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Visit Skye in Scotland, The Country’s Second-Largest Island

8 mins. read

The Isle of Skye in Scotland is the second-largest island after Lewis and Harris. It is also one of the most famous tourist destinations in the country after Edinburgh.

The colour gradient of the island’s landscapes during the sunsets, the sounds of the waterfalls and the soaring mountains piercing the clouds, all come together to create the perfect harmony of nature. These views are so enchanting that the onlookers are bound to get hypnotized; such is the magical landscape of Skye Island in Scotland. Unsurprisingly, it is one of Scotland’s main destinations for an island holiday. Apart from its landscapes and wildlife, the island has a rich history which has captured the imagination of artists and people alike. The island’s history dates back to the age of Dinosaurs as you can see the footprints on the shore at Staffin. Moreover, there are many dinosaur fossils on display in the Dinosaur Museum near Staffin. Munro bagging on the Skye isle in Scotland could be exactly what you need in order to rejuvenate yourself. The island also has plenty of other activities for everyone to take part in.

Some of The Must-Visit Places in Scotland Isles of Skye

Even though there are plenty of attractions on the Isle of Skye, there are underrated places as well which are known to very few. These are waiting to be discovered by enthusiastic travellers like you & me. Whether you want to explore the island’s history, heritage, wildlife or nature - the island has all the delicacies that you can savour!

  • Dunvegan Castle
  • Fairy Pools
  • Cuillin Mountain Range
  • Loch Coruisk
  • Coral Beach
  • Museum of the Isles
  • Northern Lights
  • Whisky Distilleries
  • The Old Man of Storr

Dunvegan Castle

If you are keen on history then this is the perfect place to absorb some. It is the ancestral home of the Clan MacLeod which was first built in the 13th century and then remodelled in the 19th century. Witness the castle’s garden and architecture which make this place worth the visit.

Fairy Pools

This natural waterfall is in Glenn Brittle on the isle of Skye. The serene blue waters attract brave swimmers who want to enjoy the pool in all its tranquility. And those who don’t want to take chances, this is the perfect place for them to land the photograph on Instagram.

Cuillin Mountain Range

The landscapes of the islands of Skye are dominated by two Cuillin mountain ranges. It is known as the Red Cuillin & Black Cuillin and is separated by a small settlement called Glen Silgachan which seems to be a perfect place for taking a stroll. The Black Cuillin is one of the most challenging mountain ranges in the United Kingdom which makes it an ideal place for Munro bagging.

Loch Coruisk

Located at the peaks of Cuillin Mountains, it is a 38-metre deep inland freshwater on the island of Skye in Scotland. This place has captured the imagination of writers and painters. Stories say that this place is dominated by a water spirit called ‘Kelpie’ who is a shapeshifter. If you are looking for some thrills in your Scotland adventure, then you should definitely be here. However, the only way that leads to this place is that you either take a walk or a boat ride.

Coral Beach

On your tour to the Isle of Skye, you are sure to spend quality time at this beach because it is an ideal place for a family picnic. It is situated in Claigan which is a few minutes’ drive from Dunvegan Castle.

Museum of the Isles

It is a must-visit place on your tour to the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Get to know the history of Scotland’s largest and most powerful clan. It is situated on the grounds of Armadale Castle and houses five art galleries along with activities for kids’ learning experience.

Northern Lights

Also known as Aurora Borealis, this natural phenomenon is visible during the months of winter over the skies of Glendale. Visitors from all around the world come to Skye Island in Scotland to witness this amazing spectacle of light.

Whisky Distilleries

There are two distilleries on the isle of Skye, namely Torabhaig & Talisker Distillery. This distillery is one of the oldest on the isle of Skye. Both distilleries are open for tours to visitors where they can get a glimpse of the process, sit in the courtyard or visit the café.

The Old Man of Storr

In the north of the Isle of Skye in Scotland, there is an area known as ‘Trotternish’. You can spot a large pinnacle of rock here called the ‘Old Man’ and the Storr Ridge which was created by a landslide that occurred in the past.

Best Things to Do Around The Islands of Skye

  • Sea Kayaking
  • Portree Boat Trip
  • Boat Trip to St Kilda
  • Staffin Beach
  • Point of Sleat
  1. Sea Kayaking: Escape the crowd and take in the thrill as you go for a sea kayak where you have the chance to witness the wonders of marine life.
  2. Portree Boat Trip: While you are on the Isle of Skye, explore in and around for a memorable experience and take a boat trip to nearby destinations. The city of Portree has some of the best Scotland hotels. When travelling with Veena World, you don’t have to worry as we will take care of your lodging & food.
  3. Boat Trip to St Kilda: Explore the remote parts of the isles and take a trip to St Kilda which is a UNESCO world heritage site as well as a national nature reserve.
  4. Staffin Beach: This beach lies beneath the Trotternish Ridge. It is an interesting spot on the island of Skye in Scotland where Dinosaur footprints were discovered on this beach.
  5. Point of Sleat: Here, you can take a ride to the lighthouse which is a great place to spot marine wildlife.

Best Time to Visit The Skye Island in Scotland

The Isle of Skye in Scotland is indeed a wonderful place which can be visited throughout the year. Generally, visiting between the months of March and October seems favourable as you will have longer daylight hours to explore the island. As we all know, spring brings all sorts of colours and life, and the weather begins to brighten here with plenty of seasonal activities you can take part in.

The island of Skye in Scotland is truly one of the world’s most breathtaking destinations owing to its scenic landscapes, rich history, arts & culture, wildlife and marine life. There is no doubt why people from all over the world book Scotland tour packages as they have unsaid emotional proximity to this place. Artists and people alike are drawn to its beauty which inspires them to appreciate life by living in the moment.

January 18, 2024


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