you find destinations that truly feel international, right here in India. Explore all the experiences, destinations and its unique resemblances. After all, if you look enough you will find reflections of so many places, here and right around you.



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