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The Ancient Trails Of India – Explore India In a New Way!

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India, a land of ancient everything! Here in India, there’s a legacy of stories attached to almost every aspect of human cultural evolution. India has gained popularity as the cradle of some of the most intriguing religions. Right from grand palaces to magnificent tombs, India has set an example for the world for ages. It is one imagery that will never change about India. It is a legacy of the crown that will never fall. Even with the advances that our nation is heading towards, with constant developments and upgrades, India’s roots will never be forgotten. And, when it comes to travel, we as travellers are the closest observers of such elements. We experience to witness and live the ancient trails in the most awestruck way.

This year, let us set on an adventure of witnessing these fine ancient specimens spread across the most ancient cities of India. Read about the lesser known facts and unsolved mysteries. Choose your trail of exploring them all.


1. Whispering Walls of Agra Fort!


8 years of construction and over 1,444,000 workers to build this giant structure. It comes as no surprise that Agra Fort still surprises many with its architectural grandeur. One of such being the idea of stones being able to transport sound? Sounds crazy, isn’t it? But, that is what it feels like exactly in the fort. When you put your ears closer to the walls and you can hear clearly even the whispers coming from the other room. These architectural phenomena are called ‘whispering galleries.’ There are some of these whispering galleries around the world. India’s most famous one being Gol Gumbaz and one of the lesser known being Agra Fort!

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2. The Masterplan of the drainage system!

The Masterplan of the drainage system!


Kanheri is known as the largest number of cave excavations from a single hill. This infamous cave system is an exceptional piece of archaeological findings. Today, so many visitors nor the locals realise the intensity of the cave systems. Kanheri is a masterpiece when it comes to the way it was planned and built. One of the most impressive yet lesser observed factors being the Kanheri’s drainage system. The water cisterns were designed in a way that when it rains, it could store water in every cave’s tank. It is so well planned that they used the structure of the mountain and gravity to their benefit in a very unique way.



3. The stone that wouldn't move!

The stone that wouldn't move!


While talking about gravity, Krishna’s Butter Ball stands to defy the laws of gravity! This ‘Sky God’s Stone’ or ‘Vaan Irai Kal’ as it is originally called, has become Mahabalipuram’s major attraction. This giant boulder which is assumed to be a glacial erratic that got stuck on a hill in an interesting manner. The slope of the hill especially below the rock is so smooth that the local kids play on it like a slide. Even then, this rock seems to be stubborn enough to never move. In 1908 the British Governor of Madras Arthur Lawley assigned 7 elephants to move the rock for the safety of the villagers. The legend lives on because it didn’t move and it is believed that there is no human power that exists to move the rock.

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4. Secret Chamber that can never be opened!

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One of the most intriguing among this list is the mystery of the richest temple on Earth! Padmanabhaswamy Temple is where the capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram gets its name from. Although the mind-blowing fact of the temple is the unopened door of mystery. But, out of 6 chambers, Bharatakkon Kallara (Chamber B) is the one that has remained unopened for ages. And it is beleived that it cannot be opened with any manpower. It is believed only the most knowledgeable sadhu knowing the sacred ‘garuda mantra’ will be able to open it. Any forceful attempt to open it will unleash an attack of nagas that protect the vault and dangerous catastrophic reactions. The door itself is so interesting that it has left the archaeologists puzzled and curious for years.

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5. The God that could float in the temple!

The God that could float in the temple!


The chariot shaped, intricately designed and constructed Sun Temple of Konark is one of the most spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site. And, the only one in Odisha. The Sun Temple’s detailed design has symbolism that makes archaeologist and a traveller to fall in love with it, equally. The grandeur of this Sun Temple of Konark is best witnessed. Although, one of the lesser known facts of the temple is its scientific plan. The temple had two heavy magnets at the temple top and every two stones of the temple. They were arranged in sandwich patterns by iron plates. The idea behind it was to make the idol float in air because of those magnets. The magnets are believed to be removed by the British. The concept and the appreciations of the idea are still seen in many books and poems.

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While India has so much to give, teach and explored about, it comes as a blessing to 1.35 billion to be born here in this very land of mystery, art and science. Exploring them all and realising its true intensity has become the individual’s duty. So, set on a journey, explore the mysterious beauty of the country because there are so many to start from.

India is waiting to share its mystery, either in whispers, in designs or maybe simply with its existence.


Discover India, Start Your Journey.

It will truly change You.

January 08, 2019


Priyanka Tawde
Priyanka Tawde

A tripping traveller with twisted brains and a passion to express. Words may seem her forte but they are just tools for her art of expression. Pretty much a good weirdo sprinkled with stardust and space love. Mystery is what she follows and Curiosity is where you'll find her.

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