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Top Things to Do in Railay Beach in Krabi

7 mins. read

If you are visiting Krabi, Railay Beach must be on your travel itinerary. Located in the southernmost part of Thailand, this place is gold for beach lovers. Thrilling water activities, lounging spots and bustling shopping streets are some of the highlights of Railay Beach. Railay Beach also serves you the best ocean views, lagoons and caves, calling for an exciting vacation. The place is surely one of the best places to visit in Krabi.

Things to do at Railay Beach

  • Try Rock climbing
  • Go for Snorkelling
  • Explore Diamond cave
  • Watch sunset
  • Go for Hiking
  • Visit Railay East
  • Visit Railay West

Try Rock Climbing

Railay Beach is known for its karst landscapes and panoramic views. There are numerous climbing routes on the peninsula, which attracts adventure enthusiasts. The area is surrounded by magnificent limestone cliffs. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced-level climber, you will find a route with a stunning backdrop. This is a unique beach with overhanging caves, sheer walls, and a gorgeous sea view, making it one of the best places for rock climbing. Railay Beach has breathtaking scenery all around. So, make sure to take your time and enjoy nature’s magic.

Go for Snorkelling

Railay Beach is one of the best destinations for snorkelling in Krabi. If you are planning Thailand travel from India, make sure to include this water sport for a fulfilling holiday. Explore the beautiful coral reefs and the untouched beauty of the ocean, which connects you with nature in its true form. The jaw-dropping natural setting and underwater life will mesmerise you. Also, it is fascinating to see various species of colourful fishes and other ocean creatures. Many snorkelers swim in the ocean water to witness the breathtaking flora and fauna. If you are not an avid swimmer, fret not! Regular snorkelling tours are organised at the beach for you to see the underwater world without any hassle.

Explore Diamond Cave

Diamond Cave is another fascinating place in the East Railay Island. It is interesting to know that Diamond Cave is known as Tham Phra Nang Nai in Thai. This is why Railay Beach and caves are an undivided part of this island’s identity. At this destination, you can see amazing stalagmite and stalactite rock formations. This is a of kind limestone feature, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors to Railay Beach every year. When you visit here, Princess Cave at Phra Nang Beach and Railay Bat Cave are some of the most popular places. For those who visit the Peninsula to see the interesting rock formations, Diamond Cave offers all that they want. Also, there is a natural water pool formation at Diamond Cave during monsoons. If you go during the rainy season, you will surely witness the same.

Go for Hiking

For the thrill-seekers, this is the perfect opportunity to go on the rocky terrain and have a gala time with fellow hikers. The natural rock formation at Railay Beach serves as an interesting hiking trail, which is explored by adventure lovers. There is a Railay viewpoint between Phra Nang and Railay East with moderate level hiking difficulty. Hikers go all the way up to the Railay viewpoint to see the striking view of the ocean and coral reefs. We bet the sweaty climb is worth it and you will not want to leave the place for hours. Click some pictures to relive the moment whenever you see them.

Watch Sunset

Sunset at a beach is all dreams are made of! It is the ideal way to enjoy a vacation at a beach destination. There is something magical about the sun going down and meeting the ocean during evening hours. Many tourists sit on the white sand on the beach to see the colours of the sky changing from yellow to orange as the day transitions into night. You should stay at the Railay beachfront during sunset time to capture this moment and make memories of a lifetime.

Visit Railay East

If you are looking for a quaint place on Railay Island, Railay East is the best place to go. The peaceful surroundings and mangroves at the beach are phenomenal for a leisure vacation with your loved ones. For those who are fond of swimming, Railay East is a true treasure. Spend your day at the beach swimming, and lounging to rejuvenate your body and mind. Make sure to carry a sun hat and sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun rays and you are sorted for the day!

Visit Railay West

Railay West is that side of Railay Island where all the fun things happen. You can find happening restaurants, street vendors and shops where you can spend several hours. It is a crowded area as locals and tourists come here because of its laid-back vibe. If you have booked a Thailand package for couples, Railay West must be on your itinerary.  There are various beachwear shops, luxury accommodations, clubs and restaurants at this beach.

How to Reach Railay Beach?

Railay Beach is easily accessible from Krabi. Tourists from all around the world visit Railay Beach to see its unexplored beauty and natural setup. Here are some of the ways to reach Railay Beach for a wonderful vacation:

By Air

To reach Railay Beach by air, you can take a flight to Krabi or Phuket Airport. Once you reach the airport, there are boat services that will take you to Railay Island.

By Water

To reach Railay Beach by water, you can take ferry services. These services are available from Ao Nang, Krabi, Ko Lanta, Ko Phi Phi, and Phuket. It is a short trip of 10-20 minutes. You can enjoy the splendid ocean view on your way, which makes the journey and the destination equally beautiful.

island near Krabi Thailand

Railay Beach is a gorgeous destination that you must go to at least once in your lifetime. The place has a lot to offer to its visitors. From natural mangroves, crystal clear water and water sports make this place a famous tourist attraction. Divided into four regions, Phra Nang, West Railay, East Railay and Ton Sai, this beach showcases the diverse life of Thailand.

May 21, 2024


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