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Science City Kolkata: Timing, Entry Fee & How to Visit

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Established on 1st July 1997, the Science City is a one-of-its-kind museum in the world, where you get to gain knowledge through entertainment. Adding to this, it is also the largest science centre in the Indian subcontinent, which was conceptualised to make science popular and fun for everyone.

An Overview of Science City, Kolkata

Developed over an area of 50 acres, Science City has two facilities – the Science Centre and the Convention Centre. The Convention Centre was incepted on 21 December 1996 by Paul Jozef Crutzen along with the then CM of West Bengal, Mr Jyoti Basu. An interesting fact about the ground where the Science City stands today – it used to be a garbage dumping ground for more than 100 years till the people in charge decided to turn the ground into something amazing. The

Along with the amalgam of learning and fun, the centre also dedicates a section to the magnificent aquatic world, where some of the most exotic fishes and other marine species are kept in the aquariums. From the day of its opening till date, Science City has welcomed about 29.90 million (approx.) visitors, both national and international tourists combined.

Science City, Kolkata Attractions

Earth Exploration Hall

Opened for visitors on 6th December 2008, the Earth Exhibition Hall is a two-storeyed semi-circular gallery that has a diameter of 25 meters, housing a permanent exhibition on Earth. While the displays of the Northern Hemisphere are on the first floor; the displays of the Southern Hemisphere are detailed on the ground floor. At the centre of the hall, a huge model of the Earth is kept. The model has 12 longitudinal segments that represent important features of the segments like land, people, physical geography, flora and fauna, and geology. Adding to this, with the help of advanced technologies like video walls, tilting tables, interactive multimedia presentations, and kiosks, the dynamic natural phenomena of the Earth is depicted. The Earth Exploration Hall can be safely touted as one of the historic places in Kolkata.

Space Odyssey

With a 3D theatre, time machine, spinning platform, space theatre, Van-de-Graff generator, mirror magic, and various other exhibits on space science – the Space Odyssey takes you to a whole new world. It also has a multimedia kiosk on the solar system and a Helios Star Ball planetarium that is supported by around 150 special effect projectors. Adding to this, a large format film projection system in a spectacular 23-meter diameter done that has a seating capacity of 360 viewers at a time makes your experience even more amazing. The Time Machine in Science City, Kolkata is a 30-seater motion simulator that has synchronized audio-visual presentation, providing a virtual experience of the space flight with the motion capsule.

Dynamotion Hall

A large spiral building that houses several interactive exhibits on physical science, the Dynamotion Hall takes you on a fantastic journey of science where you can experience the different scientific phenomena taking place in real. One of the best attractions of the Dynamotion Hall is the huge piano on the floor which creates music when you walk on it. Adding to this, you can make a soap bubble float in the air, move a floating ball, peep into an infinitely deep well, and much more. The entry fee to Science City Kolkata is given below. Check out the price for this hall!

Within the Dynamotion Hall, there are various sections like Illusions, Butterfly Enclave, Power of Ten, Nano Lab, Science Show, and so on. While the Power of Ten is a panel-based exhibition where 43 exhibits showcasing the secrets of the universe can be witnessed; Illusions is a section where a cluster of impossible-looking pictures and visuals of how motion and object placement can change visual perception can be seen. Similarly, the other sections of the Dynamotion Hall exhibit such visually pleasing phenomena and things that leave the visitors awestruck.

Along with this, there is a 30-minute show called the Science on a Sphere that is projected on a spherical projection system. This spherical project system is created by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), USA. The show is dedicated to informing visitors about the various environmental processes with the help of radical technologies. The facility is designed to offer a climatically controlled room to the operators, accommodating 70 people at a time. Make sure to reach Science City, Kolkata in the given timings to experience this amazing show.

Maritime Centre

Constructed in collaboration with the Kolkata Port Trust, the Maritime Centre tells the story of the Indian Maritime, right from its history to the on-going activities, and so on. Built in the shape of a ship, the building is spread across an area of 700 square metres. The exhibits that are displayed include scaled models, dioramas of shipping, navigation systems, artefacts, and so on.

Outdoor Science Park

An integral part of the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), the Outdoor Science Park lets the visitors know all about the environment, animals, plants, and other such objects that belong to the immediate natural surroundings; especially those objects that are usually ignored in our daily life. At the outdoor park, the exhibits include Caterpillar Ride, Gravity Coaster, Cable Cars, Monorail cycle, Road Train, Butterfly Nursery, Musical Fountain, and other such aspects of physical science. These exhibits can withstand all the weather conditions. This serves as a picnic spot near Kolkata and kids just love exploring the Outdoor Science Park.

Science Exploration Hall

Opened in 2016, the Science Exploration Hall is a new building in the Science City, constructed over an area of 5400 square metres. The Science Exploration Hall is equipped with state-of-the-art and advanced infrastructure facilities, comprising of four sections, namely –

  • Evolution of life- A Dark Ride
  • Gallery on emerging technologies
  • Panorama on Human Evolution (360-degree projection) that depicts the evolution of life over the ages
  • Science and Technology Heritage of India

Science City Kolkata Timings

The opening days of Science City, Kolkata is Monday to Sunday all through the year, except on the occasion of Holi. The timings are from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM; however, the ticket counter remains open till 7:00 PM.

Science City Kolkata Ticket Prices

The entry fees mentioned here are given on a per person basis unless it is mentioned otherwise. There are no extra charges levied for photography and videography. There are Kolkata tour packages available for schools and groups; however, the fees mentioned here are for general visitors.

  • Science City, Kolkata Entry Fee: INR 60.00
  • 3D Space Theatre: INR100
  • 2D Space Theatre: INR 80
  • Science on a Sphere: INR 40
  • Time Machine: INR 30
  • Road Train: INR 20
  • Ropeway: INR 60

For other events of Science City, Kolkata

  • Evolution of Life – Dark Side: INR 40
  • 3D Show: INR 30
  • Panorama Show on Human Evolution: INR 60

Location of Science City, Kolkata

Science City is located at the crossing of Park Circus connector on J.B.S. Haldane Avenue near the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass.

How to Reach Science City, Kolkata

Reaching Science City in Kolkata is easy. It is accessible by road from all the major parts by minibuses, cabs, local taxis, and buses. If you are planning on taking Kolkata’s local train from Sealdah, you have to get down at the Bidhan Nagar Station and take a bus that commutes towards Ruby Hospital. You will get Science City on the way, located right opposite the famous ITC Sonar Bangla.

Given the traffic in Kolkata, to reach Science city before its opening time, it is better to take the metro. If you take the metro, the nearest metro station is the Rabindra Sadan Metro station, from where Science City is just 6.6 km and takes 15 minutes to reach. You can hire a local taxi or rickshaw from the metro station.

Kolkata is the city of joy and with the plethora of places to visit there, the city just makes your vacation amazing. And, Science City is a place where you will not only have fun exploring it but also gain a lot of interesting facts about science.

May 20, 2021


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